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  1. as long as all of us fallow the rules i dont see it turning into NSFW. (YAAAAAAAAAAY! im upgraded to blank flank!)
  2. and thank you fire raven. it does seem reasonable to add descriptions to what his feelings and his actions.
  3. thank you neo! i really did not think about giving him a set personalty. i have given him a few flaws like he always tries to use magic out of reflex and fails. i think that would be humerus in some scenes.
  4. I was wondering if anypony has any tips or hints on roleplaying. anything is helpful thank you!
  5. Name: Dawnstar Pegasus sex: Stallion Bright orange coat with a similar coloured mane looks exactly like the one in my picture(minus the horn of course) Dawnstar was an outstanding unicorn! he knew magic beyond belief. since he was a philly he was taken humorously. so he entered a school for gifted unicorns it was great the entrance exam was a breeze his classes were easy.... until one day he woke up in the morning and his horn was gone! and what replaced them was a pair of wings! he was then kicked out. even his own parents did not want him back. heart broken he moves to ponyville to start a new. a philly with nopony to take care of him hoping to find a way to become a unicorn again. i like the parade one.
  6. aw! i just started watching. oh well i guess 21 episodes is a good run.
  7. well i thought equestrian stories would be a good name for the series. and thank you for being understanding about me being new your awesome!
  8. that was really good. i love to read other peoples stuff
  9. Shawnie

    Back Home!

    lol sounds like a good time!
  10. does my O.C. look too much like spitfire? its my picture. my freind thinks so.

  11. school is tomorrow! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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