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  1. Across the multiverse, a vicious alien force has been moving to and fro, assimilating all in its wake. Equestria is next. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQR46TZhjss And as a bonus :3 - https://www.youtube....h?v=QQR46TZhjss
  2. Just a spooky little thing I made based off the tumblr Ask King Sombra. Enjoy .
  3. After two intense days of editing and two weeks of intense procrastinating (I'll have you know that finding episodes of Stargate SG-1 can be hard early season wise), I've finally completed the first part of my disasterpiece, The Nightmare Before Nightmare Night, a parody of The Nightmare Before Nightmare Night I wrote about a year ago. It's now in the form of what I guess you could call Phoenix Wright Style? I dunno. Anyway, here's the description: On a dark day, one may wonder: just what horrors lie beyond the veil of the heavens? What ghastly demons exist that could only spawn in a pony's dreams? What terror!? What blight in the face of all that is good!? What- wait, it's the Mane Six? What sort of twisted reality contains a lycan Applejack, a vampiric Fluttershy, a ghostly Rarity, and a lich queen Twilight Sparkle, you may ask? Why, it's just the Nightmare Realm, existing one and a half dimensions below and above the normal Equestria, and they are sick and tired of Nightmare Night not living up to its name in the 'real' world. However, are these nightmares truly nightmares, or do they just like a good scare? Why, it depends on who you're talking to! So sit tight, give way to fright, for coming soon is Nightmare Night! And the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyfqFxE3ebY For those of you who may still be interested in voicing, you may notice that my not-so-good female impression took up half the female rolls, so I am always looking for that. I am also looking for a male to voice Link (long story) and both an undead Spike and regular Spike. The female voices I'm looking for are: Rainbow Death The Cutie Mark Crusaders Pinkie Pie Any other side characters that are noticeably voiced by me .
  4. One thousand years after her banishment, Princess Luna returns to a flooded world - with her sister nowhere to be found. Yet with the help of the Equestrian Remnant's valiant airship, the Nocturnal Thunder, and an alternate Mane Six, she may soon find answers at the edge of this strange, oceanic realm... Give her a read . http://www.fimfictio...ound-of-thunder The SOT Collab Group Presents... Entry 26-A - Chief Navigator Twilight Sparkle's Command Log October 12th, 1001 A.G.F. Once upon a time, they said this world was home to a million secrets. Secrets hidden in the woods, the caves, and within ourselves. Secrets that could shatter the world, or simply shatter the sense of one's self. Yet it isn't always for the best for such secrets to be found… My mother once said that the island I live on is just the tip of a massive mountain, one of the highest in the land formerly known as Equestria. To the old ones, this mountain must have been a sight to see, casting a shadow over half the nation… a nation of soil, not water. That was, until Princess Luna became corrupted, having grown envious of another’s sway over the heavens and the ponies below it. A being known simply as Princess Celestia. Her own sister. I've read about this being... studied her: I've been fascinated with her since I was a filly, though I can't put my hoof on why. It's like deja-vu in a way - I feel like I should know her... but I don't. And for some reason, it makes me sad. Everything I know about what happened all those years ago is from my books - some of them centuries old. The two fought… The former was defeated – exiled to the moon for a thousand years. Yet solving one… ‘problem’, awoke another. Sensing weakness, one who had long since dwelled in places nopony was meant to see, beneath a stormy maelstrom in the Central Ocean, awoke: the dreaded old god, Nathusha. Once again, Princess Celestia fought selflessly - however, this time, not for the sake of those who dwelt in the light, but those who dwelt above the seas... Yet, despite all her efforts, he cast down the solar goddess... ... And claimed the greater whole of all land as his own. The solar princess was not killed, however, or so say the legends. Celestia, a being of beauty, was captured by Nathusha and brought back to his home of R’Lach, deep beneath the waves, to be his queen. Neither have been heard of since. Nopony even has a clue where R’Lach is. I never knew this world, so I sometimes wonder why I long for it. Equestria, or the Equestrian Remnant as it is now called, has moved on – the world has moved on. We’re used to the sea – we respect the sea, yet… the sea was meant for visiting, not living upon. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like had Nathusha never came. What would the world be like? Would Princess Celestia still be around? Who would I be? Would I even ‘be’ at all? Again - I feel... cold at the thought. However, the past is the past and there's no use worrying about what could have been. Now all that’s left is to look towards the future. A future set under the moonlight. For, one year ago, Princess Luna returned. Or ‘Nightmare Moon’, I should say. I was ready. Two days before it, I was given a scroll containing an ancient prophecy by a mysterious stallion named Captain Black Harness, whose family I suppose once served the ancient solar goddess. Five others were given identical scrolls, five others who are now my greatest friends: Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie (Or Captain Piepan, as she is called), and Applejack. Together, after journeying to find the sunken Elements of Harmony, we freed Princess Luna from her ancient burden. And she was grateful – to her sister and to the Elements. Our nation took to her like a daughter to a long-lost mother. Over the past year, she has guided us. Loved us... Protected us when need-be. With her help, she has made the Equestrian Remnant strong in the eyes of the world. I even became her faithful student in the art of magic - an honor I never thought I'd be bestowed. Yet she did not forget who she was – and her wrath over her sister’s absence could be felt for many moons. Yet Captain Black was not done delivering messages. One stormy night, he knocked on her palace’s doors, holding a message that held a simple set of far-away coordinates, ones near the edge of the map, and a single message written in her sister’s hoof-writing: ‘Fly here for answers.’ With a new-found determination, the Princess of the Night sought to travel this long journey. However, because of her weakened state brought upon by her battle with the Nightmare, as well as a loss of connection with her sister, she could not hope to travel the journey… At least – not alone… ... ... ... ... .. . Chapter By - Silent Bob Edits By - Cor200, Doccular42, and Salacar Artwork By- Various Deviantart Sources - Some Edited by Silent Bob Map By - Silent Bob
  5. The Legend of the Titans [colour=#555555]In the depths of the Everfree Forest, an artifact older than life itself activates, bringing forth five, resting heroes of old. Though they don't remember much, they still remember who they are. Yet in this new land of harmony and minimal crime, will they be able to be able to embrace the chance to finally live normal lives, or will they [/colour]always[colour=#555555] be needed to heed the call?[/colour] [colour=#555555]Yep, if there's one thing I obsessed about more than My Little Pony, it's these guys . Oh, and as a bonus, here's a list of the current rogue's gallery: most of these are reader created. Read chapter four comments for more detail. The title is the link.[/colour] [colour=#555555]The rating system goes as follows:[/colour][colour=#555555] 0 - No planned use. (At the moment. However, there likely will be eventually.)[/colour][colour=#555555] + Possible idea for future use.[/colour][colour=#555555] ++ Planned for future use.[/colour][colour=#555555] +++ Already in, mo ****a.[/colour][colour=#555555] *Possible Minor Spoilers Below*[/colour][colour=#555555] Loners[/colour][colour=#555555] Eldrich Abominations/Monsters[/colour][colour=#555555] Alternator - Currently residing in Canterlot hospital. Crazy awesome form-changing ... thing. Read about him.[/colour][colour=#555555] The Shapeless - Feeds off fear. Possibly feeds off it from those in the artifact. + (May be used in first arc)[/colour][colour=#555555] Ender - Possible creature from the moon or a planet on the far side of the MLP solar system which he calls No Cre'Her. (No other solar systems in this universe with planets.) Went insane due to being off his homeworld for too long.[/colour][colour=#555555] Shadowmist - Young Adult dragon about six feet tall. Somewhat sympathetic backstory. Possible anti-hero.[/colour][colour=#555555] Magic[/colour][colour=#555555] Negato - Zebra. Hunts unicorns. Nullifies magic. Skar expy.[/colour][colour=#555555] Badass Normals - Tech and Just Good Fighters[/colour][colour=#555555] Slade - +++ (already in)[/colour][colour=#555555] Ins4n1ty - Bat**** insane torture master who also has a love for icecream.[/colour][colour=#555555] Sprinkles - Mob Seller of destructive doughnuts. This is awesome.[/colour][colour=#555555] Mist Breeze - Pegasus thief who uses her inborne weather magic for her shenanigans.[/colour][colour=#555555] Red X - Heard of the legends of Red X. Same costume, but different tech.[/colour][colour=#555555] [colour=#333333]MR. FREEZE - THE Mr. Freeze who became stuck in the artifact after a fight with Blight. Great concept. **** yeah **** yeah **** yeah. ++ (There will be an arc based around him god ****it)[/colour][/colour][colour=#555555] Cyborgs/Golems/Robots[/colour][colour=#555555] Puppeter - Somewhat like the Puppet Master in Teen Titans. Sympathetic in a way.[/colour][colour=#555555] Supernaturals[/colour][colour=#555555] Relic Daybreak - Vampire daywalker who can actually shoot sunlight. Loves testing people. Kind of creepy.[/colour][colour=#555555] Necrosis Wraith - Undead mo ****a. One of Starswirl's former rivals. + (Possible use in the Captain Black arc)[/colour][colour=#555555] Videntis - Badass assassin bat-pony. Former guard. Bloodlust.[/colour][colour=#555555] Raven Mocker - Mythological creature. Steals souls of the dying.[/colour][colour=#555555] Reckoletor - Creepy mother ****ing demon who morphs animals to what he needs.[/colour][colour=#555555] Wrath - The embodiment of the Everfree Forest's rage. +++ (Already in)[/colour][colour=#555555] Changelings[/colour][colour=#555555] Mystrailia - Changeling/pony hybrid falsely accused by Shining Armor himself for comitting a crime.[/colour][colour=#555555] Elementals[/colour][colour=#555555] Phoenix - Part phoenix. Currently confined to Tartarus.[/colour][colour=#555555] Thunder and Lightning - The same two fellows from the Teen Titans reincarnated. Possibly take over the bodies of Snips and Snails? Would be hilarious. + (Possible their own mini-arc)[/colour][colour=#555555] Possible Team Players[/colour][colour=#555555] Eldrich Abominations/Monsters[/colour][colour=#555555] Pandemoneum - Cousin of Discord. Bit more destructive but has a small soft side.[/colour][colour=#555555] Onyx Claw - Teenage dragon. Sparr master.[/colour][colour=#555555] Magic[/colour][colour=#555555] Lord Goldbloom - Hates bullies. Illusionist. Drives people mad.[/colour][colour=#555555] Frost Wind - Unicorn Mr. Freeze.[/colour][colour=#555555] Strike Bomb - Crystal Unicorn with a love for explosive crystal magic.[/colour][colour=#555555] Runic Fire - Uses runes as an advantage in combat. Egomaniac[/colour][colour=#555555] Blackhoof - Torture master and trap making unicorn. Mercenary. Overconfident.[/colour][colour=#555555] Badass Normals[/colour][colour=#555555] Ramming Wreck - Minotaur bruiser..[/colour][colour=#555555] Steel Wing - Griffin badass mercenary who will **** you up.[/colour][colour=#555555] La Muerte- Mexicolt assassin. Badass. Definite anti-hero.[/colour][colour=#555555] Gnarl and Grimoire - Most likely a pair of thieves. + (Likely will make use of them as comedic relief villians)[/colour][colour=#555555] Cyborgs/Golems/Robots[/colour][colour=#555555] Sharpened Intelligence - Pretty much a soul attached to a robotic body.[/colour][colour=#555555] Diesel - Mechanical construction of pure hate. Possibly Made by Slade.[/colour][colour=#555555] Supernaturals[/colour][colour=#555555] Captain Black Harness - Immortal Earth Pony currently tainted by the Black Orb. Cannot die. Ever. (Not just in story regards either.) +++ (Already in)[/colour][colour=#555555] Changelings[/colour][colour=#555555] Requiem - Changeling dark magic user trying to take over the hive. ++ (Definite use in the changeling arc)[/colour][colour=#555555] Fang Cloak - Decent changeling infiltrator[/colour][colour=#555555] Silent Shadow - Badass changeling infiltrator. Do not **** with her or she will turn you against your best friend.[/colour][colour=#555555] Elementals[/colour][colour=#555555] Snowfall - Half-windigo descendent of Snowdrop. After Princess Luna's life. A taaaaad bit bitter.[/colour][colour=#555555] Blizzard - Pegasus who has seven friggin windigos in her. Very brutal combatent.[/colour][colour=#555555] Murachan - Zebra elemental master. Mercenary.[/colour][colour=#555555] Slade's Myterious Associate - +++ (Already in)[/colour][colour=#555555] Spawn - A living being of fire. Terrorist fo sure.[/colour][colour=#555555] Created Groups[/colour][colour=#555555] The Others - Badass group of thieves or mercenaries. Possibly terrorists. + (Probably will find a use for them sometime soon.)[/colour][colour=#555555] Heroes (Or Helpers of Heroes) in Ponyville and the Surrounding Areas[/colour][colour=#555555] Eldrich Abominations/Monsters[/colour][colour=#555555] The Slendermane - Silent guardian and manifestation of the Everfree Forest's Fear.[/colour][colour=#555555] Magic[/colour][colour=#555555] Starfire - Pegasus Titan able to spawn energetic green ball lightning on her frontal hooves. (Also, laser eyes. Winning)[/colour][colour=#555555] Princess Twilight Sparkle - Princess currently residing in Ponyville to begin her studies. She's fairly powerful, but not invincible. Her power is nowhere near Luna/Celestia's.[/colour][colour=#555555] Rarity - Not really a hero, per-say, but she'll fix up your costume in a jiff. Maybe she'll figure out a way to shield it from magic, too... decent shot with combat magic when in a tight spot.[/colour][colour=#555555] Badass Normals[/colour][colour=#555555] The Doctor - The current universe's reincarnation of the Doctor. He's the Doctor: Nuff said. Possibly currently deceased. Has inexplicably decent skills with sword-fighting and bo-staffs (the latter of which he prefers)[/colour][colour=#555555] Derpy - Intelligent assistant of the Doctor. Possibly currently trapped in the distant past. Somewhat decent with a bo-staff as well. (The Doctor loves Bo-staffs, Bo-staffs are cool.)[/colour][colour=#555555] Rainbow Dash - Pretty much one of the most badass pegasi in Equestria. May occasionally help the Titans out.[/colour][colour=#555555] Applejack - The most normal of badass normals. Strong hooves and a good shot with a Hoof-Rifle. Part of the Town Militia.[/colour][colour=#555555] Granny Smith - The oldest badass of badass normals. Good with a Hoof-Rifle. Part of the Town Militia.[/colour][colour=#555555] Robin - Do not **** with him. No matter who you are. Kill him quickly or he will figure out how to take you down.[/colour][colour=#555555] Sergeant Necrospear - Captain of the Night Guard (bat-ponies) in Ponyville.[/colour][colour=#555555] Cyborgs/Golems/Robots[/colour][colour=#555555] Cyborg - BOOYA! Current robot-parts powered by magitek. Raven helps him out here.[/colour][colour=#555555] Supernaturals[/colour][colour=#555555] Raven - Rockin' demon gothic snarky Titan of black magic doom. Unicorn (who will eventually learn how to fly)[/colour][colour=#555555] Zecora - The Manifestation of the Everfree Forest's pride. Zebra magic (elemental) is her strong point, as well as hoof-to-hoof combat and alchemy.[/colour][colour=#555555] Pinkie Pie - Nopony knows what the **** she really is. All that's known is she is fairly harmless. Do not mess with her friends, however.[/colour][colour=#555555] Sorrow - The manifestation of the Everfree Forest's sorrow. Powerful but fairly placid.[/colour][colour=#555555] Changelings[/colour][colour=#555555] Beast Boy - A literal changeling. Feeds off love. He's pretty much the greatest changeling on Trinity when it comes to animorphing.[/colour] [colour=#555555] Enjoy .[/colour]
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