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  1. Chemical was trotting along the well-trodden trail of flattened grass back to base. The Nuclear Holocaust of 500 years prior to present day forced any remaining pony into hiding, or death. Her black coat, red mane, and toxic green eyes, all shone on this most glorious of days. Once she reached the camp, there was no-pony left, only signs of struggle, and pieces of manes, coats, or the occasional skull. But it wasn't this part of the carnage that startled Chemical. It was the rolled-over head, of her twin brother, Blaise. They shared every feature, except Cutie Marks and eye colours. Chemicals' Cutie Mark was a single spark, where Blaises', was a blazing inferno, which is where he got his name. His eyes were a beautiful blue, now on the ground, glazed with pain and horror, it was all Chemical could do not to cry.
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