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  1. "You're welcome!" The bearded mare responded with a sweet tone to Light. The fuming miniature pony had disappeared into the crowd for a brief time, but was found talking to a taller, yellow pony with a curling fire-coloured mane and tail. [colour=#FF3333]"Now Tiny Jim,"[/colour] Tinder Foot started as she talked to the miniature hot-hoof. The mare looked normal despite her usual dress. That is, until she performs. It was still a time away for the carnival to start, but it was on the brink no second less. [colour=#B22222]"Miss Tinder I can't handle it any more! Tim's done it this time and I mean it!"[/colour] Jim vented to Tinder Foot. [colour=#FF3333]"Jim, listen, you're gonna let this blow over before you know it. This isn't the first time you two have gotten in a fight over who does what and it won't be the last either."[/colour] Tin-tin stated. [colour=#B22222]"If you ain't going to help fix this then you can just forget me performing in tonight's show! I need a break from this freak show anyways!"[/colour] Jim roared. Tinder Foot was flabbergasted, speechless by the anger behind the stalky stallion's voice. His baritone chords shook with such force that the mare took a step or two back. Flaring his nostrils and exhaling in a quick huff, the miniature stallion turned his back to Tinder Foot and went toward his trailer. [colour=#FF3333]"Now, now we have a problem.."[/colour] Tinder Foot muttered under her breath. Her dark red eyes began scanning the area to find a solution to her problem. The strong ponies were the carnival's opening act, and Tim doesn't perform without Jim. This is a fact that Tin-Tin knew. But without their opening act, they needed something just as good and entertaining. All the other carnival participants would refuse to perform sooner, and it would also shave off time on their show. The audience needed their moneys worth. [colour=#FF3333]"Come on... come on.."[/colour] she muttered as her optics shifted rapidly. Her main focus was tuned to the surrounding ponies' cutie marks. Their cutie mark represented their talent and it was just the key to find her solution. Teddy Bears, sewing needles, wrenches, stars, hearts, keys, boxes. So many cutie marks but they mainly consisted of a working class pony. That was until she caught her eye on a black cutie mark consisting of a quarter note, an eight note, and a double eight note on a flank of a white coated stallion. [colour=#FF3333]Music![/colour] she thought with joy. [colour=#FF3333]What a relief[/colour]. Maybe he has something that will provide a solution. In an urgent gallop, the tall mare made her way toward the musical pony who carried an apple fritter. He looked like a performer with the way his coat was brushed and how he handled his mane and tail. No pony would have such a classy appearance if they didn't have to upkeep a reputation. Of all ponies, Tinder Foot was one to certainly know that piece of knowledge. Coming to an abrupt halt the mare opened her mouth and explained the situation to the stranger with vague detail. [colour=#FF3333]"Hi. Listen this is kind of urgent and I need you to do be a favour. You look like the kind of stallion that will fill the job so think you can help me? What do you say? I'll throw in some bits if I have to! I'll do anything if you're willing to fill the job! Its important. I can't say too much though but its really REALLY urgent." [/colour]Tinder Foot pleaded to the white stallion, her dark red optics fixated on him as she attempted to converse with him. [[im about ready to say, "Its just me and you, kid." ]]
  2. [colour=#008000]"I'm an only foal. My parents are busy musicians in Baltimare so when they had time for me they made the most of it. I've always wondered what it would be like to have a sibling however!"[/colour] Musica answered Razor with a smile, having finished her sandwhich and continuing to nibble on the rest of the chips. When the waitress swung back around, she obtained a refill for her own beverage. [colour=#008000]"Glimmer sounds absolutely precious. She definitely will have lots of body guards between you and your brothers!"[/colour] In the middle of the conversation, she silently thought of other activities. The day was still young, it wasn't even noon!
  3. [[ No worries. Im hoping one or two will come straggling in before the show begins.]] The bearded lady nodded. [colour=#8b4513]"Two bits."[/colour] She responded in a rather elegant, feminine voice. Normally the extra hair was caused by a hormone deficiency but it didn't seem to bother the bearded mare. She embraced it as it was apart of who she is. When the stallion handed over the amount, she used her hoof to slide it into the cash register and handed him his apple fritter in return. [colour=#8b4513]"See you at the show, handsome!" [/colour]The mare winked at Light Harmony. A smile then came upon her face as she turned around to walk and check on the miniature stallions. They were scuffling at the drink stand about who fixes what drink. The miniature stallions were another unique character, both being rather stalky and buff in their build as short as they were. They were much similar to the typical muscle-pony. Each miniature stallion was a bright flourescent red, which matched their temperament. Their mane and tails were short and finely cut, and a soot black. They were messily fixed yet easy to maintain. They had corresponding cutie marks, one being a rather oversized dumbbell that you would bench press with and the other having the same but two of them in the shape of an 'X'. The bearded mare split the two of the fiesty stallions up and seperated them onto the opposite side of the concession stands. One of them decided to leave the concessions for fresh air. [colour=#b22222]"Out of my way!"[/colour] The frustrated, buff miniature stallion fumed. He pushed straight through the middle of the crowd and the line to the concessions, bumping into the white coated stallion with streaked hair.
  4. [colour=#008000]"It seems like the race has its vantage points, then."[/colour] She commented. Musica could tell her companion felt confortable but she felt no need to lie to the griffon. Lying wasn't even in her nature to begin with. Taking a sip of her drink and munching on a carrot chip or two she thought about a few topics. [colour=#008000]"Do you have any siblings? Or any family that lives near Baltimare?"[/colour]
  5. The place was open and the stage was set. Ticket collectors collected the stubs of tickets at their booth as each passing pony came and went into the carnival. The faces the ponies wore were of amazement and wonder. It was already noticeable that this performance was going to be the grandest of them all. The only thing left to question was what was in store. Slowly by number the seats began to fill with no particular arrangement. The only light that lit the room was a fairly large bulb that shone down upon the center ring which all the performances were held. Everypony chattered, providing a vast grey noise in the dome-shaped tent. A line was set up outside the concession stands to purchase popped corn, honey glazed daisies, sugar-fried apples, apple fritters, peach cobbler and much more. There was also a vast variety of drinks at the concessions so every pony would feel satisfied of their purchase. Hosting the stands happened to be the infamous bearded mare, who had her scruff of hair braided like her mane. The bearded mare had a brown coloured coat with a caramel mane and tail. Her cutie mark consisted of a circus tent that was blue and green indicating she was a carnival pony. With a smile she took each order and some of the other carnival ponies helped including a pair of miniature stallions that were fixing the drinks. This carnival had everything a pony could imagine as far as a circus, but more was still yet to come. The seats still needed to be filled and the performers were behind the scenes left to prepare for tonight's grand show.
  6. Musica was quite intrigued with the exciting details Razor provided her about the Thunder Crag Race. [colour=#008000]"Why would they host it if its potentially life-threatening?" [/colour]She mused at the thought, her eyes falling upon the griffon as they conversed. The Race seemed long, and rough to be even considered a race. What of the endurance? These creatures vanished without a trace! The pony shook her head in slight disbelief that such a dangerous event would be held despite its obvious issues. [colour=#008000]"Not only that, why are you willing to put your life on the line for some sort of race? Whats the prize for the winner... if there every was one..?"[/colour] She asked Razor in sheer curiosity. The mare didn't expect a winner, in all truth. It seemed preposterous to have such a challenge to be so well-known. The reward had to be good for the stakes to be so high. Musica just couldn't get over the danger factor of it all. She was one to be more safe than sorry anyway. As the waitress returned with their food the phrase she had spoke unsettled her. The matron has placed a comment about the two of them looking cute together and she took it to be in terms of a couple. They were just out to enjoy a good meal. Musica wouldn't necessarily call this a date, they've only just met! [colour=#008000]"It smells good indeed!"[/colour] Musica exclaimed, inhaling the fresh scent of the sweet apples and tender daisies that were slabbed in betwen two slices of bread. Her mouth began to water as the meal was colourful in appearance. This was a light meal for the pony, but it would provide her the nutrients and energy needed for the rest of her day. [colour=#FF0000]"Hey uh....was what the waitress said got you a bit twitchy? I'm not really seeing the meaning behind it, but I guess I'm missing something right?"[/colour] Razor spoke to Musica. [colour=#008000]"I suppose I paid a little too much attention to detail, or over analyzed the comment.. but I think she assumed you and I were a couple. Im not offended, but I did find it quite peculiar."[/colour] Musica explained to the griffon. Perhaps her twitching wasn't the most polite of responses, but Musica couldn't help it. Some things just trigger quirky responses for her.
  7. Outside the moon looked down upon the sky with tender love and care, shining in all its glory with the craters in its distant surface giving it added character to its sole appearance. Stars, shimmering and glimmering, accompanied the moon in the navy blue sky. Unfortunately, the sky couldn't be seen lest you were in the outskirts of the large city. Las pegasus was full of tall, multi-tiered buildings and flashing lights. Cobble-stone sidewalks and pathways were built upon the ground for everypony to walk upon. The streets were filled with cart-pulling ponies trying to transport others to their desired destination for bits at a time. Some ponies were snazzily dressed, and others weren't so properly threaded. Las Pegasus truly has everything you could imagine. From fancy restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops to carnivals, casinos, and opera houses. It was quite a cultural city. Well varied and balanced with all kinds of ponies. Not to mention outside of its "entertainment districts" were residential flats and condeminiums which ponies lived. However, on this particular night and in this brightly lit city, a particular show was sold out. This was one of the most popular nights at the Carnival in Las Pegasus. Their latest advertisement concerned of an earth pony by the name of Tinder Foot, and a few stunt ponies that were to perform. The occupancy for the inside of the carnival held about several thousand. The exterior was camoflauged by a dark red tent striped in gold. But the interior was a dome with wooden benches up to seven tiers, two entry ways and a stump at the center of the circular stage. Four beams lined the interior of the tent to prop it up. It wasn't much of anything special. Functional at most. It was the atmosphere that gave the place its energy. Every performer thrived on energy. And tonight, the energy was in the house of the Circus. The members of the circus fed on it, used that as motivation. Especially Tinder Foot. She couldn't wait to show her stuff. It was just a matter of waiting for the seats to be filled and her part of the show to begin. [Note: Ill progress the show of the circus that way things don't get confusing. Open join so come one come all! ]
  8. With a burst of energy, Musica moved from the bench and stood from him. Her mind was turning over tons of ideas until one popped into her head. With a bounce in each step, she smiled at the wonderful stallion. [colour=#008000]"I'm just lovely, Time Spinner."[/colour] She said with a tender tone imbedded into her voice. [colour=#008000]"Whats say we go somewhere else? The night is still quite young! I admire the beauty here, and its quite memorable, now."[/colour]
  9. [colour=#008000]"I thought that was where I saw you, Flash. At SugarCube Corner."[/colour] She said, the arrangement of picture-like visions playing in sequence within her mind. It was like a silent movie that played back the encounter to her, and her recollection made her smile. Whirligig's quick chatter made Musica feel a little bit lost in the conversation. The mare seemed to speak too fast for her to retain her portion of the conversation enough to accumulate a relative response. So, the musical pegasus just kept quiet and continued to listen. Her wings stayed flexed and she found her hooves lightly replaced upon the cloudy surface that they all walked upon. She was no longer frightened by the lightning boom, but she was weary of the fluffy ground beneath her. Not having her cloud legs like the other pegasi, she did feel like she would fall through. [colour=#FF0000]"Glimmer! Where are you!?!"[/colour] The sudden exclamation caused the pony to whip her head in direction of where the griffon's eyes fell, searching for the one by the name of Glimmer as if to provide aid. It wasn't long til a little girly griffon flew from the cloud above and wrapped her lion-like claws around her older brothers neck. It was a darling site, she found, though it was quite unusual to see griffons, especially relatives, in such a commonplace area. Let alone, Musica hardly ever seen them to begin with. This gathering was turning out to be most enjoyable for the traveling, and visiting pegasus. [colour=#008000]"Hello Little Deary."[/colour] Musica greeted Glimmer. [colour=#008000]"I'm Musica-Lee Noted. But you're certainly welcome to call me Musica, or Musi'."[/colour] The mare smiled at the young griffon, the warmth of her presence seemingly causing the conversation to almost shift now that a new character had entered the group. She shifted her weight on her weightless hooves idly. Finally Musica had caught on to what some of the portion of the conversation was about. It was around the time a pony whome assumed the name of Skewer made himself known. The subject of interest was Cloudsdale and Ponyville, and the pros and cons of them. Being exposed to a variety of lands and towns as of late, Musica felt no need to chime in just yet. She did however move closer to the park bench to allow the new pegasus to move into the circle of chatter more easily. [colour=#008080]"Hello there! I'm Care Package! How are all of you?" [/colour] The interjection Care Package made as he flew in to join the group now directed Musica's attention to him. Raising a hoof she waved to Care Package. [colour=#008000]"Hello." [/colour]She greeted the young stallion. They were now talking of Razor's threats with his claws, and she couldn't help but manage a giggle. Their brother-sister relationship was quite admirable. Glimmer was quite lucky to have a protective brother. It was the small break in conversation of the ponies that the quiet pegasus finally spoke. [colour=#008000]"Hello again to those of you who had just came into this wonderful group of chatter. I'm Musica if I haven't properly introduced myself. I like Cloudsdale and Ponyville, they both evenly weigh in their perks and mishaps. Glimmer, I must say you're the cutest little thing I have ever seen and to answer my part of your question Care Package, I am doing quite well. I do want to say i'm only in Cloudsdale for a short time as I am a traveling mare and private music teacher. And in a city like this, there is quite a lot of things that must be going on. It was exciting enough to see Flashbomb clear away those clouds and Whirligig's ingenious tactics to complete the rest of the tasks they had. But I assume there is more to it here. Are there any special events happening tonight that is worth attending?"[/colour]
  10. [colour=#008000]"Whats the Thunder Crag Race? Is it a Race for griffons?"[/colour] Musica asked, her ears having perked with interest at the unknown event. It was neat, she thought, that the griffon was an efficient delivery person. Normally mail takes forever and some even end up damaged. For Razor to be a successful business griffon, she certainly had her bow off to him. The waitresses comment made her feel like a deer caught in headlights. Did she really just say that as she returned with their icy beverages? Without taking note of her body's response, her left eye made a subtle and brief twitch and her optics gazed at the mare who had left their table as quickly as she came. [colour=#008000]Seriously?[/colour] It looked as if Musica wasn't the only one discombobulated when it came to the matron's comment. Reaching with her hooves, she took the glass and sipped through the straw which poked out from the top. The beverage was sweet, and refreshing as well as it was light. The tea was absolutely delicious! Choosing to not respond verbally, Musica nodded at the griffon in answer to his question.
  11. [colour=#008000]Was it his first kiss, too?[/colour] Musica could only wonder about the Stallion's experiences. Or was it the fact he was as new to it all as she was? The kiss itself seemed to last forever, but it being a new sensation she found herself enjoying the entirety of the moment. It was the burst of reality before her that sent the mare into a bit of a shy state. Musica was speechless! [colour=#696969]"Oh, um, uh, well... that wasn't too bad." [/colour][colour=#000000]He said. Musica just smiled, her eyes shining with the glee of the statement Time Spinner made. She shook her head from side to side softly, agreeing with him. Her eyes then drifted downward to the ground, avoiding eye contact as she did feel a bit surprised still. Musica didn't know quite what to say, especially not to his next phrase:[/colour] [colour=#696969]"That's one thing I'll be writing in the big book of history."[/colour] The redness in her cheeks, as if they couldn't turn any bolder shade, evolved into a deep scarlet red. A cosmetologist would pity the red tint as it looked like a bad make-up application. Her smile stayed, and she just sort of froze. [colour=#008000]Come on, think you ninny! [/colour]Musica scolded herself in her thoughts, [colour=#008000]Everything is going fine and you're just now freezing up? Show him a bit about you, do something![/colour]
  12. I LOVE IT. Youre creativity just like exploded all over the request I had and made it.. AMAZING. You do so much more for me... THANKIES!
  13. You're simply amazing, Accelerant. I enjoy your artwork. Thank you in advance.
  14. Would it be okay to post just once more...? Is anyone interested?
  15. [colour=#008000]Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh.[/colour] Her eyes watched him, and her ears itnently listened to the words he had to say. The same three words replayed like a broken record the closer the stallion's face seemed to get to her own. Time Spinner's story was much more intriguing than her own. However, it was the sound of his voice that entranced her. Musica's cheeks lit up like fire to gasoline, becoming a bold red colour. Her eyes widened and she leaned forward to close the gap between them. With a flutter of her eyelashes, the sea-green eyes the stallion fancied became hidden and Musica found herself lost over a simple kiss. Her first kiss..
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