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  1. Wy did I get two warnings? Should't Ihave only got one?

    1. Dizcord


      *Sees fist word*


      Why was what I meant.

    2. RarityDash


      Two warning points is the punishment associated with a multiple account violation. I didn't know this when I wrote the verbal part of the warning and didn't find out it was two points for multiple accounts until I actually issued the warning. I apologize for misrepresenting what the punishment would be, but I haven't been a mod very long.

    3. SilverSwirl


      Count yourself lucky by friend. I know a few places where that's an immediate ban for both upon discovery.

  2. Dizcord


    So I made a ponysona... again. His name is Gabe, (Also my name) He has a story around him. He lives with Trixie who I made OOC a bit. He or 'I' as he is referred to in my stories he is a basic unicorn. He works as a arcade pony for a little bit of time, as you can see I am using a picture with Trixie, and he is a blank flank. He has a talent this pic is just outdated a tad. Anyway, I like him. Even though he isn't my only ponysona. I do really like him, I still can't draw for my life, Trixie was edited in and my ponysona was made with Pony Creator v3. He I tried to make him share my eye color his coat is more like my hair though. Oh well.
  3. Another ponysona. My avatar.

    1. Halide


      You uh, you might wanna crop that a little better. It's barely visible.

  4. So I made two stories. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/120822/trixie-living-with-me and http://www.fimfiction.net/story/130392/my-new-life-with-trixie Both relate with each other the first link being the first story.
  5. Can you change your username?

    1. Rosewind


      Not at the moment, sorry!

    2. Dizcord


      *Shrugs* Okay.

  6. Hey can you check out my OC I forgot to put it in the finished catagory but it's finished. http://www.canterlot.com/topic/15941-apple-stem/

  7. Scratch that, it was another site

  8. I had to re-register because of some sort of update. Now itreverts to normal this is better.

  9. Dizcord welcomes thee KetithLor have hope you have a nice day in Canterlot.
  10. I'm now able to play guitar and bass. Not at the same time of course.

  11. Dizcord welcomes thee Cinnabonbons hope you have a nice stay in Canterlot.
  12. I'll get this started once I get at least six players.
  13. Dizcord welcomes thee Shortcircuit have a nice stay in Canterlot.
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