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  1. I'm curious of your past experience with animating and the arts but I'm assuming that you have some experience since you're painting/crafting. Moving along, I myself am not an animator but an enthusiast whom is looking into animation after I've tortured myself with redrawing a bunch of things a million times over. I can point you in the right direction and share what I do know but I can't help you any further from there. Now keep in mind that all these programs I'm about to suggest cost dosh so don't put down any cash unless you SERIOUSLY want to animate for a living. There's currently three industry standards for animation, Toonboom, Adobe Flash, and Adobe After Effects. Toonboom is more towards traditional animation, it's strength is that it's oriented towards hand drawn frames in comparison to Flash and AE. Adobe Flash is more towards simplistic tweens, reusing goodies with ease via its library, and is great if you want viewers to interact with your flash. I view Flash as the middle ground between ToonBoom and AE, you can do traditional animation and rigging while having the option to add in interactive elements via Actionscript. Finally there's After Effects, I'm a bit hazy on this one but this is primarily specialized towards special effects and rigging models. If you know 2snacks he animates the "Two Best Sisters Play..." series with this as well as Two Best Friends animated content. Because you want to have a 'true to show' style, you'll want to use Flash and/or After Effects. There's a million tutorials on the net for both programs so really all your resources are just a google search away. While After Effects isn't something I've really dabbled in I have toyed around with Flash. The two best resources I found is via Kirupa and Adam Philips Tutorials @ Bitey. Kirupa has a collection of tutorials which go in depth for most of Flash and how to properly utilize every bit you can. Adam Philips is an Ex-Disney animator so his recommendations in books and his tutorials should not be taken lightly! If you really want to animate look into finding the Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams. There's my five cents, I bid you adieu. P.S. If you seriously want to animate you need to at least know how to make a convincing bouncing ball. You'll see the "Bouncing Ball" tutorial over and over in your search I'm sure, it's VITAL that you do it and understand what it's trying to teach you. Learning what Key Frames, Timing, Pacing, etc. is and how to properly utilize them is quite important, don't skimp out on this tut!
  2. Sorry for the late response/update, life's being life ya know? I use a digital camera but a scanner would be the best choice if I had one. For what we're doing I say use whatever you have on hand A little tidbit on cameras and scanners.
  3. Accellerant

    Too. Much. PAIN.

    If you're still figuring out what you've got, my intuition is telling me that you've got Lockjaw (Trismus is the fancy term.) I wish I could help you further, my condolescens that you're in such pain. Hopefully this'll fix itself soon so you can get back to concentrating on other things.
  4. Name: Fio Filigree Age: Young Adult Sex: Female Species: Diamond Dog Coat and mane/tail color: A chestnut red envelopes Fio's body with a white patch resembling a 'tuxedo' pattern lies from her chest up to her chin. Coat and Tail style: While her appearance has never been a firsthand concern, Fio always does her best to keep her fur neatly trimmed and combed down. She's accompanied by a short bushy tail which reaches down to her lower thigh. Accessories: Fio wears an olive green bandana around her neck with an achromatic gem resting just below it. Job before he/she joined the Guild(if they had one): Blacksmith/Handyman Desired field of training: Enchanting History: Fio was born in the Diamond Dog settlement of the Painted Pinto Desert, between Talonpolis and Beak Break city. She lived a happy life with her parents, her mother was a jeweler while her father was a gem hunter. Initially, Fio was taught not only how to create basic jewelry but also how to find gems within the land. It wasn't until she witnessed blacksmiths hard at work did the Diamond Dog become curious about shaping molten steel. After sneaking out several times, getting caught by the smiths and having the opportunity to forge her own crude armlet, she had found a profession which truly spoke to her. Many years had passed since that day and Fio lived the grand life of the blacksmith. She had everything a smithy would want: a plentiful selection of resources to choose from, great demand at her shoppe, assistants whom were more than willing to go the extra mile, and a seemingly never ending supply of gems. Even though the Diamond Dog was incredibly successful in her life, Fio was longing for something more. Time after time again she would hear stories outside of the great world outside of the 'little' settlement she lived in. From the grand spectacles of Canterlot to the wondrous lands of Unyasia, Fio found herself being consumed by wanderlust. After some thorough talks and receiving blessings form her parents, Fio departed the home that she had lived in for her whole life to explore the world. Months would pass before the Diamond Dog would ever hear about the organization known as the Hollowfell Guild. After spending some time within Rockwington the Diamond Dog was told that bandits had been sighted outside of the town and that it was advised to leave with either a group or bodyguard. Fio didn't want to take any chances and decided that it was wise to head the warnings of the local guard. After waiting for some time she found herself invited to a caravan which had hired a group of bodyguards outside the town. As the caravan just fell out of sight of Rockwington, the group was ambushed. Before Fio knew what was going on she found herself knocked to the ground. As the Diamond Dog finally stood up to assess what was going on she found herself being charged at by a bandit. While she was barely able to trip her assailant, she was once more knocked back to the earth. As Fio was about to get up her eyes met with an outlaw armed with a dagger pointed at her. The Diamond Dogs heart stopped, she didn't know what to do nor what was going to happen to her. For the first time in her life, Fio felt incredibly vunlerable. As the thief was about to take action a flurry of weapons striked the attacker, sending them flying away from Fio. As the scene finally registered with the Diamond Dog she saw a pony wizz past her. Fio quickly erected herself and scanned the chaotic scene for whom saved her. She finally found her savior brawling amongst the many bandits which were attacking them. As she continued to watch she witnessed in disbelief how the warrior was materializing a grand selection of weapons from the air itself. The battle itself, while seeming to go on forever, ended just as swiftly as the ambush had commenced. Fio was mesmerized by what she had witnessed but that feeling quickly dissolved when she came to a very blunt realization. In a situation such as this, she was completely useless and was a liability if she didn't stay out of the way. The possibility of this happening again also became very real to the dog and next time she'd most likely be alone. Fio came to the conclusion that if she were to continue exploring the land that she'll need to learn how to defend herself from the harshness of the world. The warrior whom had saved her exhuberated great skill, Fio had a new found resolution to her situation. After inquiring with her fellow travelers, Fio was bestowed with much needed knowledge. The group whom had protected them was known as the Hollowfell Guild and the individual whom saved Fio was an Elementalist. Once finding out where the town of Hollowfell was located Fio departed immediately to her new destination. After many days of traversing the land of Equestria, the Diamond Dog finally found herself at Hollowfell. The town was bustling with action, more so than most towns that Fio had visited. It didn't take much for her to learn though that today was "Recruitment Day" for the guild and she made her way to where all the activity was pouring towards. This, is the story of Fio Filigree - Elementalist of the Hollowfell Guild.
  5. Within your link it mentions that the thread is closed, does that mean you're no longer accepting participants? Still typing mah history out.
  6. Bed, oh beloved friend, where would I be without you?

  7. Why hello there Brodzio, before we get started let me first thank you for participating in this thread! It's a difficult thing to willingly share your art in an online environment due to how harsh other users can be. Not only that but you've mustered up the strength to overcome the one fear that many are often over encumbered with when drawing, applying pencil to paper. It may be silly when one hears that but I remember staring at a blank sheet of paper and just avoiding drawing ponies for many moons! Thanks again my friend, lets move onto the critique shall we? First thing I want to mention about critiques is that you should try your best not to take it at face value and the following is probably the most important thing I can advise throughout this post along with future posts. DO NOT take any advice as 100% fact, even the advice I'm about to give you. Your critical thinking skills are the greatest tool you have as an artist. Use them, along with your resources, to help develop your skill to the level you want them to be. Learning any other major skill isn't something that happens overnight, don't get discouraged.
  8. Would you be accepting Diamond Dogs into this RP, Derppy? Also, would races which aren't naturally imbued with magic have the chance to choose magic based professions?
  9. What if god really did burn down Equestria for insurance money?

    1. NeoExlucky
    2. Halide


      What if Satan is a huge fan of ice-skating so he turned all the ponies into the entire arctic continent for his summer vacation.

    3. Accellerant



      It's a youtube poop I watched not too long ago. Like many ytp's it was a miss for me :l


      Dear god, you may be onto something there. TO THE BAT CAVE!

  10. It's detective Pinky Pie cracking cases and solving mysteries! 3.9/5
  11. Disclaimer: I am in no way a profession artist nor have I been drawing ever since I was born. I'm merely a student and much of what I'll be saying is me simply lending my own collective experience from school, books and from drawing. It's very possible that what I'm talking about could be wrong or lacking information so don't be afraid to point something out that doesn't seem to make sense or needs further information. No matter what is posted here or said, use your critical thinking skills and take what advice is useful to you. There's absolutely no wrong way to draw so experiment and find what speaks to you! This thread was inspired by Jenna who created a thread much like this on another forum whom disappeared after their laptop got fried. This thread is in dedication to her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello dear reader and welcome to the dedicated thread to learning how to draw ponies! Many times I've read comments and posts where individuals wished that they could learn how to draw, view artists as 'gods' or that drawing is impossible. This thread is here to change that. My goal, along with the help and input of fellow users, is that we all help one another learn how to draw our beloved pastel equines from FiM. How will we achieve this? It's quite simple, we'll sketch an image that will be posted on a weekly basis. From there we can give advice to one another via feedback, critique or just by making simple suggestions. As time goes on the images will become more and more complex and while the main focus will be on drawing Equines we will draw other denizens of Equestria. This is a place for all levels of skill to learn and practice from one another in a welcoming environment. You do not have to draw every image so don't be afraid to jump right in if you're a newcomer to this thread! Here's an example of what we'll be doing: Told you it'd be simple! If you really want to get the most out of this thread than I'd highly suggest experimenting with your drawings. Don't be afraid to try out new poses, mediums or exp ressions. A large part of learning how to draw is simply experimentation, try out whatever your heart desires! If you're having trouble learning how to approach your drawing you can check out EqD's Tutorial Codex as well as Reddit's MLP drawing School (Note: Contains NSFW content, tread lightly!) Don't be afraid to voice your questions, comments or suggestions, I'm more than willing to listen! Pick up those pencils, and lets get to learning! Whom We're Currently Drawing: The next image will be posted September 30th. Previous Images F.A.Q. Note: I'll update this as needed, promise! Update Log: (9/15/13) Added a new section - "I've got the basic materials but I don't know where to start!" including a video on "Visual Measuring."
  12. You're right, I derped badly on that one, sorry. As for the Three~Way tie, may I suggest starting off with TF2 to see how well it plays out? You could also rotate which game you'd make a dedicated server every X days or mark specific days of the week for each game.
  13. Would anyone here be interesting in participating in a "Weekly Sketch" thread where we all draw a weekly image and share our results? The point of the thread would be to not only learn how to draw ponies with one another but to also push beyond our current limitations.

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    2. ping111


      Sounds good. We used to have these series of Broken Telephone Pictionary, where we would take turns interpreting an image and sending our interpretations to someone else, who would draw it. But if we all knew what we were actually supposed to draw....

    3. Accellerant



      Pretty much, just replace themes with images and make it a weekly affair. At first we'd start off pretty slow, one pony with varying poses and sizes before moving onto more difficult images such as two ponies, three ponies, four ponies and several creatures, etc.


      I remember that, even though I only participated in one it was fun to do. We'll need to bring that back in due time ;)

    4. Accellerant


      Thank you everyone for your input, I'll have the thread created before tomorrow. ;)

  14. Staff Emeritus eh? Well played Staff, well played ;)

  15. Accellerant grabs mysterious soapbox and stands upon it. I'm not much of a movie watcher but I found it enjoyable for what it was offering. It definitely felt rushed (especially that ending) but for the targeted audience it's forgivable, it was a wise choice to have it run for an hour plus twenty. I wasn't really thinking that I'd enjoy this flick but I was happy to find myself pleasantly surprised considering. The overall design just seems lazily done. I know that from an animators standpoint that using the same stock body for key characters makes sense but because this is a movie I was sure as hell hoping they'd take the extra step and make multiple variants. I also was, how should I say this, put off by the fact that everyones skin color remains the same as their Equestria counterpart. It's as though Hasbro was worried that nobody would recognize any of the characters hair styles, voices or the blatantly huge cutie marks on their dresses/clothing. It also kills me how none of the main six wear pants or something other than boots, I mean c'mon. When it comes to having 'thin as rails' body types it's not great but is easily forgivable due to it being a cartoon. It's not like the many sources/examples of real individuals in their idealized forms via mags, images, shows and social medias. Would I watch it again? Probably not, it's just not a memorable flick and I'd rather re-watch an episode from FiM. Would I watch a sequel? Depends, but I don't think we'll ever see one considering how volatile the fandom was for this one :l Accellerant steps off his soapbox and returns to his lurking duties.
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