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  1. Fauxzov

    MY ART!

    Ive been trying to get better at hand drawn ponies, tell me all you bronies think of it, thanks!
  2. Anypony here a shadowbolt fan?

  3. Hey im on second life now, the only reason i got that is because of the pony avatars!! anyway wanna get together on SL and pony it up?

    1. Halide


      ...People haven't let Second Life wither out and die yet? Wow.

    2. Fauxzov


      apperently not... but i just run around in circles being a pony.. so idk

  4. Fauxzov


    I post my ponies here.
  5. There is more to the fandom than just the show, with all the OCs, ooc roleplay, fan fiction, and all that crazy stuff that makes up the fandom, I dont think its going anywhere. and plus, when its all over are any of you seriously going to be able to move on? yea, i didnt think so. lol
  6. HI!! welcome to the forums, hope ya have a nice time here.
  7. Guess ill keep with the norm and post what got ME into dubstep
  8. I LOVE YOU TO!!! even if i dont know you, and i know the feel dude! life can really get you down, but bronies know just how to pick you back up ^.^ *hugs*
  9. HEY!! figured i would start a ask meh topic, so ask me anything, im sure you can think of something. while your waiting here is a cute picture.
  10. HEY!! im doing free commisions for drawing pony OCs, you want me to draw you something, message me or something.

  11. Son of a gun, you could have told me who you were in chat Faux. >.<

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Fauxzov


      lol its ok, but every time i get online i go into the chat room,

    3. Kodokuna


      Mmm. With the exception of today, I haven't been in the chatroom since they changed it to IRC. I came today because I was frustrated on how my Pinkie Pie Reploid came out.

    4. Fauxzov


      well you should go on, once you get used to the changess its not so bad

  12. RE RE REEEEmiiiixx or at least im going to try.

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