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    My Interests are Art,making DARK stories,reading creepypastas,playing games.

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    colourBlaze (me)
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    Black Smoke
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  1. Name:colourBlaze Sex:Female Age:A Teenage Mare Species:Alicorn Eye colour:Purple Coat:Pinkie Pie Pink Mane/Tail:Has very long Rainbow Hair with hair shaped like spikes at the tips(same for the tail) Physique:Kinda Tall (same height as Luna)round and pointy snout Occupation:Going to different stories and saving the ones who are hurt Cutie Mark:A zap apple on the left and a rainbow pencil crossing the zap apple Story: As A little filly shes was a just a pegusai, but she always dreamed of being a hero so she practiced to fly at great speed to confuse enemies.But one day whole Ponyville was filled with chaos (that's when Discord came)and she had to figure out the source of the chaos,and finally she found it...a throne with thee god of chaos...Discord.She had to fight him it was her chance...her chance to for fill her life long wish ,a hero.Flying at great speed...targeting that beast hoof up in the air hitting him...spinning in circles to confuse him,dizzy discord touched colourblaze but accidently he used all six insanitys on...her.It was to much Dark Magic she had to grow to be an Alicorn falling at great speed she regain consciousnes opened her wings and stopped herself from harm.But one thing she didn't realize thats when Celestia snapped out of it (she was discorded too)and created a chain reaction you know the rest.Later that day Ponyville was back to normal,colour had felt happiness like never before she'd for filled her dream and earned a horn she was a alicorn,but she wont stop saving lives she went to the library to learn spells and that's how she enter stories like Luna,but time passed on and she realized why she got her horn when her anger growing she was black as night mouth dissapeered eyes glowing white like the moon and not one single colour in her mane nor tail and wings were no longer there it was dragon wing which was incredibly sharp.Blaze wanted to punch her wall which broke the entire wall leaving a huge gap.Blaze calmed down and turned to her normal self she realized that she can use it as a weapon to save Ponyville from danger. Now you know who i am reader...a protecter of Ponyville. The End
  2. To be honest im not who you think I am I'm actually the hero of stories is I try to change the past and save who is hurt...and it's true whenever I get Angry or Depressed I turn to my Darkness self to destroy who hurts my friends...But what I explained to you my friends is true i haven't been Angry or saved anyone for so long...I just didn't want to see my dark side again...If your wondering why to i have this Dark magic inside me is because well...when I was just a little pegusai I was like the speed of light i flew with great speed!But Discord came and it wasn't Discord the one you were thinking it was Insanity Discord the who made the Insanity 6 I had to save my beloved town So I put myself out and ran with great speed but quickly he cursed me my body couldn't take such magic so i grew a horn...but i did stop him with my anger and he died nopony remembers me now...but there you go my Darkest Secret I had be Honest it is what i had to do... love, colourBlaze
  3. Aww... Thanks Guys Thanks for the welcome...I Really appreciated...
  4. Hi everypony! My name is colourblaze and i'm a Alicorn.I'm very Shy Yet i have a problem with my Anger Even the Smallest Thing can Anger Me and i turn to my Dark side which you will see in the gallery. I have a Mane of Rainbow Dash just a bit longer... and a skin colour of Pinkie And the eye colour of Twilight and Eye shape of Flutter Shy .I like to make my mother smile And Im Honest all the time I like to Make art and learn something new I like to sing and dance.So since you know me a little there yah go!my first post!
  5. Hey EveryPony!! tell whats your fav creepypasta?mine is Jeff The Pony Killer 0_0

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    2. MisterG
    3. SparkleFire
    4. kinkamina


      Pinkamina Diane Pie.

      Otherwise known as Cupcakes

      Happy Happy Joy Joy.

  6. Hey Everypony I would like to know more about you whats your favorite music?Mine is dubstep!

    1. pollo20x6


      Electronic dance. What's your favorite song? I know that must be pretty tough to choose, but if you had to pick two or three.

    2. Colorblaze


      Umm Gladiator remix Kyoto

    3. Colorblaze


      thx for the comment!!!

  7. and one more question do i have to pay?if yes i can't
  8. Um hey can you draw my Oc im really good at drawing but please dont draw a paintbrush if your wondering why is my profile picture is horrible is because im not good at internet drawing...
  9. Hey everypony! I just wanna chat with you!

    1. MisterRe


      Well you'll have to post three times first. :)

    2. Colorblaze


      oh okay thanks!sorry just first time here

    3. Colorblaze


      And um MisterRe?would you accept my friendship?

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