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  1. [All] For a long time we've been, trotting off to battle! [snowflake] In our thundering herd, We feel a more like cattle! The pounding boom, Our aching of our aching hooves, Aren't easy to ignore! [braeburn] Hey, think of instead, A mare worth fighting for! [Rainbow Dash] Huh? [braeburn] That's what I said! A mare worth fighting for! I want her coat paler than the moon, with skill that could move the moon! [snowflake] My girl will marvel at my strength, adore my battle scars! [big Mac] I couldn't care less what her race or what she thinks like. It all depends on what she cooks like! Apples, pies, fritters! Eeyup [snowflake] Bet the local mare thought you were quite the charmer! (YEAH!) [braeburn] And I'll bet the fillies love a colt in armor! [All] You can guess what we have longed for most, since we went off to war! [braeburn] What do we want? [All] A mare worth fighting for! [snowflake] My mare will think I have the smarts~ [big Mac] That I'm a major find! [Rainbow Dash] How 'bout a mare who's really fast! Who always speaks her mind? [All] Nah! [braeburn] My stallion ways, and skills to raise are sure to get her! [snowflake] He thinks he's such a lady killer, HA! [blueblood] I've a mare back home that’s unlike any other! Yeah, the only one who'd love him is his father! [ALL] But when we come home, taking the city, they'll line up at our door! [braeburn] What do we want? [ALL] A mare worth fighting for! [braeburn] Wish that I had~ [All] A Mare worth fighting for! A mare worth fighting-
  2. When your rife with devastation/ and you can't feel such elation/ It's because of a situation/ That had made you want to die/ But no matter what had happened/ Know that you should not be saddened/ Don't let your spirit go get flattened/ Just chin up and face the sky/ When I was just a little baby/ My momma died, she was taken from me/ I was shipped up north to my father’s place/ Continued to live, just to save face/ So I dealt with changing fate/ Found some things to dedicate/ Memories now blurred, my trust was obscured/ But now I release the cries of my heart/ When you've suffered such depression/ And you've lost sight of your mission/ Just try to find a solution/ With those whom you call friends/ Cause one you start synchronizing/ Your hearts start resonating/ You can break free from the hating/ That had once had you condemned/
  3. You’re no stranger to friendship~ As you learn the rules, I shall be, by your side A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guard And if you wanna say you’re hurting It’s my job to, put you at ease! [CHORUS] I don’t wanna mess you up, Beat all who puts you down Stop all who trot around and despise you Never gonna make you cry, I will serve you on the fly, I will stay by your side and protect you! [/CHORUS] I’ve seen you growing for so long. My heart's been aching but I’m too proud to say it. Sometimes I wished I made you feel like you belong. I’ll just spin the wheel and see where it lands at. And now I ask you how you’re feeling Can’t handle the abilities? [CHORUS] (Ooh live it up) (Ooh live it up) (Ooh) just try to live, just try to live! (Ooh live it up) (Ooh) Just try to live, just try to live (Ooh live it up) We've known each other for so long You were always reclusive, but now you run it! Inside I think I knew what's was going on As a guard I shall help you mold fate! [TO FRONT]
  4. The PS3 is where it's at. PS3 actually has good exclusives. Halo? Gears of War? Available on both PC and Xbox. Journey? Playstation All Stars? Uncharted? Demon & Dark Souls? PS3 exclusive, batch! My biggest childhood regret was never playing the original MGS games, so I'm now going on a MGS binge. Sleep is rearing it's ugly head, but COFFEE HELPS ALL
  5. "Oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't see you back there!" Cheerilee said to Chysalis. "Please introduce yourself!"
  6. ((Not a bad idea... how many more introductions are left?))
  7. Cheerilee stared at Pawn for a moment."Alright..." She to the entire class. "I think it is time I moved on from the rules. For rule one, I do not wish to see any teasing or bulling. Treat all fairly and equal. Two, Always do your homework. Three, please be quiet while I am talking. All I ask is for enough respect for you all to follow these rules." (Is there any assignments I should set up?)
  8. Siren chuckled a bit at Fresco's introduction and politely listening to the others. At Pawn's intro, Cheerilee sweatdropped and smiled uneasily. "Um... would you care to elaborate more on you?"
  9. "All right class, before we begin, I want each of us to go around the class and introduce oursel-" Before Cheerilee could finish Siren shot out of his seat. "Hello! I am Air Siren! I love the outside, big buildings and talking with others! I don't have a cutie mark yet, but I think I'll get it soon!" Siren gave a confident smile. "Okay..." Cheerilee nodded slight before looking back to the class. "Who would like to be next?"
  10. @MicDaMicrophone Say somepony wrote a parody, and they would like you to sing it... where would be the best place to send it?

  11. "Good morning!" Cheerilee replied happily to the new filly. "Please get to your seat so we can begin!"
  12. Cheerilee gave Knight a smile. "That is excellent news Knight! I must say, it suits you well. Now hurry to your seats and we can officially begin the new school year!"
  13. The school bell rang and a pinkish purple earth mare walked into the class room. "Okay, my little ponies! Take your seats!" She said in a happy, upbeat tone. Siren looked from the teacher to Chrysalis. "I'll talk to ya later!" He nodded as he quickly grabbed a desk by a window. Cheerilee walked to her desk and opened her book to reveal the faces of all the children she had to teach this year.
  14. (I could try?) Siren sat by Chrysalis when she went into the corner. "So, why are you in a Ponyville school?" He asked her
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