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  1. Duke had his disagreements with his partner. A fellow Spartan. But boy was he glad he was here. Even if he hadn't screwed up, it would be dangerous battle. He closes his vents and yelled "thanks! The explosion is immanent! We should just lay down fire and move back!" He suggested. He energy shield stopped beeping andthe most delightful sound came in as it reved back up to full! he pops out of cover taking a few inevitable hits and fires a clean spray down the halls "move and shoot! Move and shoot!" He suggests
  2. (Next time I slip on posts just tell me in skype or something) duke took a few hits. His sheilds held but the plasma burned and made him feel painfully hot underneath. In one moment he knew what to do. he leaped forward and slammed the self destruct sequence on the computer. Before even finishing he tossed all the plasma grenades at the front line. Two small explosions wouldn't likely kill even the smaller covies. But it would make them seek cover or break there firing. then in a dead sprint he ran forward, rolling on the ground and picking up his smg. He ran and held his weapon up blasting on where he estimated they would be. Rapid bursts meant to held them off. His shield was almost down when he jumped forward grabbing Trent and getting them back in the tunnel he didn't want to leave the big gun there. But he would be killed if he stayed longer. "go! There already dead!" He shouted to the small odst as he set him down "reconnoiter with your team! I'll make sure they don't catch up!" The ringing of the alarm for broken shields blasted his ears. He took a deep breath and ran down the hall reloading the smg. it wasnt smooth, or safe. But they hit the sequence. The base would be vapor in a few moments. "go!" He shouted to Trent! then quickly switching to the universal channel he shouted "base is going to blow! Get air evac ready asap! We're coming your way!" The Spartan dove behind cover and and and opened up some vents on his armor. Letting the heat escape. His body and shield needed a few moments. He blind fired over the cover so Trent would have a clean escape duke questioned his principles. If he came in guns blazing Trent would be safer, and he was foolish. His "morality" endangered his men and the mission.
  3. Duke watched as the humans ran way. He cursed under his breath, but knew that there was not much he could do to stop them. He walked out and wanted to smack himself in the face seeing how he covenant were about to use him s. Shooting gallery. this was going to be tough for him. But it wa. Good tactical position. He he'd his hands up ms walked forward. The other team was ready and they didn't have much time! "hi! Just sying there's an easy solution to all this!" He let his hand up ready to signal and calculated he got close enogh to pounce on the eliete closest to the council. He would grabble with him into a spot of cover. Give the signal, hope he could kill it hand to hand. Activate the council and run! he got in position "you do know this place is going to blow soon, take your men nod leave while you can!" duke as scared as he was didn't have it in him to make the first blow. If he killed it would be to defend his team.
  4. Under his helmet duke mouthed "what the fuuuu?" He held the hand signal to pause. Duke used his suite to connect to the intercom. Using a standard emergency code he would try to talk to these elietes he took deep breath And was about to say something, whether signal for reinforcements came in .... this whole thing wasn't making sense! after mustering his thoughts he spoke his voce projecting into the nuke room. "attention covenant" his voice echoed "this is Spartan a231, we are under orders to destroy this base. Lay down your weapons. We have no intention of combat." with a mighty toss he chucked his smg down the hall. It slid into the room "I'm willing to negotiate a truth. I don't care who you are or what you have done. Let's be smart about this." he disconected and and looked to Trent "I'm going to go out there unarmed" he checked his knife and slid it back in to sheath. "Stay in cover, don't shoot till I give you the signal." he punched the air on his side, the generic hand symbol for hasty ambush. he took another deep breath "here goes something stupid" he said walking out slowly and calmly
  5. Duke walked along and pointed at a sighn reading it it was just a directory placard but now he knew where the bomb was. he casually walked ready for an ambush. He checked the radios, everything was going well but he was suspicious, something seemed wrong on the radio he asked Trent "hey umm? Would you mind stayin close? I got a bad feeling." duke wa used to knowing everything! Every potential outcome, and what would lead to it. Every angle he calculated and every item he scanned but for the first time in his new life he felt worried out of pure emotion. A sense dread and fear
  6. Despite the processing power of the computer in his brain. Duke struggled with the moral dilema before him when the odst looked at him he walked up and looked down. He poked him gently turning off his coms, then turned off his own "ok ... so acording to article 689.5 J. It states that classified info can be shared if it means keeping it out of covenant hands, and since you know ... there could be cloaked elites in here I think I should tell you this for the mission sake" duke looked around the room pretending to be looking for cloacked enemies. "but uhhh well, your going to know soon anyway, can't keep a nuke a secret after it goes off" he nods "there's a nuclear failsafe, they want me and my partner in height to detonate it. Clean sweep of the whole area. I tryed telling everyone earlier but they were kind of being jerks. That said, let's give little ms.no legs here a chance to have her friends carry her out" duke takes the helmet off the wounded insurgent revealing it was a beautiful young girl. Couldn't be any older than 20. she sweating and in too much pain to do anything. duke crushed her helmet in his hands "ooops.... .... ok do what you will, I'm going to respect your choice and hope you respect mine"
  7. Duke instantly knew how many enemies were behind the barricade, based on gunfire and a few glances. he was able to "imagine" where the bullets would go based on the position of the weapons and the direction of the gunners head duke landed on the ground and slid staying low and then ran thru a section of baricade as if it were nothing duke did not use his weapon, instead he acted to maim and incapacitate. Breaking the the barrier he grabbed a chunk of wood from the table and threw it, into the eye socket of one of his foes. He turned his head getting a full scan of the situation now that the minigun couldn't swivel that far. duke ran forward and very gently swept his leg kicking an innies ankle. Duke hit it with just enough force and in the right spot so that all his body weight would pull on his Achilles' tendon. The man painfully gasped and fell writhing on the floor in pain unable to stand. Duke then ran up to the soldier who's eye he has stabbed with the barricad's woodchip and lifted his hands under his arms throwing him at his allies. With just enough calculated force to cause we internal ruptures. Taking them out of the fight duke sprinted to the turret's gunner next and grabbed his the innies helmet. Using his wrist he made a twisting motion, the humans head spun fast making him pass out on the spot duke fired a burst from his smg, purposefully missing, just some suppressive fire to keep them from shooting him and springs forward grabbing peices of the punishing wall making chis of cement fly at limbs and legs. finally the gunner with the assault rifle took out a chunk of his shield. He had a couple of noneleathal options. duke pointed smg and fired. A burst which shot into the gunner's hips. He aimed for a special tenden called the pupis, it helped bridge the hip bones and allows you to walk. The gunner shrieked in pain and fell over. duke ran up and grabbed the assault rifle crushing in in his hands. He gave the innie a Med pack "enough to staunch the bleeding and keep your comrades alive. Get out here!" he signled to his odst team to follow thru. The innies were alive. But broken and crippled for the rest of there lives. Duke contemplated the idea of mercy. Surely they were better off with there lives and hope, but what option did that leave them? Duke looked to ignite "don't shoot them, it's against the unsc code of conduct to harm them when there this wounded, even if they get up and try to fight there no threat to you. ... unless your really weak?"
  8. Duke instantly computed a feeble methods to break thru. He was about to signal a plan when the fierce little odst told him to move on. "ok, be careful. If you need to do anything risky or stupid ... call me!" he sprinted forward and jumped up running along the doorway! Jumping from hall to hall never in one spot for more than a few seconds! He was a massive armored man but to a human eye it looked like a bird flittering about
  9. Duke gasped at the dead marine and clenched his fist he gently took the dead man's chin and calculated the wound, high caliber round to the forehead, the bruising of the neck imply he simply turned his head hearing a noise and got blasted. duke grabbed the eye lids and yanked them down, letting him have some peace. he simply looked to butler as the new orders were given. This was good, he would be closer to the nuclear device and could do it without anyone knowing. He still didn't like the secrecy between him and his supposed partners. Perhaps he could earn them and make it look like a fumble, heck they didn't like them they would love the idea of a spartan making a mistake! he looked to his new partner, ignite, couns. He saluted back in formality "let's go, let me take point on this one." duke took his smg inboth hands and aimed down the sights walking at a brisk pace down the halls. Quickly mapping the facility and finding out how to get to the basement
  10. Duke looked back and fourth trying to make the best choices he sighed and computed the most successful route where no one would get hurt. "I'll go with ignite and lock on" he looked to the two "sorry guess your stuck with me" then back to male and female mission leads "just one thing, you said there might be marines in there!" He said sternly there was no way he was hurting another human, the mere idea of it made him insane! Especially them being on the same side and in a war with something like the covenant
  11. Duke took out his modified smg, it was a bit heavier than most by at least 10 pounds and fired depleted uranium shells, packed a punch and in duke's massive hands it could still be used with acrobatics, his secondary weapon was an ordinary shotgun. "Whoah!" He said as sky came over he smiled hearing that the humans were ok "well looks like the odst are fine, are we going to meet up with them or move ahead? Work on protecting them?"
  12. Duke smiled like a little boy getting on the bus for his first day of school! "Thanks just wanted someone to check!" when sky spoke to him he shook his head quickly scanning military doctrine for loopholes to tell them. He locked up his pod and his hint heart raced! He focused on the documents trying to take his mind of the fact that he was in sub orbit just close enough to the planet that gravity would take effect and he would literally fall to orbit! And the pod had just enough rockets and steel on it that it would slow down just enough to not break his neck and land! and that's when he felt it the doors opened and he felt the rush. He couldn't help but "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" His voice going as high as it could screaming in terror! Unlike the others his brain was calculating how fast he was going! He quickly turned that off and looked down at the camera feed his terror turned to glee! Almost like a roller coaster he shifted the pod around trying to stay close to sky calculating a few dozen yards for safety! He wasn't afraid of heights but seeing the fire at the nose of his pod and the Planet getting closer was amazing and scary! he was scared ... but mostly exited! It only took a few moments he turned his computer back on and checked the geo data for a landing space and quickly pushed it towards a prairie. He tryed to adjust it for a Good landing in the center but it was too late and he crashed near the tree line he jumped up with enough force to rock his Spartan body and gasped for air catching his breath as he checked his camera. in his near infinite knowledge he forgot to mute his com and wasn't sure if everyone heard him screaming. But he didn't care "ahhh oh ... whoah .... whoah! Ok team report! Any casualties, injuries? Everyone ok and where they need to be?" He asked quickly
  13. When duke got the private com from the other Spartan he jerked back! He had all but yelled out "come on man!i didn't do anything wrong!" He remained silent the whole time. His computerized brain instantly memorizing the names of his new partners. he never did an odst drop before but his computer could instruct him how. Still he felt nervous trusting it too much. He got inside following the intructions spoke on the private channel to sky saying "ummm if we're going to do a nuclear detention we should ...probably tell them. I don't see any benfit keeping them out of the loop." he looked to buttler "hey am I doing this right!" He shed the odst referring to his pod
  14. Duke was thankful he had a helmet on. Because he had never seen a human that small before and made a huge duck face to hold in his laughter! It was like a baby was trying to give him orders! when "butler" came to him he took deep breath. Despite the fact that he was essentially a child Duke's voice was loud and deep, a little raspy from spending most of his life in comma. "Yes, just a few staff Seargent. Would you like us both to shock drop with you? Because i was thinking I could bring a longsword down there. Help secure the landing sight and it would be good as an alternative escape route." like a nervous little boy he quickly added "Also I was hopefull you could tell me more about the nature of the facility we're going! They didn't tell me what they do there and there's no data on it besides ...covenant interrogation?" He says double checking the files
  15. Duke walked thru the corridors, the ship felt small to him, so did the people in it. Everything, was dwarfed by his enhanced mutant body. But he felt small like everything in the world hit him at once. One minute he was back with his friend the professor, playing with lego bricks, now they told him he needed to go on a mission. This was his first real mission, besides a few back up runs and firefights, he felt as if he never handled something this big before! he wasn't sure exactly what would happen. In fact he "cheated" during the briefing and used the computer in his brain to understand it. Even then everything seemed scary and strange to him. The mission would start soon. Duke walked into the drop pod bay, ducking under the doorway. He was told a lot about odst, that they would resent him for what he was, and that they may or may not be better than him. He wanted to speak with them before it started for a few reasons. He activated his computer and scanned the pods. The idea of a orbital shock drop somehow seemed like the smartest and stupidest thing he ever heard about!
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