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  1. Neat here I go! Name: Sprinkle starlight Race: unicorn Description: A slightly yellow toned white coat. Sprinkle does his best to keep it in top condition but to no avail. Very short light blue mane like a bowl on his head. It's a remnant from the days he shaved his hair to make space for wigs. Blue eyes in the same colour as his mane. A black scorch mark on his left hoof, a reminder of the great fire. A brown saddle bag for all things he needs or wants. Weaponry: None but whatever he can pick up that would make loud enough noices to distract a dumb dumb. Bio: Sprinkle starlight was once a co-owner, builder and maintainer of a smaller theatrical establishment. He was the spider in the web always making sure everything was running smoothly, he organized for a play every evening. More often than not Sprinkle had a minor part in the acting as well. He found his work very stimulating and took pride in every successful day. When he's not working behind or on the scene he traveled to see other theatrical plays, photoshoots and school plays to find inspiration and unpolished talent. When it happened he was building stages with his coworkers to the upcoming grand opening of a young writers first play! He stayed behind to work some more when everything broke loose. He locked himself into the theater's back stage while abominations trotted into his beloved theatre. For days, weeks or years he lived on what he could find until the second incident forced him to move and took a piece of him so that he may never forget what was robbed of him. There must be a way. If there is none, so may I still trot forever.
  2. Nice to see you again! Inconceivable! So you mean I'll not be able to dig about as fast as I can walk and be a super strong canine with fangs, claws and darkvision?! That is completely fine! I was going to say that being a cute pony works neatly by me! However I cannot see the character sheet if you posted any. It might be because I'm on my phone but with a fried computer I have no choice. Thoughts?
  3. Hello, Knight! Remember me? Could I join? And if so, would you allow me to play a Diamond Dog? The one I have is canon but if you don't like that I could work around it! I want to gently shove myself back into things and I really like the idea you have here
  4. Hey look! This site is still alive and kicking. Good on you people! :)

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      Its good to see you again, Quillhart! I hope you're doing well IRL!

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      Please don't kick me buddy <3


      Hello! Yeah I'm doing quite alright! I hope you're doing great as well Pretzel!

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      Correction: it's always also very good to see you Pretzel

  5. Was Punk late? Not technically and officially but he knew that by the standards of those attending he was probably out of it by at least a quarter. He was casually flying and wing-rowing towards the meeting before he disbanded his little tuft of cloud. Punk grinned widely. He knew that he must be the last one who hasn't arrived at the meeting yet. All the high-ups wouldn't be able to miss him. No one could truly stop him from being a part in this important meeting without forcing themselves to censor him just because he's the one who has the 'wrong opinion'. Punk would make sure to make himself known throughout all of Equestria's Military. He would be a legend! Punk would be the pony who pranked and gave authority the slip! Through all the ranks they will talk about him with mixed admiration and disgust! It was the ultimate chance to let his existence be known! Wearing the dirtiest and most dent armour he was yet allowed to wear he prepared himself to enter the room. His usually white fur had some faint marks of dirt and his red mane was violently tousled beneath his helmet. It sure looked like he was a hoofs on kind of pony. It would seem that he had just returned from some important yet violently dangerous mission or practise. Perhaps one would think that he was actually an experienced soldier. Though that was not at all true. Punk simply wished to show up in front of his superiors in his worst condition. And get away with it. Isn't that great! Punk entered the room slowly, heavy and made sure to make a lot of noise in the progress of doing so. He put on his best broken-warrior stone face as he steadily put one hoof in front of the other. With a gaze throughout the room he soon locked his eyes with Gen. Pummel at which point a faint mischievous smile glistened in his eyes. Punk gently bowed his head towards his General, very well aware that they both knew what it meant where Pummel sat next to the princess. Then he proceeded to properly bow down before the Princess. "Celestia, your highness." Punk then turned towards one rather loud Captain who was busy giving a piece of her mind. "Captain! Please!" He exclaimed with a booming voice similar to the ones of his instructors. In fact, one would be truthful to say that Punk really really disliked mean Captains. They were just adult bullies in his eyes. "Most of us are here on a tight schedule. Many had to make sacrifices. Would I respectfully recommend that mam keeps her tongue well locked up inside her mouth unless she has anything constructive to say. I understand that you are under pressure mam but we need to forget our ranks and authority during this meeting if we are to swiftly come to a conclusion. So please leave Agile Speeds be for now and feel free to punish both of us when this is officially over. This is an important matter and Chief Master Sergeant Agile Speeds was right to assemble us. Now excuse me, Captain." Punk slowly walked up to his seat and sat down, ready to start. The things he had said wasn't all what he actually wanted to say but he knew that he needed to sound serious if he were to not be thrown out. The defying had to be subtle. He discretely glanced up at Celesta and Gen. Pummel to see how they were reacting. Punk doubted that Celestia whom he respected so much was going to allow any punishment toward him for standing up for somepony. He picked up a paper and started to scribble on it for a bit as if he began taking notes. (though he wasn't)
  6. You say that but still feel free to stick to character and threatened or punish Punk with whatever you feel suitable if it fits the scenario. I could even make it generally canon if he got suspended or anything of the like. Gen. Pummel is technically able to do so with Punk and I won't see it as godmoding If anything I'd see it as a part of his developing!
  7. Alas. See my children. This is what happens to a poor poor timberwolf after he has valiantly been kicked in the face by an awesome author pony. T`is a shame it came to happen to me! Edit: Nooo, dreamy! You're too fast for me! Hello and welcome to the baker sale!
  8. Quillhart


    Or Punk, just to make already existing trouble intimate and personal I imagine that, if anything would make Pummel furious
  9. Nah, I like correct grammar so it sucks for me to not natively speak English I'm the ultimate mediocre, are you taller than most, then you're taller than me Someone who regularly gets lost in thought and would be considered a dreamer!
  10. There's people who doesn't? How do they get immersed?! Someone taller than me
  11. You know, if I could draw worth a nickel I'd love to do that. I really like your design of her! I do hope some artists will take the chance to do it!
  12. Neato! Let me dig down the low ranks and give you something to get furious at! Please provide general details about your OC. Pictures are optional. Punk Walker Stallion, Pegasus Known for: His ability to improvise, cheating, subtly defying authority, having humor, agility, problem solving skills, being despised by General Pummel, pranking. And very loud and in your face. What branch of the Royal Equestrian Army does your OC belong to? Guard duty, with Canterlot as the main base. Though he's disposable and many authorities prefer to move him around and away from them to keep order ensured. What position does your OC uphold? Private punk Walker is his title. He'd probably be an officer if he pulled himself together and listened for once though. He's really great at working around a tight spot. He's in the defending branch of - Task force Suntrot What opinions does your OC have on previous attacks on Equestria? It'll be alright. How bad can it be, right? He's sure the princesses got it figured. He'll be sure to bring popcorn next time it happens though! It's a great show! Also the elements of Harmony is powerful enough to fight off just about anything! Why should he have to do anything? Yeah, he's probably on this meeting in hopes for free snacks mainly. He has a thing for being where he technically shouldn't be Punk doesn't know him personally but they do indeed know of each other's existence Yeah I'd say that's safe to say that they would.
  13. Nope, experiments are scary, especially the social ones! oh wait... I'm late. Yes my mind isn't a wasteland! But I'm sure Puzzlebeat himself would like to respond next!
  14. You can't expect me to look through 15 pages just to see if I'm original, can you? And no, it's me I think Dreamy Sunday!
  15. YES, I win! Huehuehuehue Yeah, sorry, that was cheap I guess Noedig, maybe?
  16. Then, naturally, I am very curious to hear your thoughts on moondancer as of today! What do you think about the Canon in comparison to yours?
  17. You know what else we need on here? Diamond Dogs! Who wouldn't want a big fluffy buddy like that?!

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      Their tails scare me.

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      Oh yes indeed, so very scary tales they possess! But no worries, it's just talks :3

  18. Indeed he shall! A bit of a yelling, a letter to his parents, perhaps some social service at worst!He's been in that chair before, you know, Pummelbee will probably not be much different Yes! And let all the Walkers come and walk on it! :3
  19. I wish you the best of luck with that! I hope you'll be able to fill your bucket list for this year! And once again Punk has successfully managed to give the authority the slip!
  20. Did I ever tell you that you are an amazing artist? No? I love your art Captain
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