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  1. Aisha came around the corner and stopped as she saw cinder stop. "Uh cinder? You okay?"
  2. Aisha gave a nod and walked to the door. Opening it for him and following him out.
  3. Aisha frowned and hugged him more. "Well I'm sure you can get it done if you put your mind to it." She looked to cinder and nodded before exhaling and gearing up fully. She punched her hands together and looked to him.
  4. She came over and hugged him gently after that. "Im sorry that didnt work out......what were you summoning?"
  5. She came out after she was done. Seeing the glyph and tilting her head upon examination. "What are you doing?"
  6. Aisha awoke in the morning, sitting up and groaning softly with a new headache that she had aquired out of the blue the other day. It was pretty bad, and she gel like several tons of rock was crushing her head from all sides at once. Standing shakily, why stretched and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day.
  7. I'm so sorry for disappearing off the planet. I understand if I can't really come back. I have been very busy so I guess I'll take my leave.
  8. Monica gave a happy howl as they screamed to a window on the building. "Well crap! We overshot!" She cheered as she rolled in a blink and grabbed Lavender! She covered her up with her body as they smashed through the window and into the main lobby! Ponies gasped as they got out of the way of the ball of lightning! Monica smashed into a statue and burst it to pieces as she grunted. Rolling to a stop and tumbling on the floor for a good distance just before sliding to a stop. Lavender lay ontop of her totally safe but monica was a little roughed up. "heheheheheh......woooooooooo~!" She laughed as she gently pushed lavender off and sat up. They were met with several guards with guns drawn! "Well......Hello! How are you all! Nice guns!" she chuckled still high on the power trip.
  9. Aisha blinked. "While you two are talking im going to grab some punch for us." She offered as she let go of silver. "Be right back." She said as she strolled off to the punch table and poured some cups. She blinked, what was this slash kid up to?
  10. Aisha listened and let silver talk it out as he seemed to be in control of the situation. She just simply rubbed his hands that were holding her.
  11. Aisha slowly leaned back into his hold as the two of them spoke. Holding her tongue as any lady would.
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