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  1. Let him be, if he is cool with you being a brony, let him be a non-brony
  2. If you head over to the app there's a ton of info there. Thanks for the offer!
  3. I don't have Soul caliber, but I do like the idea of our community playing games together, we should set up playdates
  4. It's like I said, it's not a huge problem, I have a decent sized vocabulary, but that word gets censored when it shouldn't get censored. It's pretty funny that it gets censored when I've heard cartoons use the word
  5. Agreed! My main game bias is for Mass Effect. Everyone has been hating on the ending of ME3's ending, but I never thought it was that bad. I've had plenty of debates with people on the Internet over the quality of the ending
  6. Exactly! I thought this would be awesome, but as you can see, no one apparently wants this to happen
  7. That's what word I'm talking about! It's so annoying!
  8. If you knew the word, I do not think you guys would say what you're saying. I literally did not even use the word and it was censored. And it's like I said, it's really no big deal, but I can't be the only person to deal with this. I guarantee no one would find the censored word vulgar or inappropriate. I don't think you guys realize that I'm not calling for an end to censorship, I just want the one word to be uncensored
  9. Oh, a lot of people call her Dashie and I just figured that's what you meant by it... Sorry for the confusion!
  10. There is a word that is censored that I honestly don't believe should be censored. It's rather annoying coming up with synonyms for it and the site even censored a word with the censored word in it for me. I am by no means a user of vulgar language, but when people always see asterisks with my posts, I get a somewhat bad reputation. I am not trying to cause a ruckus, I am just trying to bring this to people's attentions.
  11. Sorry if I come off as an idiot, but I'm really confused lol...
  12. Hey Icy, you should do something bright so a certain chaser of lightning can be drawn *wink wink*
  13. Frost have I sent you a friend request? You're a funny man
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