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  1. the clones are a great idea. but how about a force field, or an attack amplifier if you really don't want that.
  2. your good. but about your amp. you may want to change it as later you will be able to do that naturally. it's suppose to be something special like slowing down time, or paralyzing someone.
  3. on the peaceful planet of cocoon, a train filled with outcast plows through an underground tunnel. these outcasts were considered l'Cie. any pony who has come in contact with a fal'Cie can become a l'Cie. and they are enemy's of cocoon. they were on there way to purge, a place with so many monsters it is considered uninhabitable. if Pulse ever had a war with cocoon then it would mean disaster. fal'Cie were enormous living structures that defy comprehension. they have built several City's that are in use by cocoon today. if you enter a fal'Cie you will become a l'Cie and are given three things. 1 a focus, the fal'Cie wants you to do something. 2 a vision, this is the only hint that the fal'Cie gives you and its not over detailed. 3 the brand of the l'Cie, it grants you magical ability's increases your physique and curses you for life. l'Cie who fail their focus become hideous monsters called cei'th doomed to walk cocoon until someone puts them out of there misery. but if you succeed then you are turned into crystal and gain eternal life. psicom is a task force dedicated to fighting purge, and that includes l'Cie. they have a massive collection of weaponry ranging from tamed monsters to guns to giant robots and battleships. they haven't fought a war in years so many of their solders are green faced recruits. then there is the guardian corps It is a military department of the Sanctum, tasked with more domestic issues compared to PSICOM. sanctum is the only government in the world brining unity and peace everywhere. the hanging gardens was a city below the earth made by the fal'Cie its a massive beautiful city with an underground lake close to it. also there is a thing called amp technology, witch replicates the effects of magic. it can temporarily disable gravity on the user or increase their strength. the sky's the limit! and that's all you need to know to join this rp! application. name: ( on cocoon names are almost always symbolic, like lightning or hope. ) species: ( unicorn, Pegasus, earth pony ect... ) weapon type: ( there are all manner of weaponry in this world from guns to swords to boomerangs, get creative! ) symbol: ( symbols are often representative of your personality and magic, i.e. a phoenix feather or diamond. ) fighting type: ( commando extra damage, sentinel defense with slow powerful attacks, synergist buff your ally's, ravager offensive magician, medic healing magic. ) amp: ( a machine that grants artificial magic. very useful. ) history: ( were they part of psicom? a member of guardian? a wanted criminal? lesser history's are for lesser heroes. ) name: hurricane species: Pegasus weapon type: dual swords symbol: microphone fighting type: synergist amp: mic technology. as he sings music automatically plays in the background boosting the range and effectiveness of his buufs history: hurricane was a Pilot for guardian. he would fly combat missions ranging from troop transport to chasing criminals. he fights using the unstoppable power of music, no battle is silent with him along. he was the best they had, until two days ago when a fal'Cie was detecting in the hanging gardens were he lived. suddenly he found himself on a train. his wrists bound but his spirit strong. its worth saying that no one is a l'Cie yet.
  4. oh. well of course your a guy. but is this an 18+ rp?
  5. Name: bronzeshine Gender:male Pony race:Pegasus Non-pony race: salarian Mass Effect class: solder What they were doing before being sucked into the mass effect universe: making a set of armor in his smithy.
  6. well I don't know. I'll just wait until she confirms it. pg 13 story's can still be graphic as long as they don't overuse detail. plus she accepted my app in pm so...
  7. just as she began to do that shadow burst explosively from a mirror and puts her into a choke hold. " you'll stay down if you know what's good for you! "
  8. would we have to pick a class? like could I not have gunslinger, and bullet swarm? it isn't turn based I assume.
  9. I would love to join. maybe play as a gunslinger who customizes all of his many revolvers.
  10. ( no. more like a holy one. )
  11. ( ok I will have pictures ready.)
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