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  1. Nea

    Nea Goods

    Just some doodles I've done of ponies and stuff.
  2. Hello! Thank you! How do you post stuff to the gallery? I'm not seeing any obvious submit buttons or anything just yet. Hmm, I will keep looking. Edit: After this 3rd post I actually could see the upload button now!
  3. Hello Kodokuna! Nice to meet you. Oh I see, I suppose that makes plenty of sense. Thanks for the heads up! I'll go give that a try.
  4. Hi everypony, my name is Nea. Short for Neapolitan Twist. I really like ice cream... I'm not so good at making new pony pals or nothing... But I figured I'd shake a hoof at it. Can anyone let me know how you get access to the chat room here? And any other pointers about the forums?
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