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  1. Request for re-opening of this application for a profile edit Greetings Canterlot! I was wondering if I can re-open this application for a couple quick changes/additions in her personality as well as likes and dislikes. I will give you the details if re-opening is permitted. Thank you!
  2. Wow I haven't been here in a long time... and I really apologize for that. But I shall try to check in every now and then. :)

  3. (Time Spinner you apparently now have two turns in play at the same time, lol. Just take one. Darkness Eclipsed, a turn has been given to you.)
  4. [colour=#ff0000](Lovinity abandons role play episode: second pass of the 72 hour deadline. Flashbomb, you're up and will be up after Jigsaw's turn from now on)[/colour] [colour=#000000](Flashbomb and Jigsaw's turns are here)[/colour]
  5. (Lovinity has to pass again... it's exam week. Darkness and Flashbomb you're up.)
  6. (Lovinity must pass... Lots of stuff going on in my world)
  7. (Lovinity passes... 72 hour time out. Flashbomb you're up)
  8. *Pocket passed to Crimson Tag, crimson tag failed to post sending turn to Darkness Eclipsed *Flash Bomb posted, sending turn to Time Spinner. Time Spinner failed to post sending turn to Pocket Watch. Pocket Watch will need to pass again if she wishes to not post again this turn.
  9. (WARNING!!! Time Spinner and Crimson Tag, your 72 hours has expired and your turn has been forfeited. Darkness Eclipsed and Pocket Watch, you're both now up. Please avoid running out of time. It could result in rejection from the rest of the episode. Thank you!)
  10. Lovinity was in shock for a while after Pocket Watch disappeared with the foal. She was staring for what seemed to be minutes, not responding to anything. Lovinity slowly collapsed on to the ground and then nearly quickly recovered from her shock and got back on her hooves. She looked around, her mind dazed still, wondering what just happened. She was in confusion. She looked over to one of the other ponies, the one named Jigsaw, and talked to him. "[colour=#800000]What's going on?[/colour]" Lovinity asked, muffled and slurred... still swinging a little from being light headed. She was still heavily dazed, and could not keep eye contact with Jigsaw. She also could not exactly remember what was happening as the shock was strong to her.
  11. Busy Busy Busy so sorry for infrequent log ins :/

  12. (Okay first case of someone having two turns up haha. Here's what's going to happen: *Gearlock, you've already made a turn... you do not have to make another. *Darkness Eclipsed your turn has arrived. *Flash Bomb, a turn has been passed down to you in order to keep the 2 RPers in play at a time going.)
  13. Lovinity


    Games games games games and... don't forget the games! Who doesn't like games? Fun, interactive, brain-challenging (good for mind), just plain awesome! I dream about making a My Little Pony computer pinball game. I don't think I'd be allowed to though But it's a thought. Anyway, enjoy it here!
  14. (I am so sorry for being inactive for a long time. It's been rough here... will still be inactive for a while longer but I'll try to get back when I can I have another role play going on too so that's sucking a little time up)
  15. Lovinity


    D'OH I just now noticed that... hehe she's looking up at it too like What just happened? XD
  16. Lovinity


    Yup doing Awwweesomme! Welcome aboard the train of Canterlot! You will find many great wonders here in Equestria! And feel free to talk to / be-friend some people here. We're all sweet and kind and... (giggle) you get the idea
  17. Yup you're in but your turn isn't here immediately you gotta wait Be sure to keep checking the RP... I try to update whose turn it is as often as I can in the very first post of the RP
  18. (I had to pass a turn there's so much going on right now I'm not going to have time to write up something in my last few hours remaining. FlashBomb you're up)
  19. Lovinity was startled by the loudly uttered "No!" from Pocket Watch, and backed off quickly about a few feet. Lovinity thought that something was going on with Pocket, that maybe she wasn't feeling well... or that she was having a rough day. She didn't know at that moment. But she wanted to [try and] offer support. "[colour=#800000]A... are you sure you're okay Pocket?[/colour]" Lovinity asked. She didn't receive an immediate reply as Pocket had turned around to the foals.
  20. Mmkay Have fun! We'll let you know two weeks worth of My Little Pony when you come back
  21. Lovinity looked at Pocket Watch as she fell down, talking to Lovinity in a shaky voice. Lovinity was concerned by Pocket Watch's strange behavior. She looked down. "[colour=#800000]Are you sure you're...[/colour]" Lovinity started to say and then noticed Pocket Watch was trying to pick up items off of the ground. "[colour=#800000]Would you like some help picking those up?[/colour]" Lovinity asked.
  22. Yo ho Yo ho welcome to Canterlot my new friend! Yo ho Yo ho We think you'll love it here, you'll understand! XD "[colour=#282828]I am shy at first but when I open up you will want me to be shy again."[/colour] [colour=#282828]Nonsense! hehe. This community as well as other MLP communities have the magic of friendship going on, just like in the series. You'll easily make friends here ^^![/colour]
  23. Great review! I'm with you on episodes 1 and 2 especially when it comes to the subtle hints to the elements. However, these two episodes have nearly brought me to tears before watching them, especially the ending half of the second episode where Twilight's new friends come to rescue her and she gives her speech on friendship... and Celestia and Luna get re-united. That was a tear-jerker. The one episode so far that actually did make me tear (liquid pride XD) Was season 3 episode 13... (when twilight becomes Alicorn). It wasn't necessarily because she became an Alicorn, but the music and the story line really captivated me.
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