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  1. Alright everyone, this may be my last post here about the show unless others post. I am announcing the pre-season episode, which will air Sunday February 15 2015 at 8pm Eastern Time at http://lovinity.org/radio . We'll discuss what the show is about, introduce the guests, give predictions on Season 5, and more. Then, one week prior to the premiere of MLP Season 5, we will begin airing episodes every Sunday 8pm Eastern Time, the first one being a review of Rainbow Rocks. You can also get podcasts of past shows by going to the radio show page mentioned above. Other information is also there, so check it out. ^^
  2. Radio show now has a so be to check it out http://lovinity.org/radio_wonderbronies/pg/start
  3. SUre! I saw you registered on Hipchat. I added you to the Brony group
  4. Lovinity


    OMG you're on canterlot.com too? Awesome-o!
  5. Alright guys it's planning time for the show! All who have interest in being a guest on the show, whether periodic or permanent, or who have interest in helping to plan the show, please do the following: *Create an account for Hipchat using this invite link: https://lovinity.hipchat.com/invite/231987/d5af64585f40ca7db7d93adda57a5237 . All of our planning and communication about the show will happen here. *You will also need to have a gmail / Google+ account; we will be using Google Hangouts when we broadcast the show. I hope to see some interested people come (We won't be using Skype for the show as planned; I discovered a very bad security flaw with it)
  6. Greetings Bronies! I would like your thoughts and ideas on a new Brony show I'm planning to put together and begin airing when Season 5 of MLP begins. Here's the synopsis: *The show will air once per week, preferably one or two days after whichever day Hub releases a new episode of MLP (which is usually Saturday). It will last 1-3 hours, aiming for 2 at the moment. And it will air on an internet radio stream that I host, "The Lovinity Community Radio". *On the show, myself along with my co-host and other guests I happen to have on the show that day will discuss and critique My Little Pony (specifically the newest episodes). We will also critique and talk about the Fandom as well as fanfics and other works of the fandom. We will play some Brony music, popular new and contributed. And we hope to invite some big names on the show from time to time. *The show will be recorded and possibly available for future listening to from my website, or at least will be rebroadcast. *The show will be hosted on my website's internet radio stream, The Lovinity Community Radio. This internet platform has the capability for you to request tracks directly from my website, so I was thinking we'd load up our system with Brony music, and you all can request tracks from the site during the show. *The show will be hosted as a Skype audio call (which of course is streamed through the internet stream). That way it'll be easy for anyone to be a guest on the show if they choose to be. *There will be a phone number available for people to call in to talk live on the show. --- My website is http://lovinity.org (click "Radio" at the top to access the radio stream section, which includes a player to tune in). Official webpage for the show: http://lovinity.org/radio_wonderbronies/pg/start Thoughts are highly welcomed and encouraged. Please reply below. If you are interested in being a guest, whether regular or periodic, please state so in your reply and include a brief introduction of yourself and what you do in the Brony fandom.
  7. // Might as well begin ---PROFILES--- Spirit Love: Speed: 4. Strength: 9. Energy: 8. Health: 6. Immunity: 10. Spells/attacks: *Chakra Spell *Crown Spell *basic Laser *Psychic Spell Potions: Healing (1), Affirmation (1), Energy (1) Gray: Speed: 7. Strength: 5. Immunity: 1. Health: 8. Energy: 5 Same spells/attacks as before ---ATTACK RESULTS (Psyche Out)--- (Psyche Out is a mental attack and is thus influenced by strength rather than speed) Chance of failure: 36% Random number: 24 The attack failed Gray: Health: 130 / 130 Energy: (0+15) 15 / 100 Spirit Love: Health: 140 / 140 Energy: 50 / 100 --- Spirit Love carefully analyzed Gray as he replied to her claims about karma. It seems though as Gray was not understanding what exactly karma was, and therefore Spirit Love was getting a little irritated by his inability to understand. Or perhaps maybe he was trying not to understand on purpose so he wouldn't hear about the weakness? Who knew what his intentions were. Grey was one sneaky pony at that. Regardless, Spirit Love stood high as she looked at and heard Gray, making note of everything he was doing. She was wanting to try and mold her attacks in such a way that it did in fact work against Gray and slap him back in the butt, as karma would say. But then she also had to be careful as karma could also bite her back. See, no pony was immune to karma. Though Spirit Love's temptation was to actually wish for Grey's defeat, she had to be careful and instead hope for the best. If he was meant to be defeated, he will be. If not, then there's a reason he's still around. Spirit Love could do no more than her very best. Spirit Love watched as Grey went over to Passion Flower and played around with his flank, making those nasty noises as he asked why she cared so much about Passion. She couldn't reply at first, for her only thought was to shoot Grey away from Passion so he'd stop messing with him; What a very disgusting and morbid thing he was doing, she thought. So she quickly fired out a basic laser in hopes it would push Grey away from Passion. And in the mean time, she looked at Grey, angry on the inside but trying not to show it on the outside. "You don't understand what karma is, do you?" Spirit Love said as she looked at Grey very sternly. Speaking in a slightly calm but yet assertive voice, she continued. "Karma does not return the evil and chaos that you want. It will return the kind of evil and chaos that works against you. Let me demonstrate." Spirit Love looked behind her to where Lovinity was. ...WAS... . But Spirit Love noticed she was missing. "Lovinity?" she asked quietly. She sighed and then turned back around. "You'll know when the time is right so long as you play your cards against others. But note this: If you keep betting your chips and playing your cards on others, you'll eventually run out of chips... because you won't win all the hands. At some point you'll slip up, go all-in when you think you're at the top, and BOOM! Some pony is higher and defeats you. Then... you will regret all the evil and chaos you have put on other ponies." Meanwhile, this is what happened to Lovinity. At some point she had flown out of the crowd and quickly headed towards the Badlands. There lay the super computer that was responsible for Digital Hazard, a threat to Equestria and especially other ponies' magic. It was his goal to harness the magic for use to strengthen a super virus that would infect the very fabric of Equestria. ...but he had a bit of a weakness in regards to Lovinity. And she wanted to exploit that weakness so she could get him on her side and fight Grey if Spirit Love doesn't survive. ---BASIC LASER ATTACK RESULTS:--- Chance of miss: 36% Random number: 2 The attack missed Grey: Health: 130 / 130 Energy: 15 / 100 Spirit Love: Health: 140 / 140 Energy: (40 + 18) 58 / 100
  8. Lovinity and Spirit Love were continuing their mad dash on the carriage towards the battle field in hopes they would arrive in time to rectify the situation. The two guard ponies carrying the carriage were trotting at full pace, shouting at ponies who had stepped in their way, forcing them to move over. Oh what an alarming site that was! Some of the ponies who were shoved out of the way first looked at them, traveling off, with anger and disgust. But after reflecting the urgency that was apparent in their expression and speed, they wondered if there was something wrong. Lovinity and Spirit Love approached where the battle field was and stopped with a strong halt, almost sending Spirit Love off of the carriage. It was a very hard stop indeed. In fact, they almost ran into other ponies from the crowd that gathered around the field. Ponies mumbled to themselves and then to Spirit Love, asking if they would watch it next time. "Lovinity, fly up and tell me what you see from the field," Spirit Love commanded in concern... holding her prayers and hoping the situation wasn't bad. Lovinity nodded and flew up a little bit to try and see what was going on. In the mean time, Spirit Love was carefully listening in to Gray's speech to the crowd, not catching about the part he thought Passion was dead, but beginning to pick up on when he wanted to make things clear. Lovinity looked out to see Gray speaking to the other ponies, noting that further behind him lay Passion Flower, motionless, injured, on the ground. Lovinity's heart sank and she felt a weight travel along inside of her, almost as if she were to pass out. No. It couldn't be! Passion can't die! She knew Passion was new to the guard but she didn't know he'd be beaten that hard. "N-no... no no no no!" Lovinity said with a quiver in her voice, trying to hold back tears and keep from panicking. She gently flew down back to where Spirit Love was to report the bad news to her. At this point, Gray was at the part about monsters doing evil things. "What does it look like out there?" Spirit love asked Lovinity quietly. "He's... dead," Lovinity tried to push out of her voice with great force and effort. Tears were gently running down her face as she tried to look at Spirit Love, but couldn't. All she could do was hold Spirit Love in comfort, trying to keep string as her mind and soul felt like it was being pulled into a black hole. "Oh... Celestia," Spirit Love uttered quietly, pausing a moment to let it sink in, making note of Lovinity's crying. Using magic, Spirit Love levitated Lovinity on to her back and let her hold her neck as she trotted through the crowd, listening to Gray. She tried the best she could using a low voice to get ponies to move out of her way so she could get to the front where the battle field was. After some nagging, she was able to get up to the front to get a close look rather quickly. She gasped at the sight. "The battle was more intense than it should be in regular combat," Spirit Love whispered. "...at least I think. This pony has evil tricks and intentions. I don't trust a word he says." "It doesn't matter..." Lovinity replied, still in a state of shock. "He's gone. I'll never get to see him again." Spirit Love sighed as she observed Grey finishing off his speech by putting a hoof on the unconscious Passion, uttering the words "But if any of you want to stop me, then come andshow me what a real threat is Ponies!" Spirit Love got angry and huffed, using her magic to set Lovinity down. She whispered to her, "Stay here." After that, with an angry face, she emerged from within the crowd at the edge of the battle field, looking towards Gray. "The true threat is yourself," Spirit Love uttered sternly as she faced Gray almost emotionless but with a stare. "By being a threat to other ponies, you become a threat to yourself. Remember the law of karma." She smirked as she continued. "What goes around, comes around."
  9. ---ATTACK RESULTS--- Chance of miss for each attack: 27% for critical strikes, 21% for all other attacks. Random numbers: 65 15 88 71 94 90 18 60 50 32 The following attacks missed: Quick Slash at face, one of the quick slashes at his legs DAMAGE Critical strike 1: 36 points (Remaining: 37) Quick slash 1: Failed Critical Strike 2: 53 points (Remaining: DEFEATED) Quick Slash 2: NA Quick Slash 3: NA Quick Slash 4: NA Quick Slash 5: NA Quick Slash 6: NA Quick Slash 7: NA Critical Strike 3: NA Grey: Health: 150 / 150 (reset due to end of battle) Energy: 50 / 100 (reset due to end of battle) Attributes affected! Gray's UNOFFICIAL new profile for remainder of role play: Speed: 7 (-3 as a result of the attack). Strength: 5. Immunity: 1. Health: 10 (maxed out as bonus for the defeat). Energy: 5 (-3 as a result of the attack). Passion: Health: 0 / 120 Energy: NA --- Passion noticed Gray's tension as he was ready to fire the fake spell at Gray. Oh what a lovely site it was to see him panic! But that wasn't something he wanted to keep his focus on, for he had a job to do. As Passion fired his fake spell, he noticed Gray had cut him out and suddenly charged forward with all his might. Passion tried to back up as fast as he could but it was very hopeless in this situation. All he could do was try to ride out Gray's attack, hopefully with a survive. But for Passion, his luck was out... and so was his time. Gray had charged forth towards Passion with his knife, striking first at his throat. Passion felt a strong pain charge through his throat as he, at that point, loss enough strength to be able to stand. But Gray's follow-up attacks were so quick that Passion didn't have time to fall before they were dealt. Gray tried to slash at his face, but the blow to the throat had turned Passion's face to the side, causing his knife to miss. But the next critical strike attack Gray laid on Passion would be it... the end of the line. A strong strike at Passion's eyes dealt a significant amount of damage... so much that Passion had gone unconscious. It was over for him, but seemingly not for Gray as he continued with his other attacks, at this point doing no good as Passion was defeated. Once Grey was finished, Passion had collapsed on the battle field, completely unconscious and severely covered in wounds from battle. Gray may have won, but what he didn't know was what was coming next for him. And surely the sight of Passion like this will only fuel the problem, giving Gray a disadvantage... maybe. -- Lovinity had reached the castles of Canterlot in a very fast time, thanks to Rainbow Dash holding on to Lovinity and flying her at very fast speeds. Lovinity was unaware of what just happened out in the battle field, but she was to find out later. And how would she take it? How would she handle seeing Passion Flower in the state he was in? One could only imagine... at least at this moment. Lovinity stepped forward to Spirit Love, her niece. Spirit Love had quite good experience in the areas of Reiki. However she was also quite a powerful unicorn. She wasn't as powerful as an Alicorn, but she had several things up her sleeves. Typically she was a gentle mare and only cast spells when they were absolutely needed. But for this situation, she was about to find out that her magic may be needed. "Spirit Love! We have an emergency!" Lovinity panicked as she flew towards Spirit Love after hopping off of the back of Rainbow Dash. "What is it?" Spirit Love said as she looked in seriousness, but a little worry, at Lovinity. She sensed the panic that existed within Lovinity and knew that whatever it was, it had to have been serious. "Passion is at war with some villain named Gray, and he's in serious danger! I think Grey is wanting to kill him!" Lovinity replied, again with a panic. Spirit Love wanted to ask a few more questions, but sensing the urgency of the situation, she skipped them. "Quick Lovinity! Get your amulet on." Spirit Love said. "We have a task at hand." Lovinity grabbed her necklace along with the golden amulet which had her cutie mark in the middle, and she put it around her neck. This wasn't any ordinary amulet. But with Lovinity's very weak body, Grey could attack and defeat her in an instant. This amulet was her only hope to protect herself in the event Grey goes after her instead of Spirit love. Spirit Love and Lovinity hopped onto a carriage and commanded the guards to charge forward. "Yaa! Yaa! To the battle field! Immediate danger is at hand!" Spirit Love shouted to them. The guards rowed up their front hooves and took off as fast as they could to the battle field area.
  10. ---ATTACK RESULTS--- Chance of failure: 21% Random number: 48 Passion's Insecurity spell was rendered null! Gray: Health: 122 / 130 Energy: (41 + 18) = 59 / 100 Passion: Health: 73 / 120 Energy: 20 / 100 --- As Passion fired his insecurity spell away at Gray, he thought he had a great aim. What he didn't know was Gray's next planned move to Evade the attack. He saw Gray pull out his knife and circle around. To his dismay, the spell had broke as it tried to hit Gray. "Dammit," he said to himself and turned around to think of what to do next. Feeling under threat, he tried to get Lovinity's attention by stomping on the grassy field and looking at her. Lovinity had out his attempts to grab her attention and looked at Passion. Passion tried to utter a secret signal to Lovinity through the use of his horn... specifically its colors. Quickly his horn flashed red, then orange, then yellow, green, blue, violet, and white, before the glow faded out. Lovinity nodded and then quickly flew out of the way and up towards the sky, above the heads of the crowd. After that motion, Passion turned back to... well where he was facing when he was in thought. His energy was substantially depleted, but he had 3 potions of healing left. His plan was worth a shot, but he didn't know how much of a cost it would have on him as a result. Passion turned back around, and for what seemed to be a long while, he stared down Gray as if to get ready to attack. His horn glowed purple, but did not fire for the longest time. He was hoping this would work, but he wasn't quite sure. Instead of firing, however, he smirked at Gray. "I bet you're wondering what kind of spell I have for you now," he chuckled. Making the spell look powerful, he looked at Gray with a fierce anger. He bent over and pointed the horn directly at Gray. Firing away, the spell energy traveled towards Gray, but all it did was puff into a cloud-like formation and faded away as it hit Gray. The spell did nothing. Literally nothing. In fact, it wasn't even a spell. And that was his intent. "I pass my turn this round," Passion said. ------ Gray: Health: 122 / 130 Energy: 66 / 100 Passion: Health: 73 / 120 Energy: (20 + 15) = 35 / 100
  11. hold on... maybe it was a mistake. Don't make a reply yet >> Corrected
  12. ---GRAY POTION: STAMINA--- Gray's energy has been increased to 98 / 100 ---ATTACK RESULTS--- (Psyche Out is a mental attack and is thus influenced by strength rather than speed) Chance of failure: 31% Random Number: 21 The attack failed! Grey: Health: 122 / 130 Energy: (48 + 18) = 66 / 100 Passion: Health: 73 / 120 Energy: 55 / 100 --- "Letting the confidence get the best of me? HA!" Passion Flower uttered as he gave a very hearty laugh. After Passion had completed his small attack, he paid attention to Gray's smile and his words of 'disappointment'. Passion could only help but to keep smiling, for Gray didn't seem to know his true intent. That may be a plus on Passion's end. However only time will tell during the battle. His only thinking was to do what he can to weaken and perhaps destroy Gray. But that was going to be a big challenge. Passion had been thinking about Gray's true strength. Indeed he was no pony to mess with. Passion wasn't actually scared of Gray, but he knew in order to have a chance, he'd have to work extra hard to get this pony to fall before him. Passion saw him pop a potion. He didn't know what potion it was exactly, but all he could think about was it was probably something to give him an upper hand. And thus Passion had better be careful. He had a feeling Gray had some very deep intents... that he was planning to take this battle to depths even further than just plain ol' combat fun. And that's where he felt a little worried. However, knowing his duty as a royal guard, he had to do his best not to let emotions get the best of him. Passion stood his ground as well, as Gray approached him with a very neutral expression, one possibly meant to intimidate him. A pony? Try to intimidate him? A royal guard was built to avoid those kind of moves. He stared down Gray as he approached Passion, noting that he pulled out his knife and pointed it towards Passion. With a very angry expression on Passion's face developing, he listened to Gray's talk. Feelings had built up in him as what he feared was true: Gray did have intent than just winning the battle. But then he caught site of something more... his glance at the announcer: His beloved filly daughter Lovinity. Uh oh. Passion knew by his movements Gray's desire to kill off Lovinity as well... and that was something he was not going to let happen... even if he had to die to protect her. Quickly, Passion let out a very angry puff through his nose and raised up one of his hooves. With full force, he struck Gray's cheek, making a loud smack, hoping that'd strike some sense into Gray. And after doing that, he bumped heads against Gray, pushing against him and staring him directly down through his eye. "No... one... touches... my... Lovinity!" He said. With a loud grunt, he backed off and pointed his horn directly at Gray, glowing a purple and black haze: The insecurity spell. Passion was hoping to avoid using so much energy too quickly, but his anger got the best of him. Passion fired away in hopes that it would substantially affect Gray, taking back the upper hand and giving it to Passion... at least for a short time. ---ATTACK RESULTS--- Chance of miss: 38% Random Number: 81 The attack hit the target! Chance of immunity: 13% random number: 97 Gray was not immune Gray: Health: 122 / 130 Energy: 66 / 100 Attacks are only 50% effective for 2 more rounds Passion: Health: 73 / 120 Energy: (5 + 15) = 20 / 100
  13. ---ATTACK RESULTS--- Speed: Chance of miss: 28% Random number: 41 The attack was successful! Damage done: X = 0.9377863375 * 0.8216188470727273 (0.7705029294173055) Y = 60 * 0.7705029294173055 The attack dealt 47 points of damage to Passion Flower. That's a critical hit! Gray: Health: 130 / 130 Energy: (30 + 18 =) 48 / 100 Passion: Health: 73 / 120 Energy: 50 / 100 --- Upon listening to Grey, Passion Flower approached closer to his face and glared an evil look at him, a look that showed that Passion meant business. Now was Passion going to win this war? He didn't know. He was but a new guard, not experienced and just entering the front. But he was going to try his hardest and his best. The old age comment didn't phase him. In fact, he got a chuckle out of it, seeing as it was a pathetic attempt at an insult. "Old? Ha! Does thou have bad eyesight?" he smirked. "Thou is but only a young stallion... thirties perhaps. Your remarks about being old have no effect on me. Quite I ask, do you perhaps attack like an old pony?" he snickered. Noting Lovinity's reply and that Grey was likely going to accept the offer as the first move, he backed off a little bit of distance, still keeping his expression of anger on him. Grey had pulled out his weapon and it towards Passion. He wasn't able to get out of the way in time for the knife to hit him... and hit him hard. Passion Flower uttered a grunt as he shook, almost losing his strength to stand. However, despite the hard hit, he was able to keep standing, facing back at Grey with an evil stare. He smirked and gave Grey credit. "Well well, I must admit you have skill. But perhaps your skill isn't enough? Hmm..." Passion Flower thought to himself about his move on Grey. He wanted to start off light on Grey, give him a false sense of weakness. And so Passion chose to use the Quick attack laser. Aiming at Grey, he quickly charged forward, and then around, and in a few different directions, to try and confuse Grey. At one point, without even stopping with his trotting, he attempted to fire at Grey, hoping it'd give him a little taste of his fury... but only a little. ---ATTACK RESULTS--- SPEED Chance of miss: 31% Random Number: 37 The attack was successful! X = 0.5579316930 * 0.6732448876363637 (0.3756246599625512) Y = 20 * 0.3756246599625512 The attack dealt 8 points of damage Gray: Health: 122 / 130 Energy: 48 / 100 Passion: Health: 73 / 120 Energy: (40 + 15) = 55 / 100
  14. // The battle didn't begin yet Passion Flower as well approached Grey. After getting closer, he turned his attention from the cheering crowd and turned to Grey, his smile turning into a facial expression of a little bit of anger. His eyes and his mouth showed the expression, hopefully intimidating Grey. But he wanted to limit how much he gave him; Give him too much and it'd only fuel his power even more. As they stood face to face with Lovinity in the middle, Passion listened intently to Grey's message. Passion decided that instead of fighting back with more insults, he'd shame himself in front of Grey with a suspicious smirk. "Oh really now? A strong pony like you battling a newbie Royal Guard pony like me? What chance do I have of defeating you? I bet you could beat me with one attack." He chuckled a little bit, waiting for Lovinity's command. Lovinity explained the battle rules to the two ponies (see first post) and then gave the final words. "Let the battle begin!!" she shouted as the crowd roared. Setting down her cardboard megaphone, she then said to the two battlers. "Alright Grey, you will have the choice of making the first move or passing it to Passion." --- Grey: Health: 130 / 130 Energy: 50 / 100 Passion: Health: 120 / 120 Energy: 50 / 100 MYSTERY SPELL/ATTACK: This spell/attack is available for use by either pony in this battle: "Active Slow Radiation" - This spell results in the gradual loss of health for the other pony, a random rate between 1 and 10 per turn. It can only be cast once on a pony. It costs 75 energy points to use. It is not influenced by speed nor strength, but it can be slowed by immunity.
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