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  1. are you going to have complex spells like making one thing into another. OR more simpler ones
  2. This is like my life exept im not blind
  3. well im not realy much of an artist so the pictures look like ****...
  4. [colour=#000000]I have looked up on EQD and I'm preaty sure it said winter of 2014 so...[/colour]
  5. lets just put some things we think might be in season 4 like...... I think that pinkie will have a mental brake down again
  6. I acualy just finished about 3 pages of a comic that i made at school and i might start to translate them to words. If i could show you the comics I could...
  7. cast away... into the firey pits of death... (good bye world)

  8. I noticed that the alicarn NeoEx has no cutiemark and the unicarn NeoEx does...
  9. did you know about season 4????

  10. Did anyone know about season 4? "[colour=#000000]Investment documents for DHX Media's 2012 financial year indicate that they have also been paid to produce a fourth season.[/colour][colour=#000000] Meghan McCarthy, Tara Strong and other writers and voice actors have discussed aspects of Season 4 at various brony conventions and through her [/colour]Twitter[colour=#000000] account[/colour][colour=#000000] Hasbro's vice president for international distribution, Finn Arnesen, has stated that [/colour]My Little Pony[colour=#000000] is currently a "top-priority" brand for the company and expects the series to continue for some time. [/colour]" - Wikipedia I believe it... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_My_Little_Pony:_Friendship_Is_Magic_episodes P.S. no air date...
  11. there is a season 4 you know. do you?
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