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  2. OK, there's been some confusion as to what Doctor Whooves is driving around in. It is a cart / wagon. It is not blue, though the boiler emits a blue glow and blue smoke. And it's definitely not a TARDIS. The inspiration for his transportation is more Bessie than TARDIS. And for those of you wondering 'Who and/or what is Bessie?'
  3. Oh! Oh my. "That's coming towards us now." He considered his top speed, the distance to the nearest underwater city street, and the relative speed of the incoming metal fish. Nope, too short. "Aaaaaand it's got a claw." OK, well, then, maybe if he ascended quickly, theeeen... dropped down atop of it, hiding on its back so it didn't know where he'd disappeared to? Nope, timing was wrong for that too. "Aaaaand, now it's got us. I've got it! We'll let it take us, see what happens, and if anything goes wrong, I'll do that thing where I figure something out!" He looked around the empty little compartment. He could just hear her voice. "You call that a plan? The Great and Disappointed Trixie-" nonono. Not that. More like "The Great and Impressed Trixie finds that plan brilliant! You've done it again, Doctor Whooves!" Yes, more like that. Sigh. "It's just not the same without somepony here to listen to me be brilliant," he sighed again before looking back up out of the window. He waited patiently through the bumps and clanks, the hissing of air, the slow draining away of water - which, he had to admit, was very convenient! He had a hatch on the bottom of the wagon he could wriggle his way out of without the water coming in. He called it the Moon Puddle! This was much more practical. If you had the space for it. As the water drained away, the blue glow from the back of the wagon no longer diffused through the water, making his entire wagon appear blue. He twisted around a wheel on his control panel - not the control wheel, the other one - and the engine settled down to a bare idle, reducing the blue glow until the wagon was revealed as simply an ordinary looking wooden wagon, except for the way it was so completely enclosed and wrapped around in brass bands. He twisted one, two, three fasteners around the canopy, and a rectangular piece on the side shifted outwards slightly, then got stuck. He thumped it a couple of times experimentally with his hoof, then pulled out a flat head screwdriver and wedged it into the crack, wriggled it a few times, and cracked it slightly open. From the outside, they saw the tip of a flat head screwdriver pop out of the opening door, twist left, look up and down, twist around to the right, look up and down, then pull back in. There was a quiet voice stage-whispering, "Did you see anything dangerous? No? Ahhh, that's a pity." Then the door opened a bit further and Doctor Whooves' slicked-back mane and brown face peeked out to peer around. His eyes widened at seeing Pathfinder, and he quickly pulled back in and almost-closed the door. "Why didn't you tell me Pathfinder was there! What do you mean, I didn't ask? I asked if anything was dangerous! ... Well, yes, I suppose that doesn't exactly count as 'dangerous', more ... right, right. They're waiting." Then, finally, Doctor Whooves opened the door wide, jumped down into the puddling water which had mostly drained out of the room, and gave a bright, cheery smile. "Hello! I'm Doctor Whooves! Who might be the inventor of this magnificent metal fish?"
  4. I know I haven't logged in for two months, but I've been ... dealing with stuff. I'm going to be trying to come back now and recover my threads and stories. I'm sorry for having been so absent. I hope this can resume.
  5. Doctor Whooves was rather impressed with his normal companion and her development as a hero - but there were some temptations that even the Greatly Improving Trixie was probably best not to be faced with. Ancient Underwater Unicorn Libraries were one of those. According to the Journal of the Doctors, there had been some stash of Things Ponies Were Not Meant to Know tucked away down here, and it'd been a few generations since they'd been checked on to make sure they were still unfound. Besides, Whooves needed to test the modifications he'd made to his cart! Which ... was ... not the most important thing ... But the beautiful old girl was doing wonderfully! He smiled around at his precious cart, touching a caring hoof to the control panel. A wooden shell unfolded from the sides of the cart, forming a curving dome over his head, warm with the light of a swinging lantern - and a clear window in the front let him see out to the rest of the sea! Powerful ribs and reinforced glass, of course - he wasn't crazy. Driving along the bottom of the ocean was fantastic! Admittedly, wheel mode wasn't all that helpful down here, he'd soon discovered, but after activating propeller mode, he'd gotten up to a nice speed down here. Figuring out how to deploy that without deploying the pontoons that would bring him back to the surface was the tricky part. But the strange kelpy landscape, the bizarre coral formations, the exotic sealife... it was like being on a whole other world! He loved being him. Now, there was all sorts of wonderful and magnificent stories in the Journal of the Doctors, and useful information too, but if there was one thing these journals lacked, it was ... details. A map to the sunken city, for instance, would be nice. Or where in the sunken city the stash of forbidden knowledge was located. But as usual, despite not having what he would consider 'needed information' - he knew he'd figure things out. As long as nothing too unexpected happened. He blinked and pressed his face to the window, trying to peer up past his own roof. Note to self: Skylight in next version. What was that gigantic shadowed form above him? Was ... was that .. was that some sort of sea monster?! FANTASTIC! No, wait, that was cobbled together out of metal! What in Equestria?
  6. Flyers everywhere. She'd seen several dozen on the way to the gym - she left those be. She wasn't the janitor. There were seven on the doors to the gym alone - she brushed a wisp of purple mane out of her face and stared in confusion. Why so many? She cleared those away. Gym doors were for gym business. Then the dozen or so on the walls of the gym - nope. Not suitable. Those walls were for the school banners and the logos of the winning teams. School spirit, not advertisements for out-of-school parties. Then the two on her office door. Why would you even put those there? Gone. She unlocked the door and stepped into her office, landing carefully on her leg - being careful with the cast freshly removed. She'd spent too long favoring that leg, but a good solid exercise regimen should take care of that. She sat down at her desk, sighed, took away the flyer atop her blotter and dumped it in the basket. Time for paperwork. The lower shelf of her file cabinet glowed purple and opened on its own. She blinked. Another flyer? Tossed. Wait... On a hunch, Flash Mob's file glowed purple and pulled itself from the drawer, opening itself in mid-air. Aside from the neat and tidy sheaf paper-clipped to the inside of the manila folder, dozens of pink-crayoned flyers came falling out of the file folder, mounding on her desk. "Oh, for the sake of little apples... does she have the ability to duplicate flyers, too?! I have paperwork to do!" Time to take care of this at the source. She stood up, grabbed one of the flyers, and checked the address. Her mane shifted from purple to yellow as she prepared to fly. Still, all work and no play, right? Once she made sure this wouldn't repeat itself, she could stay a little while for free food... The ponies of the city were used to, by this point, the harmless yellow lighting arcing along their carriages as The Rainboom Centurian raced down the street, stealing little bits of their speed to add to that of the pegasus soaring through the sky, leaving a blue streak wreathed with yellow arcs of electricity behind her. It wasn't long before she reached her destination, the yellow lightning ceasing as she no longer needed all that speed. She floated down slowly to the open door, her wings flapping lazily as she bobbed down through the entrance and back up again. "Flash Mob! What's with all the flyers?!"
  7. It seemed that everypony in Bravado's life had always told him to develop his patience. His coaches told him he had to wait for the right moment - not just dive right into every play. His teachers told him he needed to stop jittering in class. His parents told him to wait til he was older. Therefore, not wanting to invite yet another lecture on patience from ... elsewhere ... Morning Glory composed herself to rest patiently on a cloud floating inconspicuously right over the center of the shop, where she could watch all approaches and every side equally, although the height of the building itself obscured half the streets right along it. She could wait here all night. Will you stop jittering so much? Have a little patience! I'm being perfectly patient, oh my gosh! Can we not do this?! Goodness, what did I say? No need to bite my nonexistent head off. Morning Glory steamed silently in her own head for a moment, trying not to respond. Focus, focus, watch the streets, don't get distracted. Wow, clouds are really comfortable... why do we have a bed in the dorms instead of one of these? Sigh.
  8. All I can say is: This episode proves that no matter what everyone who liked her said - Glimmer's 'redemption' never was. Her motivation from the first time we saw her was "Keep friends at any cost." She never, ever realized what she did wrong when she was casting mind-altering spells on ponies to force them to do what she wanted. An abuser just keeps abusing. And abusers also keep apologizing, then doing it again. This is the pattern. Abuser does something abusive, doesn't realize what was actually wrong, apologizes anyway, someone cleans up after their mess, a little time passes, and then suddenly they do it again, and it never occurs to them that this is the same as last time. They think only of themselves, not of others, and even when you sit there explaining it to them, their response is, "Well, when you say it that way it sounds like I'm a horrible person. But you're right, I'm horrible, I'm sorry." And the worst thing you can do is clean up after them so they don't have to face the results of their own abuse. The only way it could be more like she was an abuser that everyone's enabling was if there was alcohol and hangovers involv- oh, wait. Just for the record, this was the FOURTH TIME she's done this. She uses a sob story to get people to feel sorry for her and 'forgive' her. Fans of Glimmer kept telling me: "Oh, she realized what she did wrong?" "Oh? really? When? What scene? Give me the time mark." At which point they would content, "Oh, it's assumed... it happened off camera." This proves it never happened off camera. It never happened. She is an abuser, plain and simple, and this is NOT forgiveness we're dealing with here. You cannot forgive someone who doesn't realize what they did wrong.
  9. Morning Glory peeked carefully out past the corner, to see those two lurking in the sewers. Well, she'd never seen a cave troll before, but it didn't look like much. She'd beaten bigger things. Doc wasn't so sure - but Doc also wasn't sure exactly how strong they were. Of course, if she fought with that thing, those statues would be destroyed - probably stolen from some museum, no doubt what Masquerade and she were here about. A brief reflection on game tactics gave her an answer. "Well, nothing I can't outfight, so which one are you worried you can't outsmart?" she asked wryly, her voice barely a breath in the Masquerade's ear as her form was a warm pressure against his side. "Three possibilities. One: He carries the statue up and she stays here. I jump her, take the statues, we're gone. Two: She somehow carries the statue up and he stays here. You copycat her and trick him away from the rest, I take the statues, we're gone. Three: They both leave, the statues are left alone. We take the statues, we're gone. Sound good?"
  10. The Rainboom Centurion was glad for the loud response from the students. At least one of them was fired up, and she was sure there were more! This was going to be a great year to pass along all her knowledge on how to be awesome! She grinned proudly, and nodded approvingly to the Moonlit Knight. "Ha! This? Pfft. This is nothing. I've gotten hurt way worse! I'll be back up and in full fighting trim in no time!" OK, so maybe her injuries were a little more serious than that, but like she was going to admit it? Even with one broken leg and in this fancy floating chair, she could buck any supervillain's flank in ten seconds flat! Unless maybe it was a second round against the Nightmare, but that was unlikely to happen. But then it was Machina's turn to get in a snarky comment. "Ha! Not gonna try to maim them, no, but I do have to make them ready for threats that will." The humor faded from her face, and she seemed to droop a little, her voice shifting a little towards the emotionless side as her mane shifted from yellow to blue. She looked soberly at Machina. "I can't fail them and let them get maimed or killed out there because I was too easy on them, too worried about hurting them." Then she smirked and winked, her mane flashing back to yellow. "But hey, as long as they don't know I'm not going to maim them, right?" It looked like the teacher's speeches were pretty much over by this point, and the Centurion sighed. Looked like it was up to her to take over what the Sun Sentinel had been going to do. As she organized the day's requirements in her head, her mane shifted from its customary yellow to the dark purple again. She flapped her wings lazily, hauling that hovering chair up to the podium again. "And that's it for our speeches, I guess! We had more, but those emergencies pulled most of them away. Time for a short tour of the campus, and we'll end up in the cafeteria where there'll be snacks and the teachers will be answering questions from the press. Please head to the front doors over that way, and I'll be joining you shortly there." She left the podium with the audience starting to move towards the school, and instead went to tap the pink form of Flash Mob on the shoulder. "You did not forget to leave yourself well rested and in position for the tour, correct?"
  11. Morning Glory rolled her eyes as Captain Nightguard ignored her. Still, they probably did have better things to be doing just now. Everypony made a mistake from time to time. And a missing little filly was way more important. She landed nearby, and nodded to the instructions. She and the Doctor listened for a bit to the plan, and they agreed, silently, that they didn't have any additions. "Good plan," she said, and then took to the skies, scanning the rooftops and ready for something to go wrong.
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