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  1. First off, just to clarify, Calliope's parents named her after the Muse, not the instrument. The instrument is named after the same Muse. Second, she did not invent the instrument. She read about it in a book, although she has made some refinements. Third, I put together a YouTube playlist of songs I was going to have her play. The link is . Just never got a chance to state these in RP because of how short the Gala was..
  2. Check. It is pointing the right way. Only one I have is the one for this site... so I doubt that's the problem. Just checked IE, since I usually use Chrome, and it seems to work just fine on that. Huh. That probably rules out the router.
  3. When inside a forum or thread, clicking the Canterlot.com link brings me to an error message... Anyone else, or is this just me? ​Edit: From this thread, both the Equestrian Welcome and Questions & Suggestions links do work.
  4. When inside a forum, clicking the Canterlot.com link brings me to an error message... Anyone else, or is this just me?

    1. NeoExlucky


      Hmmm...I don't seem to get that...might be a problem to bring up to one of the higher ups...

  5. Escargot. Known in English as snails. I win. It's a lot more exotic then breaded fish and french fries at any rate.
  6. "...and twenty." The tour guides hoof came to rest on a young lime-green unicorn for a second before he continued on to tour group C. The unicorn in question was one Calliope Steammusic, builder and player of the eponymous musical instrument. She craned her neck, trying to get a good view of the doors. "Oh... I hope we get to see the throne-room... I haven't seen those windows for years!"
  7. Getting in on the ground floor feels good...

  8. Calliope Steammusic rummaged through her pantry, preparing to make her breakfast. However, no matter how hard she looked, not a single scrap of bread presented itself. She sighed. Without bread, she was much more limited in what she could have. After looking a while longer, she resorted to a salad instead. She would have to go to the Bakery after she ate. Sometime later, the Lime-coloured pony was standing in front of Pink Lady's shop, saddlebags at her sides an a coin purse around her neck. With any luck they would have at least a few loaves in stock. Gathering herself up, she opened the door and stepped inside, steppingover to the shelves to look for the bread.
  9. Could you do Calliope Steammusic, my OC? I've got her app below, and I have a rough sketch of her Cutie Mark as well. App: http://www.canterlot...eammusic-ready/ Ack! Did not expect it to be so large! At any rate, you can see I'm not the best artist, which is why I need to ask.
  10. Calliope Steammusic- Unicorn http://www.canterlot.com/topic/15331-calliope-steammusic-ready/
  11. You know what, I'll just drop that line. You should really figure something out for that.
  12. Well what's the name of the planet then? Edit: Or could use The Time Machine... Or The War of the Worlds...
  13. Paaaad


    Paaaad. That's pretty much the only name I ever go by online. I've used it for a very long time. Anyone else remember how the personal pages on Lego.com used to look like castle towers? That's how long we're talking! The only exceptions are Youtube and Puzzle Pirates. I go by Galitwo there.
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