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  1. I still remember all of you, and I miss you so so much.

  2. Wow, sure is dusty around here.

    1. SunsetSombra
    2. DreamySunday


      <Dusts off Tales and Hugs really Tight like>

  3. If I have to re-post an application because it was lost, will it need to be re-approved or will it automatically pass because it was a forced re-post?
  4. So, I went to check up on some of my older OCs, and the topics are totally broken on some of them. For instance, Raven: It shows there are two pages of comments, but it only shows one comment on the first page, and gives me an error when it tries to go to the second page. Dodger: has the same issue, along with Dream Weaver: and who knows what other characters. Seems that the topic only shows the last post made, but none of the others. Any ideas on what's up?
  5. Hi there! Welcome to Canterlot! How did you find your way to the site?
  6. Your avatar is from Gravity Falls, isn't it?

  7. Heyo! That's a cute avatar, where did you get it? XD Where did you get your username? Oh, and I guess I should welcome you to the site! Also, how did you find your way here?
  8. Hey there! Welcome to the site! How did you find the site?
  9. Was this in their con book or something, or something you just did for fun?
  10. Hello there! Do you have a DeviantArt or somewhere where we could look at your drawings? Have you drawn any ponies? If you have, you can totally submit them to the Gallery! So, you've been in the fandom for awhile, huh? When exactly did you start watching the show? Have you ever been on a pony forum before? What's your favorite food? How did you find your way to this site? :D
  11. Well hey there! Welcome to the site. Why not try out the FiM Free-For-All section for starters? You can jump right in, don't need a certain post count, don't have to write up a character sheet, you can just jump right in with anypony you like, Original Character, or somepony from the show! It's super easy, and very chill. Of course, if you're looking for something more geared towards the world that the show takes place in, you might look around the World of Equestria RP section. The rules are quite a bit more strict over there, but the Free Roleplay section exists for a little practice before getting your hooves ready to type up a Character Application. Let any of the staff know if you have any other questions, or just reply to this topic.
  12. Well, I just created Roxy, so she doesn't have any artwork yet.
  13. Well, I just created Roxy, so she doesn't have any artwork yet.
  14. Just doing ponies, or what about other FiM species?
  15. Oh oh, I would like one! Do you have too many requests, or you think you have time for one more?
  16. Miss your beautiful work!

  17. Are you just looking at ponies, or would you try a Diamond Dog?
  18. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Roxy Sex: Female Age: Young Adult Species: Diamond Dog Eye colour: Blue Coat: White neck, belly, arms, and legs, with varying tan-ish orange markings on her back and around her eyes, and even down her tail. (Similar to this girl.) However, at many times she appears to have brown front paws and face markings, when she has been digging and not had a bath. Commonly seen wearing a red vest bedazzled with jewels, and a heavy knapsack. Physique: Very sleek, as mining is hard work. Her tail is always very floofy, though her fur may sometimes lie flat when covered in dirt. Residence: Rambling Rock Ridge, but goes wherever the gems may be! Occupation: Miner History: Born underground, the first light that Roxy saw was not that of a sun, but the flicker of a lantern. Her parents, both miners, were actually pretty well off, though from their normal residence, nobody would have suspected it. They were hunters of rare and valuable gems. Sure, the average Diamond Dog could find lots of pockets of gems underground, but they were small stuff—hence why many had to make it a career. But Roxy's parents were skilled, able to pick out the common gems to use for decorations in their home and on their garb, while they sold off the more rare ones to make their living. Unlike many Diamond Dogs, who chose to hoard gems, Roxy's parents knew the value of getting rid of some in order to live well, while keeping most of the less spectacular ones for themselves. So it was that Roxy learned the trade of mining gems. Her particular skill laid in her ability to sniff out different kinds of gems, through several layers of dirt. This is often difficult for Diamond Dogs, as their noses often become full of dirt while they digging, and they are unable to smell properly until they have gotten cleaned up. But, by learning special digging techniques, or wearing a mask across her face, Roxy has found ways to keep her nose clean. Since growing up, Roxy has decided to go out on her own. She travels across the land of Equestria, trading gems for bits, and increasing her wealth for when she finally decides she wants to settle down... probably around the time she's too old to dig! Her knapsack is generally full of gems when she is heading back home, and a few bits once she finishes her trades. But, much like other Diamond Dogs, she still has her hoarding streak, even if she's learned good business sense from her parents. Character Summary: From a very young age, Roxy loved to dig. She would watch her father dig with gusto, and showed her interest in it by digging little holes in the den. Her brothers and sisters preferred to look at and play with the sparkley gems their father dug up, but Roxy liked to dig. It wasn't until she finally dug up her first gem that she actually took an interest in them, as tended to be the natural instinct of Diamond Dogs. Roxy may seem unfriendly to some, but she's just not quite used to big cities. She digs underground, by herself, for many days at a time. She sleeps in little caves that she digs out, going where she pleases and hunting for the rarest of gems. Her nose is her guide, to adventure, to riches, to parts unknown! But working at such a lonely job, Roxy tends to forget about the outside world—until it's time to sell. She has found that ponies are both wary and curious of her when she walks into a town. Not all Diamond Dogs are pleasant to ponies, and their reputation precedes her. Still, most ponies will personally give her a chance before judging her, and some have just never seen a Diamond Dog before in their lives! Roxy tries to take it all in stride, good and bad, and sometimes even dispels some of the rumors that may circulate about her species. Whatever comes her way, Roxy can always find a way to 'dig' herself out of it!
  19. And I have missed all of you much much more!
  20. For a limited time only, this face is here! And by that I mean I've kind of moved on to other ventures, but I would like to say hey to all the old pals I made here. Feel free to send me PMs or add me on Skype under NinjaFanpire (mention you're from Canterlot if I don't already have you!). For anypony that hasn't met me, you might have still seen a large number of my posts on the board somewhere, in the deepest, darkest, oldest topics. Took a lengthy trip to the moon, unfortunately, but as I said, I did find things to keep me occupied while there. Well, that's that, and here I am!
  21. Well, thank you very much! It was nice to come back from my banishment on the moon and see somepony had actually made it!
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