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  1. You now have something but you can't really identify what it is or what it does. I wish for purple.
  2. I've been away a while. Is the IRC still around?

    1. Corsair


      The official IRC has been shut down due to low usage. There is currently an official Canterlot chat room on Skype to coordinate chat RP sessions, but not a general char room.

    2. RegalSteel


      Mkay thanks for the info. I saw that the Chat tab up top was gone so I figured I'd ask.

  3. Made with some basic clip art and Gimp photo editing.
  4. Foreign Rarity is still good.

  5. Been away and inactive for a good while. Wasn't really planned but it worked out that way. Hoping ot be on here a bit more regularly once more. Missed all you spectacular folks
  6. Been away so long it feels like I'm a new member again

  7. Been a while since I visited.

  8. Too much... ice cream?! There is no such thing! Puzzle you never ever imply a lady is overweight, it's uncouth and hurtful. Hmph. Now for a question... What are all of your feelings on hooficures?
  9. If you were the captain of a ship who would you make your 1st mate?
  10. Am I the only one in love with the song from todays episode?

    1. Rosewind


      I thought it was cute. Not the best, but it did the job!

  11. My life is complete. Got Chrysalis mini-fig @ black friday sale! So happy

  12. I love the Persona series. P4 had a much more creative Persona origin than P3. Thus I am obliged to reply here. Regal Steel: Regal's shadow would in my mind be a bit more masculine, and blunly state its feelings, & opinions; representing Regal's sometimes forced etiquette and femininity. She isn't as much of a girly girl as she feels the need to act like. She is also very opinionated but hides it to seem polite. Additionally her shadow would be shy when around stallions as Regal tends to act like a fool around them.
  13. Why is it so hard to find good rp sites for other fandoms... blarg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. tacobob


      We shall make them run RP sites for ALL the fandoms!

    3. RegalSteel
    4. GhostGirl


      What? Oh, goodness, no. I have enough on my hands as it is with this site! D'=

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