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  1. She looks a lot like my old golden did. I'm sorry. :c
  2. This statement is false /True or false?

  3. Yay! I'll have to finish it tomorrow, because it's time for dinner.. at 10pm.. :'D
  4. @Tacobob Alright good! You're welcome again! xD @QuickLime Thank you so much sweetie. ;A; You're too nice. How's this? Sorry for low quality, it's an iPod photo. ;P
  5. Goodness, thank you! ^//^ And since you're here (virtually? sort of?) I'm actually sketching yours now. If the power is still on when I'm done I'll show you. xD
  6. Haha. Thank you! Well, if you need something changed just go ahead and ask. ^^ And I'm glad you like it. You're welcome!
  7. Sky is greenish and the wind is making weird patterns.. storms make me so nervous here. o.e

    1. Kodokuna


      At least the sky matches your eyes~ :P

  8. @Tacobob You didn't specify colours for the book/bandage/heart so I just picked some that I thought looked nice with the rest of her palette. ^^
  9. So many poptarts. My ears are ringing and I need to sleep.

    1. tacobob


      I believe two Pop Tarts are the doctor recommended amount of Pop Tarts one should eat. Did you eat more than two Pop Tarts?

    2. ivi


      Many more than two poptarts. xD It was a concert sponsored by poptarts and they were EVERYWHERE.

    3. tacobob


      Y U NOT DEAD? A concert sponsored by Poptarts..I'm guessing Meshuggah and Motorhead weren't performing there. :D

  10. So many good looking bronies/pegasisters! owo I don't have any recent pictures of myself but maybe I'll think about taking one. For now I'll just look at all of you. xD
  11. Of course I understand! I’d never improve if I couldn’t take critique, and I have to say, I reworked the character into something entirely different and I think it’s better now. Id est, much better, glad he wasn’t accepted before. I had the mindset of ‘could this be in an episode of FiM?’ this time.. So it’s ready for review again.
  12. Oh goodness this got busy overnight. xD Um.. Let's see.. I wish I had time to take more than two of these requests, but I've got a lot going on this week, so I'll just take Tacobob's Docket and QuickLime's Bright Stone. Thanks to everypony who posted though. ^^' @Tacobob Can you give me an idea of what Docket's personality is like? @QuickLime I'll send you a sketch before I line/colour so that you can approve the mane and tail style. Requests are now closed
  13. Hm, I see what you mean.. Give me some time to work on it, and I'll post here when it's ready for review again, okay? And thank you for your help. ^^
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