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  1. I still remember all of you, and I miss you so so much.

  2. hello???

    1. Lyipheoryia


      MLPTales is no longer active on this site~  


      She left quite a little while ago...

  3. Wow, sure is dusty around here.

    1. SunsetSombra
    2. DreamySunday


      <Dusts off Tales and Hugs really Tight like>

  4. Sorry for not realizing before!! *hugs*

  5. If I have to re-post an application because it was lost, will it need to be re-approved or will it automatically pass because it was a forced re-post?
  6. So, I went to check up on some of my older OCs, and the topics are totally broken on some of them. For instance, Raven: It shows there are two pages of comments, but it only shows one comment on the first page, and gives me an error when it tries to go to the second page. Dodger: has the same issue, along with Dream Weaver: and who knows what other characters. Seems that the topic only shows the last post made, but none of the others. Any ideas on what's up?
  7. Thou should reclaim the Throne of the Night. We know that thou deserves it!

    1. tacobob


      Yeah! I second that!

  8. Hi there! Welcome to Canterlot! How did you find your way to the site?
  9. Your avatar is from Gravity Falls, isn't it?

  10. Heyo! That's a cute avatar, where did you get it? XD Where did you get your username? Oh, and I guess I should welcome you to the site! Also, how did you find your way here?
  11. Hey there! Welcome to the site! How did you find the site?
  12. Was this in their con book or something, or something you just did for fun?
  13. Hello there! Do you have a DeviantArt or somewhere where we could look at your drawings? Have you drawn any ponies? If you have, you can totally submit them to the Gallery! So, you've been in the fandom for awhile, huh? When exactly did you start watching the show? Have you ever been on a pony forum before? What's your favorite food? How did you find your way to this site? :D
  14. Well hey there! Welcome to the site. Why not try out the FiM Free-For-All section for starters? You can jump right in, don't need a certain post count, don't have to write up a character sheet, you can just jump right in with anypony you like, Original Character, or somepony from the show! It's super easy, and very chill. Of course, if you're looking for something more geared towards the world that the show takes place in, you might look around the World of Equestria RP section. The rules are quite a bit more strict over there, but the Free Roleplay section exists for a little practice before getting your hooves ready to type up a Character Application. Let any of the staff know if you have any other questions, or just reply to this topic.
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