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  1. (Had fun while it lasted! Just wanted to end it on a good note!.) Pinkie smiled as Razor finally returned to normal. She quickly squirmed from his grip. She blushed as she looked into his normal eyes. She laughed at his comment and shook her head vigorously. "Soorry Razor, it wasn't a dream. You were totally heads over hoofs for little old Pinkie Pie!" She smiled before she turned around and looked over the destroyed Ponyville, they would survive and thrive like they always did; in fact Ponyville was due for a disaster soon, better a love stricken mob then a hydra or something! She turned back to Razor, she had just met him just over twenty four hours ago, but it felt to her as though they had been through some grand trial. Although she felt the urge to hug and maybe even kiss the griffin, after all the attention she received in the past twelve hours she decided on a smile. "How about I treat you to a warm cup of coffee, and maybe a muffin or cake or something!" Pinkie winked at him before she bounced off in the direction of the Sugar Cube Corner.
  2. Pinkie found the grip Razor had on her to be to tight to break his grip. She tried to think of a way to get out of Razors grasp. She let him nuzzle her for several minutes before speaking up. "Razor, I need a favour! Do you think you can help me? I need to find my friends, I think there in trouble! Please?" Pinkie put her best puppy dog eyes on, the ones she had learned from rarity. (I'm assuming that they were not on the side of town that was covered by the bubble, and not near the fight they'd going on)
  3. Pinkie moved back slightly as Razor removed her hooves. Pinkie laughed at his comment. Pinkie let herself be pulled into a hug with no resistance. She was happy that Razor seemed back to normal; she returned the hug promptly, making sure not to break the already hurt griffin. "You couldn't loose me silly! Unless were playing hide and seek, I'm a champ." Pinkie was thrilled, but she had to be sure that he was back to normal. She put her hooves on his face and held open one of his eyes, she stared at his eyes, looking for the tell tell signs of the love sickness.
  4. Pinkie gasped and dodged out of the way as Razor dive bombed on her location. Her vision was blurred as the dust got into her eyes. She rubbed her eyes trying to clear her vision. With teary eyes she stumbled forward heading toward the blur she thought was razor. After a couple blinks she was able to see again. She continued walking towards razor. Once she reached him, she started shaking him, hoping to snap him out of his daze. "Razor! Razor, are you okay?! That looked painful..." She shouted worriedly.
  5. Pinkie had heard another loud crash and quickly followed it. When she arrived she saw that Razor had crashed into a building, much like Flashbomb. "What does that disease do to flyers...." She questioned quietly, "Im really glad that Dashie isn't a zombie pony.." Before she could approach him she heard another pegasus fly down. 'What is he talking about?' Pinkie watched quietly from the shadows.
  6. Pinkie had been looking through the houses trying to find her friends. Her progress was slowed due to the large amount of ponies wondering around and the single griffin flying around. She checked the usual spots her friends would be. Twilight's library was boarded up and magically protected. She tried all of her usual entrances, but there was no way to get into it. So she was super-duper sure that Twilight was safe! She probably had several other ponies safe as well. She snuck out of Ponyville and creped halfway to Fluttershys cottage before she decided that there was no way discord was going to let anyone hurt her. She high tailed it back when she heard the sounds of the horde near the Everfree Forest. On her way back she passed by Rainbow Dash’s home, it too was empty. Pinkie didn’t think Dashie was affected though, because then there would have been real trouble. She giggled at the thought of a love stricken Rainbow Dash. “Where did all of my friends go?” Pinkie questioned herself as she walked through Ponyville.
  7. Pinkie pie was wondering through the Ponyville, sticking to the shadows and with the help of her stealth suit she was able to remain undetected... Not that she needed her stealth suit, but this way was slightly more fun! Although she knew now was not the time to think about fun, she couldn't help herself. She only knew one of her fiends was safe... but the rest might be roaming the streets like love stuck zombie ponies! Besides... she had already lost Razor to the horde. So she had to try to keep her spirits up.
  8. Pinkie had made it to Sweet apple acres in record time attracting as many of the love sick as she could. She looked back and could barely see any behind her. Pinkie smiled and stuck her tongue out. "Can't keep up with meee!" She sang out before turning to face the farm. She hadn’t really been paying attention to the farm as she approached; only giving her full attention just now. The barn and house were boarded up tight, it seemed to be a sort of ghost town… except for the large amount of love stricken ponies surrounding it. Some turned to Pinkie when she made her outburst. “Not again!” Pinkie laughed tiredly before running towards the apple orchards. She would turn every couple seconds before looking back. Once she passed to tree line she ducked, dodged and drive through, around and past several trees. Although it was rough going Pinkie knew she could easily loose the love struck ponies. It took several minutes but she was able to dip out of sight and climb a tree. She waited quietly as the horde following her slipped by. The pink pony let out a sigh before heading to the top of the tree. Pinkie looked at the rising sun, basking in its warmth. “Hello Mr. sun!” She said quietly. She looked towards the smoking wreck of Ponyville. “ I should get back.” Pinkie slowly began hopping from tree to tree towards the town.
  9. Pinkie ran in front of the small group. ”I take care of these ponies!” Pinkie cried out. She ran up to the group of sickies. ”Hey! Bet yall cant catch me, the singlest most attractivist pony in all of ponyville, Pinkie yelled as she hoped over them and ran. Most of them turned and followed her, leaving only a few that had stayed behind. She ran away from the town, heading towards sweet apple acres.
  10. Pinkie woke with a start when there was loud crash and a rumble. She jumped to her hooves and quickly looked around her surroundings. She was in a small room with white walls; there was a small bed a couch and dresser. She knew where she was, having been here a couple times, it was a private room near the balcony in the town hall. She rubbed her head trying to remember how she got there. The last thing she could think of was that she managed to escape Razor, but she was quickly captured again. Then he started preening her mane... Pinkie shook her head. The rest of the events from the dance slowly leaked into her head. "What’s was wrong with everypony?" She said as she quietly opened the door to the room. It was surprisingly empty, she walked down the hallway and onto the balcony. The first thing she noticed the hole in the wall, then the empty building. Near one of the pillars was a blue mess under the rubble of a pillar. She recognized some of the features. "Flashbomb." She said softly. She jumped over the edge, and slowly fell to the ground. As she was approaching Flashbomb, she heard another pony approaching so she hid and watched as Quillhart approached. She sighed in relief as she saw that he wasn't crazy. She slowly walked towards him but he started walking off. As she was about to reach them Applejack ran towards them. Pinkie was happy to see her friend was okay, she would have to check on the others. "Hey guys." Pinkie said quietly as she approached the group.
  11. (work + school = me missing alot of posts! Bah!) Pinkie watched as little pink hearts appeared in Razors eyes. "Ooooh." Razor was caught by surprise by Razors tackle. She hit the ground with a quiet umph. "Razor...." She was cut off by his kiss. Pinkie blushed at his statement. Her brain was spinning! She was losing control to the primal feelings. "Make me yours!" Her giggle cut off by his passionate kiss. 'I love this game!' She thought to herself. Pinkie watched in horror as Razor leaped off her and attacked a stallion. "This isn't a game!" She gasped. She tried to rise to her feet, but was swept off then as Razor grabbed her and flew up to the balcony. Pinkie didn't hear what the griffon had said, but she knew she was ready to stop playing around. When Razor kissed her once more she decided to struggle free from the him.
  12. For a second time today a kiss was able to clear Pinkie’s head and allow her to think normally, at least as normally as Pinkie could, especially since she was (unknowingly) put under several spells that day. She slowly broke the kiss as she regained her senses, although this wasn’t the same feeling as earlier. She felt as his wings extended, it caused her to blush furiously Pinkie looked around as the ponies started going crazy. She was slightly shocked as she watched several mares attack Flashbomb, “Maybe you’re.” She stopped talking as she watched him tackle through several mares and escape outside; which was followed not long after by a loud boom. “…Right? What’s going on!?” Pinkie said loudly before she looked up at Razor and noticed the strange look on his face. “Are you okay Razor?”
  13. Pinkie giggled in response. “Nothing’s wrong. In fact..” She wrapped a foreleg around Razor. “Everything feels super-duper as long I’m with you.” Pinkie couldn’t explain the sudden feelings that washed over her, she didn’t want to anyway. All that mattered right now is She leaned her face in to kiss him. (Small post not sure what to do!)
  14. Although Pinkie heard the explosion she was too entangled in Razor to react at the time to react. Besides, Pinkie was used to explosions by this time in her life. Pinkie's face is flushed red as she answers his question. "You should stay the night... maybe with me. I mean at my house!" She said before hiding her face by drinking the punch. After she finished the Punch that was offered to her she looked back up to Razor. A familiar feeling swept over her as she looked into the griffins eyes. She suddenly felt hot again. A smile crept across. "Maybe I meant with me."
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