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  1. Star Sprite was awfully worn out this morning and he was always trying to try a coffee from this small cafe so he decided that right before his class start he would come to the cafe and get a coffee. he knew it was an unprofessional plan for a teacher that works at a university but he would do it anyways. he straightened out his bow tie as he walked through the door, and when he did he noticed there was a small crowd here. he walked up to the front counter and asked the one pegasus running it " excuse me miss, but may i have a tall frapachino with an apple fritter please. Thank you!" he smiles at the owner and pulls out his wallet. then he looks down at his watch and notices he has time to kill.
  2. i hope you have a nice stay at canterlot. and if you need help there's usually people you can ask in the chat.
  3. thank's for approving it. It means a lot to me!
  4. (this is a remake of an old application) Roleplay Type: WoE Name:Star Sprite Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye color: Dark blue Coat:he has a dark blue coat with a darker blue belly. you can also see his black hooves from his hair Mane/Tail: the front of his mane sticks strait out sort of like snips but it curls up a small amount to. the rest of his hair is pretty short and none of it passes his neck. the colors of his mane/tail is a baby blue with a strike of yellow going down the middle. his tail is straight down but the bottom of it twirls up. he wears big black round glasses. Physique: he is a tall skinny pegasus. his wings are long and a bit narrow but they carry him around. Residence: he lives in cloudsdale and he's happy about it. sure once in a while he travels to other places of equestria, but he knows he belongs there Occupation:he works in the university of cloudsdale as a teacher and a monk at the dojo at the back of the university of cloudsdale. he's a workaholic and he likes it to do what he does! Cutie Mark: Star's cutie mark is 4 wood gears in surrounding a book and a ying yang sign in the middle of one gear. this cutie mark stands for knowledge, wisdom, the harmony of his body and mind and intelligence. he has this cutie mark because ever since he was a kid he has been learning and sharing his knowledge also he kept calm all his life. he always wanted to know more about the planet he is living on.like how so many different species lived there in harmony. one day he visited one of his uncle that worked in the university of cloudsdale. his parents let him live with him for a month because they knew how much Star wanted to learn and teach. one day star was going through one of the back halls of the university and found a dojo. he went inside of it and found 3 monks welcoming him when he went in. starsprte knew that when he grew up he would go to this uni and teach here for 3 reasons. 1 it has all the knowledge he will ever need,2 it has somewhere where he can relax and train and 3 he got his cutie mark while he walked into the dojo. so he knew he was destined to go here when he's a stallion. History: Star was born in cloudsdale and lives there for almost all his life. he does take trips to other parts of equestria every once in a while. when star was growing up he always seemed knowledge that would blow his mind or others. he'd like to see people amazed about facts that he learned, and he got it a lot so he was happy when he was a child, and he still is! in his child hood he made friends easily and he never got into fights becuse he is so calm and collective. even though there really isn't any fights in equestria. his parents are nova Sprite (dad) and Dawn Moon (mom), star is usually busy studying, learning and meditating to talk to them. but when he does they support him and are really nice to him. the only other part of the family that he cares about is his uncle, moon sprite. he's the teacher at the uni of cloudsdale. he's a smart tall pegasus thats all about teaching and fun. his life know is mostly about the school and his trips every once in a while to go to the other schools across the equestrian and maybe the world in the future. he also is one of the main monks in the university. he got to his position by all the learning he's done and all the people who belived in him, his friends, his family and even his teachers!Star does actually wants do something higher in the teacher ranks in the future. he wants to become a teacher at the main university of canterlot! he knows that to get there is extremely hard but he will try to get there even if this is where he thinks he belongs! Character Summary:he is a smart man who wanted to share his knowledge since he was a kid. he is good at speaking his mind and making people listen. he is also a workaholic and never stops working. his motivation in life is sharing the gift of knowledge and seeing his students do something astounding in their life. his main goal is to go to the main school of equestrian and teach there, even thought its going to be a hard time to get in. his hobby on his limited free time is doing experiments, traveling and reading. he doesn't have that much free time though. he likes to share and learn knowledge, seeing change and helping out everyone he can. he dislikes people who make fun of schools and say there a waste of time, people that never show up for class and people who give up, because when theres a will there's a way. Star is a friendly man and tries to help out anyone he can. even though he's taller than most people he meet, he still is out to help. when people are around him they know they have someone to trust and who got there back. if someone gets in trouble with the principle and star knows it wasn't them he'll back them up. he's just an all around a nice, calm and serious person and half of it is because of the dojo. he makes friends by gaining there trust and helping them as much as he can. but like everyone he does have faults, one of them is he sometime can't speak english clearly and random words start coming out of his mouth. he is also shy when he goes to a place or thing thats new to him, like the first time he saw an alicorn he hid behind his mom and fell to the floor. he also sometimes under react and ignores a situation thats important, this is a low chance of hime doing it but he does it ever every 2 years or so. he also can't take some jokes, he just walks away and ignores that person for some of the day if the joke is crude humor or bully humor.he also sucks at speed with his wings but he is extremely fast with his hooves. he has one fear, and that is one of his students quitting school forever. he always wants to help students and if thats how they treats him, he gets frightened. other then that he's not scared, no spooky stories or movies can scare him!
  5. (i'm finally back, and i think this thread is dead)
  6. (sorry guys i'll be gone for a month or two but i might come on rarely so try to keep this post alive without me.)
  7. star volunteered to be watch and he was looking but he saw nothing. he knew he still had to be active and ready to bend to his surrounding. he really didn't see anything yet, boy was his job boring. he just waited.
  8. star walks over to a random spot and put down a 2 part pot, he then lit a fire inside of the bottom it and made a sort of cooking pot.he asked if people wanted dinner but some were already sleeping. he pulled out an apple and made an apple goo. it lasted longer and it didn't rot. he sealed it in a small container and every once in a while he'd have a slurp.
  9. hello, welcome to canterlot, i hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. star walked over to the group and pulled 6 tents out of his bag. 2 big ones that each fit 3 ponies, 2 medium ones that fit 2 ponies and 2 small ones that fit 1 pony. he set each of them up and then said. " because this is daring's quest she picks who sleeps in which tent and the schedule for guarding ." he then takes out a pen and paper that turn out to be a schedule and hands it to daring to make the shifts. after that he goes over to a space and looks through his humongous bag.
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