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  1. Awww. Never say never. I read your character app all the way through. Your a very capable writer. ^ ^ If you still have doubts I can help you out. :3 It would be a shame to have come this far and see you go. : (
  2. The energetic pony shook Sapphire's hoof rather speedily. "Nice to meet ya. Meeting new pony friends is always so much fun." The part about the map and the cause went right past her as She looked over with a smile as ark introduced himself as well. She had noticed his distance and then the tummy growl. -gasp- "you must be hungry. How about the rest of you, are you hungry too? OH! I know! Let's grab lunch! We can talk ALL about maps and clouds when we get there." She began to hop around ark then around Sapphire. Until finally arriving beside the Unicorn who she had yet to meet. "How about you? Are YOU hungry?" (OOC: I noticed Derpyy's character was getting a little left behind there.:3 )
  3. Welcome aboard! I can't wait to see how this all plays out. We got a full cast. That closes the character sign ups. This thread will also serve as the discussion panel for all things related to the rp. With that said let me fill you all in on the details and how this is going to begin. For starters here's a basic map on the damage. I'm not an artist soooo please bare with me. xD Yes it is a modified version of the one currently on the forms. It is only an example. Now then. the colours should speak for themselves but just in case. Black: the main fissure and it's path through Equestria Blue: the flooding that occurs as the water flows trough the fissure. Red: The newly created volcanoes torn open do to the massive tremor that rolled through all of Equestria. White: the steam and ash spread about by the new eruptions. I don't have an accurate tectonic map of Equestia so I used the natural borders as guidelines. Placements: ThePhoenix: Firebolt - Staliongrad Jane: Stormwing - Whitetail Woods RegalSteel: Professor Cantrip - Las Pegasus ShadowWalking18: Razor - Talonpolis Dabom444: Flashbomb - Ponyville Highroller: Still waiting on contact. If you have questions about your placement please voice them. : ) A quick go over on the rules. 1. No heroes - no leaders 2. Minimum of 1 to 2 full paragraph posts. There is no limit to how much you can write though for "ease of read" try to keep it at about 2000 words. 3. No other ponies besides the cast may advance the plot line. 4. Be kind and curtious to your fell crew. If you have a comment on a post or are having troubles, please voice them. it's up to us to lend a hand to one another. For a decent flow there WILL be a posting order. 1. ThePhoenix 2. Jane 3. RegalSteel 4. ShadowWalking18 5. Dabom444 6. Highroller if something is going on in OOC and it is preventing you from posting, such as a vacation or something of the sort, please post that here so we can discuss what to do in your absence. For the first week I won't post a time limit. I want to see how quickly the thread will move on it's own. Considering it only took four days for everypony to reply to this one I'd say the outlook is pretty good and we won't need any time limits. Any Questions?
  4. That's great news. Welcome aboard. You'll probably be set to the west beyond the pony settlements so we can get a look at what happened out there. A griffon would be the only one who can do that. I want this to be corner to corner. Remember if you have trouble or more questions contact me through PM and I'll be more than happy to help you out. Well That leaves one more spot to be filled and then we can begin placement and then the rp can begin!. :3
  5. Welcome aboard. Finally a unicorn. And willing to start in ground zero. I look forward to working with you. That leaves One Non-Pony and one pony position left.
  6. YUP! I'm aware of this. :3 I'll put the Cast on the main RP post when it begins.
  7. This is going to be an equestria wide event. I'm only take 6 people on the main story. I am allowing background ponies to post however you will not be permitted to affect the events of the 6 main characters. There are currently three slots open. I'm saving at least one part for a griffon and one for a unicorn. I don't want the cast to be One species. It wouldn't be as fun if we could all fly now would it. The beginning description of the initial damage is as fallows ------------- Ground zero: Stalliongrad was the first to feel the thundering roll of the first snap of the main fault line. Beakbreak city was the second. Buildings fell to pieces as debris scattered along the ground. Everypony ran for the best cover they could find, only to discover that there was no true shelter from this catastrophe. Cracks riddle the ground only about 2 to 4 feet deep. There were hardly words to describe it; nothing like this had ever occurred in Equestria before, and certainly not a disaster so widespread. When the dust settles the extent of the damage soon becomes evident. Beakbreak was totally gone, swallowed up by the earth. Luckily, most of its winged inhabitants had managed to escape to the hills with only a few minor scratches. A gaping hole is all that remains of this once-illustrious city. The split coursed through the Roughrider Ridge Along the river; the ponies in Bareback Gultch all managed to make it out as well. By this time Pegasi and unicorns were rushed to the scene to assist with the evacuation. An attempt was being made to assess the situation, all the while the gap was, like a blade, cutting the land in two. Las Pegasus, too, felt the damaging effects of the seismic activity; the city was met with violent upshoots of magma. This lava soon joined with the flowing water and gushed out of the gaping gorge, most of it turning into steam as it travelled into the air. Dodge Junction, like Beakbreak, was swallowed whole by earth and covered over by the same steamy water that had hit Las Pegasus. Finally, in Fillydelphia, the flowing water had careened through the forming crevices to meet with the ocean on the other side, causing widespread flooding throughout the city. ------------- I leave what happens in each area to each individual character's starter entry. Meaning, when you reply to this. You'll be giving a first had experience on what happened to you, what you saw, how you reacted, ect. The 6 cast memebers will be meeting first in canterlot. Not before, From there the long journy begins to find Celestia and Luna, not to mention to find safty from the ever shifting land. NO HEROES! I cannot stress this enough. No creating heroic moments in which your character saves the day. Trying to protect somepony else is a noble feet and is allowed. But you can't build the events in your favour. There are no heroes in this tale. Only survivors. I'll be accpeting any questions and sign ups as of now. Have something you'd like to add? or Ideas you'd like to see employed? I welcome those too. Bare in mind that I will be looking for quality AND quantity. 1 to 2 Paragraphs MINIMUM. I want the RP to be long and full. No one-lining. If your having trouble with Ideas. PM me and I'll help you out.
  8. (This seems like a legitemate spot to pop in. If you don't mind that is. ^ ^) Firebolt was in Manehatten for the day as she was prepairing for a show. There was still alot of time before she'd have to be there. Seeing the sights wouldn't be such a bad idea. After all, Who wouldn't want to admire such a grand city. As she watched from above Everypony seemed like quite the busibodies. Everypony seemed like they were in a rush to get somewhere. Except for one spot. She observed the conversation of a particuar group hering things of being lost and walking on clouds. Sounded like an interesting bunch. Being a show pony, she certainly wasn't the nervous type. More like the obnoxious type, but incredibly friendly. She had flown down to meet the group with a cheery tone in her voice. "Hey there! You three lost or somethin. Cause I was just, you know, passing by when I heard you talking about being lost. If you are lost I could totally help; I know this city like the back of my hoof. Oh! are you cloud watching? Can I watch too?" after a moments pause. she held out her hoof. "HI! i'm Firbolt. Nice to meet you all!" A strange pony indeed.
  9. I Commend Him/Her for taking up such great responsablilty. We all could probably learn a thing or two from this and start remembering to pay our own bills. xD I forget too often for it to even be funny anymore. >.> But for this site. Paying The Bills is always there. making sure it's well funded so we can have fun. ^ ^ I would be honored to friend him/her.
  10. This topic of Always-on sounds like something that will be short lived. If they do travel down this road it's not just gonna hurt the gamers. it'll hurt that designers. If we can't play the game do they really expect us to buy it? Where will the funding for new games come if we don't buy their product? Microsfts Pocket? pfff. how long will that last. You can't tell me they're "just not making enough" becasue of the pirating. Look at all the amazing next gen games that have come out. Tech is progressing life is going on. They're just mad because they're not making what they want to make. They still have the biggest piece of the pie but they want it all. As for anti used games. it's just a ploy to control the market further and cut out the middle man. the ma and pa Pawn shops that buy and sell games for a profit. If they go with that. I'm with Pizza. I'm completely out. All my games are normally used ones. I doubt it'll ever come to pass considered giant companies like Gamestop, and all the game rental companies. thrive on this. It would litterally KILL most of the gaming industry around the world. (Sorry if This sounds like a rant. My words don't always comeout like they sound in my head. xD )
  11. I get the reference. xD Infact I just watched that not that long ago. lol On the main Topic: My big concern is that, On other roleplay sites and forums MLP is dieing. Not because it's not popular. but because people are using it as a face and it's making the fandom look bad. This Forum and Equestria Daily are the only two forum sites that I see alot of activity on. The friendly and home-like kind of activity. As far as regurlar roleplay like Myspace and the like. It's dieing off and fast. As for MLP: FiM's popularity and wether it's fanbase will disapear. I highly doubt it. Rp might. but the show will for sure be a classic in the hearts of every brony that exsists today. We all know why we love the show and the memories we all share will always be there. Soon we'll be able to share that with the next generation and the fanbase will live on. That's my belief. :3
  12. Oh god. I can't believe I clicked that Clicky. xD I'm too gullible. Which brings me to the best april fools ever my friend came back to our group (a group of misfits that hung out during lunch and after school.) with this sad look on his face. We were all kind of freaked out cause this person is usually the most enegetic. I piped up and said. "Dude, you ok?" He shook his head. "I have this terminal Disease that I was told was going to plague me for the rest of my life till my eventual death." At that point our jaws dropped and we all gathered in for a group hug. It was all serious till I piped up once more and asked. "what disease is it?" To witch he replied. "gullability. APRIL FOOLS!" it wasn't all that funny till one of the others started to chase him yelling. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!"
  13. To be honest I had no Idea this even exsisted. xD Wow. Rarity and a Giant Crab. Rarity just got 20% cooler in my book. Overused yes. But the classics never get old. >:3
  14. Applejack is my best pick. I agree that she gets very little love. I mean seriously. She's got sass, smarts, and she's and old fashioned hard worker. Much like myself. My vote definitly has to go to Applejack.
  15. Welcome to Canterlot. Nice to see another speedy pony out there. A sonic nightboom sounds interesting. I hope to get the chance to see it during your stay here. Also I hope you have fun.
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