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  1. PinkiePieCandyGirl

    the main six

    this album will feature all of the mane six ponies
  2. hi there just thought I 'd let you know some news about myself well, I'm a young women at heart. I am a child trapped in an adults body I enojy reading, writing and drawing. I love cartoons and anime I find animation of any sort fascinating I think I owe a huge thanks to my dad. He advertised me to his work offering my services for tape to dvd copying but only legal stuff. The machine has a copyright lock so nohting original will read I will earn R50 per copy of the tape to dvd that is wanted by the customer. So if this takes off I could make some rather good money. Later I'll do photo's to disk which will probably be set at a higher price. I'll just keep adding things to do that will make people happy. Hope it goes well
  3. thank you so much I look foward to this site it looks like heaps of fun
  4. Hi there I'm new here I love to draw read and write I love cartoons and anime, Iove my little pony so much especially pinkiepie hence my username Anyway I look foward to meeting some fantastic friends on here
  5. come on everypony I want to see you smile

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