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  1. Patrick Speaking Sounds like a pretty interesting role play... a unique evil character! I'm not good at making pictures but if you'd like I could come up with an evil character and give you the details
  2. Hehe everyone enjoys a good laugh... especially Pinkie Pie. Ooh we need to get her and Rainbow Dash in on this XD. Hehe good luck
  3. Thank you all for very warm welcomes! I hope to move to Canterlot soon <3

  4. Lovinity


    Greetings fellow pony!
  5. Here's some fan-made pictures of me hehe. All pictures were posted with the permission of the artist.
  6. From the album: Fan Made Lovinity Drawings

    Here's a drawing of Lovinity made by nightmarefilly. Used with permission. I love the spacious depiction here, with the mirror in front of lovinity and her Cutie Mark as the sun-ish.

    © 2012 NightMareFilly. All Rights Reserved.

  7. From the album: Fan Made Lovinity Drawings

    Here's a very well done drawing of Lovinity done and used with permission by SupXyro on DeviantART. I am not sure exactly what program he used, I believe it was Paint Tool Sai.

    © 2012 SupXyro on DeviantART. All Rights Reserved.

  8. From the album: Fan Made Lovinity Drawings

    Patrick: I am a complete noob at drawing anything. I wish to God I could draw ponies a lot more realistically as well as have a lot more time to practice

    © 2012 Patrick Schmalstig. All Rights Reserved.

  9. From the album: Fan Made Lovinity Drawings

    This was a drawing made for Lovinity by DeathStarDances on DeviantART. She has given me permission to publish this drawing. She even made up a little Christmas story to go along with this: [colour=#2C3635] Lovinity and her friend had a small argument over weather Santa Claus was real in order to prove to her friend that Santa is real Lovinity hid herself in a present box under the Christmas tree so that she could catch Santa in the act. but of coarse she fell asleep. this picture is of her adorable happy face when she woke up and saw the presents under the tree on Christmas morning ^-^ [/colour]

    © 2012 DeathStarDances on DeviantART. All Rights Reserved.

  10. Patrick Speaking Hehe welcome to Canterlot! A lot of people seem to be coming here from google I don't know if the mods will catch you on this hehe but there is a section in your profile for contact information and that info may need to be removed from post. Like I said I am not a mod and don't know what their policy is on that. Other than that, Have Fun!
  11. Hehe greetings! I think you'll have lots of fun here Unity!
  12. OC Lovinity speaking Hehe welcome! We hope you like... no... LOVE... it here
  13. Patrick Speaking Okay will do! EDIT: I have made the necessary changes. Also, I slightly changed living quarters because the fact of the matter was that Lovinity was rejected from living in CloudsDale recently (as in a couple days ago) from having "too big of a duty" when it came to her main duty of spreading love... and she's hoping to live here in Canterlot now. Her duty in CloudsDale, however, still remains.
  14. Hehe this seems like quite a welcoming place :)

    1. Crescent


      To find anywhere better seems like a challenge now.

    2. Lovinity


      Crescent so true :)

    3. MyLittlePonyTales


      I agree! On both the status and Crescent's comment. XD

  15. OC Lovinity speaking Yay another member! Canterlot is expanding! Greetings with love! <33
  16. Patrick Speaking Good day! Welcome to the town of Canterlot! Hehe quite frankly I enjoy the avatar
  17. Patrick Speaking haha Derpyy that's what I did too in Google ^^ Sounds like Canterlot is "da bomb". Welcome aboard! And I haven't really role played much either. Well... I role played making My Little Pony OC comics before (other people participated). They're not professional (they involve the pony generator, background images from the internet, and heavy duty effect editing in GIMP (including for speech)).
  18. Patrick Speaking What Google Inquiry led me here? My Little Pony Roleplay Where did I get my avatar? Someone drew it for me ^^ The avatar is my OC pony her name is Lovinity. Thank you all so much for your welcome greetings! It's good to see those Haha Discord... hey would there be any discord merchandise out there hehe?
  19. Hehe hoping I can find some new friends here on this community. I felt un welcomed and rejected in a couple others :(

  20. Patrick speaking Wow I had no clue Q was the voice for Discord! That is AWESOME!
  21. Roleplay Type: Free For All Name: Lovinity Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Pink Coat: All-Maroon body with red shoes Mane/Tail: Maroon/moderate red stripped flame-like mane. Maroon/moderate red twirled rounded thick tail... long but not touching ground. Physique: Normal weight, but is about 10-20% smaller than most fillys or colts Residence: Canterlot Occupation: "The love giver". Main duty: Spread love, whether it'd be to support a pony in need, help protect ponies from evil/hate, or even to help reform enemies as needed. CloudsDale duty: Help Rainbow Dash clear away clouds and Storms when needed. Cutie Mark: *DESCRIPTION: Red heart with a glowing golden infinity symbol under. The end of the red heart's point connects in-between the two circles of the infinity symbol. *MEANING: Infinite love, in relations to Lovinity's main duty. *OBTAINED HOW/WHEN?: about a year after she was freed from the EverTree Forest and sent to CloudsDale to begin work with Rainbow Dash with the weather (thus around November 2012), Lovinity peered through the clouds and noticed Derpy all alone in the forest crying her heart out. Lovinity quickly shot out from the clouds with a trailing sparkling green fog and gently grabbed Derpy holding her in her wings. Lovinity put lots of love and energy in her through the power of friendship and her magical heart. Derpy soon felt much better and decided to carry on like her long cry didn't even happen. Lovinity suddenly heard a boom in the distance, and looked up at the sky to see rainbows shooting across the sky. And then the heart with the golden infinity symbol suddenly appeared on her body. History: She was born what ponies believe to have been over 10 years ago. No one knows quite sure when or where, or even who her parents were. Rumors have it that soon after her birth, Lovinity was trapped in an unknown location in the EverTree Forest by Queen Chrysalis, for she feared that Lovinity would be a major threat. However, in mid 2011, she was located and freed by Zecora. Ponies believe she was only with Zecora for a day, in which Zecora told her a lot about Equestria. Zecora then sent her out of the forest and explained her duty in CloudsDale. Lovinity carried on with her duties in CloudsDale up until about November of 2012 when she suddenly spotted Derpy Hooves crying alone in the forest from feelings of deep rejection. Lovinity shot out from the clouds leaving a trail of green fog and sparkles to comfort and talk with Derpy. She gently held Derpy in her wings, talked to her on a personal level, expressed the magic of friendship, and allowed the magic that comes from her heart to expel outward into Derpy (this is the green fog with the sparkles and rays of light) From that point on after getting her cutie mark from the incident, her task in CloudsDale became a second priority while her duty as a love giver across Equestria became the first. Some ponies claim that Lovinity carries with her the rarely-heard-of seventh element, the Element of Love, and that they've seen her carrying it. However, no pony has ever seen it in use. In addition, when questioned about it, Lovinity says that the element was just a rumor. Ponies think she says that out of some sort of insecurity or protection. Character Summary: Lovinity's personality can be thought of as a cross between Fluttershy's and Pinkie Pie's personality, but not exact. Her personality expresses cuteness, giggling/laughter, gentleness, innocence, and a heart so big and so strong. She is shy at first, but after getting to know a pony she becomes more open. She is very fond of nature, just like Fluttershy. Lovinity, being the nature she is, can easily make friends. She does not consider anypony an enemy, even if the pony rejects her as a friend. Lovinity can be hurt both physically and mentally, however she cannot actually die. Being given the duty of the love giver, killing off Lovinity would be like banishing all forms of love from Equestria; chaos and hatred would begin to rule and the society will begin to crumble. Lovinity's talent is spreading love all around Equestria. She possesses a form of magic which allows her to have an even greater capacity to do so: Lovinitize. This is a bright green fog with sparkles that float out of Lovinity's heart and into the heart of the one being comforted. There is a drawback to this magic: If the one being comforted is not willing to accept Lovinity's love, then Lovinitize becomes powerless and the energy floats into the air instead. Lovinity likes just about anything... love acts, smiles, laughter, fun, parties (although she's a quiet party goer) There isn't anything she dislikes. If she were to dislike even hate, that would be like fighting fire with fire, which would explode. Instead, she loves her enemies and supports them, for she knows hate + love = no more hate. FINAL EDIT: Since application is approved, going to say that Lovinity now lives in Canterlot
  22. About Myself: Hi all! My name is Patrick. I'm small and underweight for a guy. My Gender is Third Gender since I don't like identifying myself as male or female. I'm a very high tech geek and I run my own internet radio station organization (ask me and I'll allow you to check it out). I am very sensitive and soft-hearted, but that allows me to express empathy to the level I wish when it comes to supporting my friends! I live my life following one motto: Be Infinite Love. I think the world could use more love... a lot more love! My vision and dream is to show the world so much love... beyond what anyone could ever imagine! How I found Canterlot.com: Google Search How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: Saw a bunch of pony pictures, thought they were cute. Checked out video clips... even cuter! Watched episodes... CUTE OVERLOAD! Best part is we can actually learn from it. My favourite main cast pony/s: Fluttershy,Pinkamina Diane Pie Sorry mods for messing up my previous introduction post titled something with Lovinity. I made that mistake and wasn't able to edit it. You may delete that if desired. --- My favorite characters are Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. I love Fluttershy's gentleness, cuteness, and very calm and soft voice (most of the time). I love Pinkie Pie's sense of Humor and hyperness I love Discord for he talks in very neat ways (such as with riddles). He creates rather amusing entertaining forms of chaos. And he sounds so intelligent. Favorite episodes are Season 1 episodes 1 and 2 Mare in the Moon. I almost cried after Twilight giving her message about when she felt the element of Magic when her friends came in. :')
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