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  1. He looked over at the stallion who told him about how he would have to pay for his crimes. "[colour=#0000cd]Yeah, yeah," [/colour]he said with a small smile[colour=#0000cd], "Don't worry I know." [/colour]He began to trot back to canterlot. He tried to remember what the mare that took the watch from. A blank came to him. "[colour=#0000cd]Shoot, I wished I had payed more attention,[/colour]" he said to himself.
  2. Marcurius was completely dumbstruck by what had happened. Something about ponies that could blast trees into oblivion, weird changing pegasus with weird eyes and an incorporeal being called Deity really made him question his line of work. Then Time brought up the point of the other thieves, "[colour=#0000cd]Yeah, other thieves. I just want out. I don't like my luck with this line of work. I'll help you out, it's the least I could do for you guys for, you know, not roasting me." [/colour]
  3. Marcurius was trying to decide what he would do when Lovinity defended him. Great, now I feel like a bad guy. He sighed and thought about releasing Lovinity. He was seriously deciding if this was really wanted to do to leave. He sighed, muttering, "[colour=#0000cd]Little lady." [/colour]He glanced at the two ponies that confronted him and spoke to them. "[colour=#0000cd]I'm sorry about the trouble tonight. But, you have more problems than just me." [/colour]He looked at Time, "[colour=#0000cd]Your watch is quite special isn't it, if somepony has thieves after it.[/colour]" Marcurius looked at Lovinity and motioned for her to go to them and tossed the watch to Time. "[colour=#0000cd]Have a gift from me to you. As a thank you for tonight's memories.[/colour]"
  4. Mercurius chuckled, "[colour=#0000CD]I didn't grab you because of your outstanding knowledge.of this watch." [/colour]With that he took a deep breath, started examining the watch, and asked more to himself than to Lovinity, [colour=#0000cd]"Why would you go through so many thieves to get a single pocket watch? What could be so important about it? What secrets do you hide watch?"[/colour]
  5. Marcurius nodded after all of her outbursts. "[colour=#0000cd]Thanks for the sentiment. As for what I figured, well, I don't have the best luck. As for the object, all I know it was an old heirloom or something." [/colour]He shrugged at her remark as she sat down. "[colour=#0000cd]Sorry little lady, a hostage that can leave at any time means that I have no bargaining chip. . . but, I think I'd like to know more about this watch." [/colour]He thought for a moment before removing the rope from her legs. He smiled at her saying, "[colour=#0000cd]Least I could do for you being so understanding."[/colour]
  6. Mercurius sighed again at his luck. "[colour=#0000cd]Figures that this would be the watch."[/colour] He thought a bit before answering her other questions, "[colour=#0000cd]I don't really know if this watch is the object that they wanted. All I know is that they wanted an object that would be here today. As for how I got it, well. . . " [/colour]he paused trying to think up a lie and failing, "[colour=#0000cd]I stole it from a mare, so it just found its way to me." [/colour]He chuckled a bit, adding, "[colour=#0000cd]Like it was destined or something."[/colour]
  7. (I'm not going to bed anytime soon) Mercurius heard the questions and debated whether to answer any of them. He thought about what had lead up to this. "[colour=#0000cd]All right, little lady. I owe you for taking out of your normal routines. I came here for a certain item for somepony. That panic happened sooner than I expected and I got tripped up. Neither my original plan or my fall back plan would work so I had to improvise. And here you are." [/colour]Mercurius looked around, and mumbled, "[colour=#0000cd]I hope those friends of yours can find you, I don't want to be known as a thief who uses ladies as shields." [/colour]Shaking his head he spoke up,[colour=#0000cd] "I am sorry about this little lady. Oh, and about that missing watch," [/colour]he levitated the watch out, [colour=#0000cd]"Considering my luck, this is it."[/colour]
  8. (Sorry) Mercurius took a rope and tied the rope snugly around Lovinity's wings. "[colour=#0000cd]Please tell me if it's too tight little lady." [/colour]He smiled a bit, before he sighed, "[colour=#0000cd]I'm sorry about this Miss Lovinity, this wasn't my original plan, or my back up plan. I hope that you won't think any less of me."[/colour]
  9. Mercurius thought about it for a second. "[colour=#0000cd]Why of course little lady. But first let's make sure you don't hurt yourself flying."[/colour] With those words Mercurius attempted both to snugly bind Lovinity's wings and help her up.
  10. Marcurius chided himself as Lovinity ran after throwing the sparkles at him. The night kept getting worse as things kept falling apart, first the slight panic, then the second thief and the yelling stallion, then finally the fact he was running out of options. He could hardly believe his luck when Lovinity hit one of the buildings and fell back down to within his grasps. Her question however made him stop. "[colour=#0000cd]Sure, what do I have to do, Miss Lovinity?[/colour]" He smiled inwardly at the thought.
  11. "[colour=#0000cd]Your right, how silly of me. That's usually the first thing I say in a situation like this," [/colour]Marcurius sighed and shook his head. This might not be the first time the items he stole where missing, but he was completely messing up his innocent routine. Another thought popped into his mind, "[colour=#0000cd]Why did you approach me tonight, when there was a thief going around, and why were you so eager to defend . . . No, not eager, cautious. Yeah, that's the word I'd use, defending me even though you didn't know me, stopping accusations that were thrown my way, all those little side conversations. I've pieced it all together now. The only question is, what to do with you?" [/colour]He pulled out his cloak in a ball, one of the lengths of rope hidden inside and started moving it closer to Lovinity.
  12. Marcurius decided to leave the stallion in a hurry. Best to, uh, find the watch. He really wanted a way out of his current situation, but the only thing that he could do was kidnap Lovinity, whom he couldn't . . . Wait! In the air, green cloud of sparkles, he couldn't believe his luck, indeed he didn't for a few seconds. He did however decide to chance it, and couldn't help himself but to smile when he saw Lovinity on her own. He sighed, a smug grin on his face and said, "[colour=#0000cd]I warned you about what might happen if you were to go off on your own, didn't I, Miss Lovinity?[/colour]
  13. Marcurius could hardly suppress his grin but he did as he followed the unicorn stallion and SilverStar and bowed his head as SilverStar left. "[colour=#0000cd]We'd better go back and help sir yells-a-lot find his watch,[/colour]" he said turning to the stallion, "[colour=#0000cd]With that much screaming it must be important to him.[/colour]" Marcurius didn't think the screaming pony would accept his explanation that he hadn't stolen the watch from him. He would have to bet all of his bits on kidnapping Lovinity.
  14. Marcurius also heard the scream which put him pulled him from one conudrum into another, 'His pocket watch was stolen? More thieves in town than just me, then, he thought as he went back to where he picked up the pocket watch from the two mares. Might be worth looking into. Another unicorn came up and offered to take SilverStar to the prancing pony. [colour=#0000cd]"Alright,"[/colour] he said to Lovinity, [colour=#0000cd]"I'll come back as soon as possible to help out with the search for the missing pocket watch. You have my word as a stallion of Trottingham that I shall not rest until. . . well you can guess the rest.[/colour]" He turned to go to the Prancing pony when another pegasus came up to him accusing him of stealing the pocket watch. [colour=#0000cd]"You wound me,"[/colour] Marcurius said truthfully, [colour=#0000cd]"I never met him nor seen him before, therefor I most certainly do not have his pocket watch. Besides, I am offering to help him. If I stole it, why would I agree to help the person I stole it from to locate it?"[/colour]
  15. (AGHHHH, took that off a while ago!) Mercurius was surprised to hear that not only the young filly SilverStar was by herself, but she wasn't much of a much of a mage. And the field has leveled again, He bowed his head to hide his smile, and to get ready for the next act. Closed his eyes and brought his head up. "[colour=#0000cd]I would feel simply awful if something would happen to either of you," [/colour]he answered, only partly lying, "[colour=#0000cd]I the, chivalrousness and humble Mercurius, would be unable to look at myself in a mirror if something bad happend."[/colour]
  16. (The ropes are in my saddle bags and him.) Mercurius[colour=#282828] was slightly surprised at the small filly that flew up to him. Even stranger, another came up confirming that she wasn't lying about her name, Lovinity. "[/colour][colour=#0000cd]My name is Mercurius. I'm afraid that it is much too dangerous for two young fillies like yourselfs. There is apparently a criminal loose, and you never know what one might do when backed into a corner. Come I'll take you to your parents.[/colour]" Both fillies offered a good opportunity, however the unicorn might be able to get away, the pegasus on the other-hand, once the wings closed up where quite easy to carry around.
  17. [colour=#282828]Mercurius was slightly pleased with his haul, looking at some of the items he nicked. The pocket watch, a handkerchief, and a bag of bits strangely enough. Everything was going exactly as he planned. Things would be noticed missing, of course, such things were never missed for long, the plan was to soon ditch the cloak and use the insuring panic to cover his escape, or at least that would be the fall back plan, no his plan A involved a good-natured individual to aid him, unknowingly. Of course things never went as he planed and even his backup plan had fallen through. One of the ponies had seen his face and it wouldn't take long to put two and two together, even in this crowd.[/colour] [colour=#282828]He picked a dark alley and slipped in it and quickly took off the cloak to slip back into the crowd. He quickly thought up a couple of plans, and immediately discarded them. He was no kidnapper, but the plan came back to his head as quickly as he had banished it. The next thing he knew he had two lengths of rope along with his cloak in his right pocket, and quickly began looking for somepony that could easily be caputred. Ponies could always be counted on to be cautious in situations like that.[/colour] [colour=#282828](sorry for the delay. Work called, and I answered.)[/colour]
  18. "[colour=#0000cd]The parade is such a big thing this year[/colour]" Mercurius mused to himself. As it should be what with everything that's happened. He smiled pulling the hood completely cover his horn. A aquamarine cloak hid most of his aqua coat and black mane, as well as the most important thing, his cutie mark: a stretching cat with a little burglar's mask. He looked around what he could see through and above the crowd and what he saw nearly took his breath away. No, it wasn't the princess he was looking at but who was by her side. So, the captain of guards himself is a part of the festivities this year, he thought to himself, That will make my job easier or harder depending on how I play my cards. He began looking around the crowd for an easy target. Two mares were talking to each other. He walked over to them and 'accidentally' bumped into one as he quickly levitated a small item from her saddlebag into his. "[colour=#0000cd]So sorry, miss.[/colour]" He spoke and bowed his head. She accepted the apologies and Mercurius continued on his merry way. As soon as they were out of sight he gazed at his catch, a nice shiny pocket watch. He couldn't help a small chuckle at the thought of what she might do when she discovered the watch missing.
  19. I'll play the bad guy. Also, that was for your post about the Equstrian Girls.
  20. I may not be able to help with things like names, but I can certainly help with the small stuff. Count me in!
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