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  1. Greetings ponies! This is an interest check in starting a WoE role play titled "A True True Friend".

    Rules last updated on September 18 2013 20:57 EDT. Please comment if you feel changes should be made. These are not official.

    Synopsis: The role play will focus on being there for other ponies, especially in great times of need. At least one "tragedy" (SFW) will occur, and as friends we will come together to overcome this/these tragedy/tragedies.

    Big key: This role play will have a little twist to it. The twist is this: At the end of each of your posts, tag a random word in OOC parenthesis. Example:

    Yadda yadda yadda and the pony did this.


    The next person to post has to use the word given from the previous post in his/her own post.

    Rules of choosing a word:

    *Must be a real English word found in the dictionary (Urban dictionary does not count!)

    *Must be SFW

    *Must not be too uncommon or difficult to use (such as Multiplicand for example)


    Rules for role play:

    *Only a max of 8 ponies may sign up.

    *There is no posting order, but make no more than 2 posts per day.

    *No double posting.

    *Do not bump the thread unless the previous post is more than 15 days old. You may only bump one time.

    *Please only bump the thread if you were the one with the most recent post. If you were not, then make a reply instead of bumping.

    *If the thread ends up becoming inactive for 30 days (bumping not counted), then the role play will terminate.

    *Posts must be a minimum of 5 sentences long (aka. count the periods).

    *Proper grammar and spelling is expected.

    *You must use the word given in the previous post in your post (you can use it in any tense. Example, if the word is spare, you may also use spared), and you must tag another word for the next person to use.

    Please comment below either:

    1. Suggestions to improve these rules or synopsis.

    2. That you wish to sign up (if there are any positions available).

    3. Questions


    Sign-ups (blank means available):

    1. Starsprite (http://www.canterlot.com/user/7951-starsprite/)








  2. Quickie question: If your original character already has an approved WoE application, like Lovinity Hearts, do they still have to file a CC application (basically just a copy of the WoE application) in order to role play? I wanted to double check even though you have mentioned original WoE approved characters were allowed.

  3. Flight was always an important asset to Lovinity. She sometimes imagined what it would be like to be a flightless Earth pony. Although it wouldn't seem all that bad, it wouldn't quite fit her personality as well as the demands she needed to attend to in order to fulfill her destiny as a love giver. Flight gave her speed. It gave her better mobility. It gave her freedom! Wings enabled her to go where she needed to and where she wanted to in order to help other ponies... which is something she couldn't do as well as an Earth Pony or Unicorn.

    Flight also allowed her to help Weather Patrol have control over the weather. She knew every pony mattered when it came to the job. ...and most recently, some clouds that shaded the glistening yellow glow of the sun persisted over the Crystal Empire for some time now, and it was time to clear them away.

    Lovinity didn't often go to the Crystal Empire... not as often as she used to. Granted, she loves the place, especially with the shiny sparkling ponies and the wonderful designs. However, as time went by, she was getting more and more busy.

    After taking care of helping to clear the clouds in the Crystal Empire, making the sun's rays visible once again to shine on the coats of the beautiful crystal ponies creating prisms of rainbow awe, she returned to Ponyville to take a trot through and see what every pony was doing. There were ponies working in their shops, lots of conversations taking place, and... what's this? ...a crystal pony in Ponyville?

    Lovinity stumbled on Bright Stone, watching her take what seemed to be ordinary supplies and creating something much more magnificent. Well... to most ponies it'd just seem like an odd thing, having a (//filly?) play around on a picnic table in that way. However, to Lovinity, she knew what the young filly was doing; using her imagination.

    Imagination, to Lovinity, was one of the most powerful traits a pony could have. With imagination, a pony could do anything! If ponies wanted to, they could become a Wunderbolt, or maybe a Changeling. Or maybe even... an Alicorn! Nah, Lovinity thought that Alicorns were great, but she didn't feel meant to be one. But still, the possibilities are endless! Who knows, maybe a pony could imagine being on a planet that no pony knows about! But what if that planet had ponies of their own? Oh the possibilities of creative imagination!

    Lovinity approached this young filly sitting on top of a picnic table as if she was a pilot of an aircraft. Well, Lovinity didn't know what an aircraft was to be honest. She's never seen one. But with imagination, it wouldn't hurt to imagine one. With a smile on her face, Lovinity spoke in a cheerful tone of voice. "[colour=#800000]Hi there! I see some filly is having fun with imagination! Ooh ooh what're you imagining?[/colour]"

  4. Hmm... yeah that's really true. I did get very emotional there.

    At least I know now that changes weren't actually necessary... and that for the future if I were to think of that again to remember it's highly doubtful it really needs to be changed.

    Alright, reverting back to old profile.

    I'd still like to ask if I could leave everything out of her personality from the old application regarding special some-ponies? That way, we don't have to deal with that.

    //Edit: I'll put up the old application to show you what I mean... and will highlight the section I'm talking about when it comes to removing

  5. Alright will do.

    I've honestly been troubled by the FFA role plays. At first, I thought it would be fun for characters to have their own powers and such, and others can role play cast characters. But after the Hearts and Hooves Day FFA, I think I'm going to stay away from that lol. When it comes to OP, I know what you mean now. *shutters*

    With that being said, I'll go ahead and play Lovinity as if nothing bad happened there.

    The last two issues of the role play:

    *Shortening or eliminating completely in the bio about her re-consideration of having a special some pony (In my previous application, it was stated she did not prefer a special some pony. However, she's growing up now like ponies do with experiences and such.).

    *Personality... to mention clumsy or not to.

    After that, hmm it's looking like the application didn't need any real changes... much to my surprise. But anyway, it would be ready.

  6. "This app is about Loveinity, let's keep it about her"

    Hmm, could I possibly shorten it to just mention... ah never mind my idea won't really work :P

    "[colour=#282828]This fan based movie has no merit on Canterlot, so I suggest you keep her to the model we had in place, no need to change her HERE for a movie elsewhere."[/colour]

    [colour=#282828]Okay. I thought at first it would be good to say she was clumsy a little and the part about the stress. She was like that in role plays even before this movie project began. However, if desired, if it's too negative I won't mention it.[/colour]

    [colour=#282828]"[/colour][colour=#282828]We discourage this sort of thing, she can travel as she sees fit but no homelessness please, give her a place she can call home"[/colour]

    [colour=#282828]Hmm that's going to be kind of tough... I've never role played her like she had an actual building / cloud she lived in. Maybe if worse comes to worse I can say that she just found a place to live (in the role plays she's already involved with... none of them being in WoE though)... or built a cloud structure for herself because it was getting too hard for her to find a cloud to sleep on each night. This of course would not be in the application itself.[/colour]

    [colour=#282828]...or how about maybe she lives with Passion Flower?

    Though I never considered her "homeless". I've always mentioned her as free-roaming / outdoor pony.[/colour]

    [colour=#282828]"[/colour][colour=#282828]But ofcourse! [/colour] :D"

    Alright thank you! She probably won't have the ability to go there often since it brings her a little sadness about... (can't say it...)... as well as a rejection from her past involving... something else... anyway, at least she can go there sometimes for other reasons.

  7. Okay, eye colours will be removed, and so will the LGBT line.

    What about the special some-pony info?

    Edit: Also forgot to mention... the main reason for the additions in her personality are that she is going to be in a fan-based movie... and that there is an un-balance between... how do I say it... "good" and "bad" traits. Therefore, I'm adding a few more of her "bad" traits to try and balance things out more.

    Edit 2: Also, despite Lovinity's main location being CloudsDale, I do not mention this in my application (should I?) that she does not live in an actual home; she is a free roaming pony that finds any cloud to sleep on for the night.

    Also, is it permitted for her to visit the Crystal Empire in role plays?

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