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  1. Hmm... let me double consider Queen Chrysalis then... because without you there wouldn't be a thief, and without a thief the role play will get postponed until either one is found or the plot is changed by community.
  2. Lovinity took her wings and wrapped them around Delilah, feeling the warmth of the hug. She held the hug for a while, and then let go and let out a relaxing sigh. "[colour=#800000]Sorry,[/colour]" she said, giggling. "[colour=#800000]I'm a big cuddler. If I cuddle you too much let me know.[/colour]" Lovinity said, smiling. She looked over at Eclipse, noticing her orange and black colours. "[colour=#800000]Eclipse you look like you're glowing with that orange colour of yours,[/colour]" Lovinity said, chuckling. "[colour=#800000]So what brings you here Eclipse?[/colour]" Lovinity asked, giving a physical signal of asking Eclipse if she wanted a hug as well.
  3. You can still play thief... the option is there for characters to pass so that the role play doesn't freeze
  4. *hug and nuzzle attack* XD Welcome to Canterlot we hope you find it very welcoming here (giggle). Lots to do, so many places to go, I'm sure you'll find something here... and some new friends
  5. Game is simple. Look at the above post and state what you would do if that OC were to come to life and run into you. Guideline: If possible, post a link to your OC profile/application or state a little info about your OC to help out others ^^ I'll start: Well the OC above me is the thread title. If I awoke one day to find these letters suddenly staring me in the face I'd scream and run and shout "The text is alive! The text is alive!" --- My OC profile is on my account profile or on http://www.canterlot.com/topic/14153-lovinity-hearts-rebirth-ready/
  6. Element of Love... that is if Princess Cadence doesn't already have it officially
  7. http://www.canterlot.com/topic/14173-special-deliveryopen-join/ Haha this was a link I was posting on my role play log XD
  8. Why would assassins wear My Little Pony hoods in the first place?
  9. PUBLIC OPINION Do y'all think the current rules and structure sounds too harsh? Please describe what you think
  10. (She's a young filly sorry I confused you when I said "really shy foal") Lovinity followed Delilah through Ponyville trying to find out where the voice was coming from. She giggled and said, "[colour=#800000]I love to sing but that certainly isn't me. Have you two been trying to find this... filly/mare?[/colour]" Lovinity asked. She wish she could have been help for the other two, but she herself didn't know where the singing was coming from either. Indeed, it was a lovely voice that rang throughout all of Ponyville. "[colour=#800000]Can you two make out what she's saying?[/colour]" she asked, trying to make out the lyrics.
  11. Delilah and Care Package --- Lovinity smiled at Delilah warmly. "[colour=#800000]I'm Lovinity. Do any of you know that song 'True True friend'?" She asked, trying to say a couple lines. "...how it goes like 'A true true friend helps a friend in need, a true friend will be there to help you see.' I've heard it recently and I just adore that song![/colour]" Lovinity calmed down for a moment re-gathering her thoughts. "[colour=#800000]Sorry, (giggle), Hi Delilah, and who's your friend here?[/colour]"
  12. LightningStreak --- Lovinity looked down as she saw Delilah make a plunge out of the sky. Lovinity was about to shoot down to try and catch her when she managed to catch herself and get back in the air. Lovinity sighed in relief and attempted to calm her heart down. "[colour=#800000]Sorry, (giggle), I care about you all too much![/colour]" Lovinity said to Delilah, smiling. Lovinity's shyness kicked in as she lost any good thing to say. She finally replied, "[colour=#800000]Well, I'm Lovinity and I like to be a sweet cuddling love pony to every pony (giggle). And you?[/colour]"
  13. (YO! You two are the only ones role playing here? This, I must put to an end before it causes a crisis!) Lovinity was outside taking a stroll through Ponyville, singing a very joyous song of cheer to herself; she didn't feel like flying at that moment. Lovinity felt that flying gets boring after a while if a pegasus were to constantly do that. Plus, she wanted to give her wings a good rest. She ran into Care Package and Delilah, giving a smile at them for she did not meet them yet. "[colour=#800000]Well hello there pony friends. I don't think I've met you two before.[/colour]" (Oh by the way Delilah Lovinity is in two separate "worlds" in both this RP and in the Lovinexpress role play so she doesn't know you in either XP) Lovinity extended out her wings in excitement, for she loves meeting new ponies. She used to be a really shy foal, but she's learned over the course of time to be more open and more comfortable being open.
  14. Lovinity looked at Eclipse and [colour=#282828]Delilah and spoke. "([/colour][colour=#800000]giggle) Hello there fellow ponies! I don't think I've met either one of you before.[/colour][colour=#282828]" Lovinity accepted the hoof shake and gave a warm smile back. "[/colour][colour=#800000]My name is Lovinity. What brings you two up here in the air?[/colour][colour=#282828]" She asked, also peering down at the town where the glistening rays of the morning sunshine reflected off of the buildings and ground. The sight of the ponies waking up to a nice cozy morning gave Lovinity a smile.[/colour]
  15. You choose which would best suit for you. Id agree with unicorn. There arent very many unicorns around. Most are pegasi.
  16. Starts on March 11 or when we receive 10 OCs. We have 6 right now (well actually technically 7). I'm only accepting one OC per person in this episode. I would accept a second one if we were short on sign-ups, but we're not that short and we still have 3 or so days.
  17. Lovinity was flying around CloudsDale gathering up the early morning clouds to prepare for a sunny day. The clouds disappeared exposing the bright warm sunrise across Equestria. She looked down to see the ponies waking up and coming out of their houses.
  18. Welcome to the first installment if "Lovinexpress role plays". These role plays are simple and will always be in the free-for-all, and will almost always be open for free jump-ins. No applications required! These type of role plays, I feel, would be great for newbies, since they're very open-handed and not extensive. Rules: *NO NSFW, PERIOD! *(guideline) The goal of the role play is to conclude the plot in under 250 posts (hence the term "express"). However, it is not enforced. *(guideline) Try not to be OP. No one likes an Over powering character! *(guideline) Please keep posts no less than 3 good sentences. *(guideline) Please don't post too often... give others time to catch up So you ready for a fun short role play? General Plot: [colour=#800080]A new pony rolls into Ponyville covering up their face with a veil. No one knows who this pony is, and this pony looks rather suspicious. The role play will conclude with the pony uncovering his/herself to reveal it was just a pony friend playing a prank.[/colour]
  19. Welcome Rebeljack! Gamer eh? I make pinball games for PC haha . I've stopped for a while because of college... well wouldn't say stopped but really slowed down. Ideas have come and gone of a My Little Pony pinball game. One big problem: Copyright. First off, it is obvious we'd have to pay royalty to do such a thing and get Hasbro's permission. But there's an added problem... the software I use to make pinball games makes it illegal to sell any of your pinball games for profit. Oh well.
  20. Naww you serious? I really have to meet this pony... I'm morbid myself (secretly) maybe this pony and a some-sort of random creature I can conjure up should have a duo of gore. XD Welcome aboard JakeShadowWolf! (howl!)
  21. Lovinity

    about me

    Pony withdrawal symptoms hehe . Side effect of every brony who misses out on My Little Pony . I agree with pretty much all advice shared here in this forum and don't have much to add. I was afraid at first to admit to brony as well... but... I can't even remember how I first admitted it... it just happened and people know now hehe . BTW come to know it my girlfriend watched it sometimes, mum found it very cute, and my college radio station people said there's another DJ who's a hardcore Brony. Still have not managed to get in contact with him.
  22. I'll try to remember that And changed structure from 48 hours to 72 hours now. Hope this helps
  23. If I change it to 72 hours to respond, but still keep the 2 characters in play thing, would that work? FYI forgot to tell you that if you end up being the thief your position will be the last one on the list... but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll be the last to post since 2 characters will be in play at the same time.
  24. A true true friend helps a friend in need, a friend will be there to help and see :) A true true friend helps a friend in need to see the light that shines from a true true friend! <3

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