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  1. From the album: Knight Knight's arty tarties

    Kind of a sketch, but an EQG dude I made for rping, thought I’d share the art.

    © Me myself and I, starfox365

  2. My newer art, from after my extended leave. I'll try posting just a couple at a time, trying to make up for lost time, but I don't want to spam my art lol.
  3. Back. On my ipad for now, using an itty bitty bluetooth keyboard...but soon...SOON I shall have my glorious new $1400 laptop and then I shall use and abuse the internet SO HARD. 

    But I can totally start RPing now. ipad Pro does the trick with the keyboard for tippa typing! Hit me up if you want to plot some plots or think some thoughts together!

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      When I am home tonight, I will talk at length in your general directioin!

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      I do have discord on my ipad, so that’s fine too! YAY!

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      I am home. Contact me when you're on!

  4. Ha haaaaaaaa that's cuz it's not there. It didn't copy over for some reason. HERE YA GO: [b]Name:[/b] [b]Species:[/b] [b]Description/appearance:[/b] (include any and all injuries.) [b]Weaponry:[/b] [b]Short Bio[/b]
  5. Yup, use the Rp character sheet I included in the post, please! I do remember you!!! BUuuuttttt....I'd like to stick to pony only characters for this one, because the curse is specific to their species, and the undead don't go for non-ponies. Hope that's ok!
  6. I am also willing to play this 1 on 1, if anyone is interested.
  7. Well, it shouldn't be lewd. They're shown on cows in the show, and they're a natural part of bovine anatomy. I don't really get why on horses they're suddenly lewd.
  8. Hmm...I am not a mod, but as far as I am aware, Cows are already a sentient species. They speak in show, and are canonically about the same as donkeys as far as being civilians, but I do think their milk is drank, so they seem to still have a herd mentality/setting for living, but they are in town at times. I also have a cow/pony hybrid and am curious. I think she would not be allowed because she has udders and that looks rather LEWD on poniz. That said, I am guessing your OC would fit in FFA?
  9. WELCOME TO.... >><< 2.0 For the story of how this all started, pop open the spoiler: As a general rule for everypony--you have THREE DAYS to post, to keep this thread active. so if I post on Wednesday, you have until Saturday to post. Before I post a list, there are just a few rules: 1. Magic, while allowed, is not the answer to everything. There will be limitations. Characters will sustain injury and exhaustion. While I am ok with spells being used to fight upon occasion, do not God-mode it. 2. No advanced weaponry. This is still Equestria. Think medieval. And, again, no god-moding this. Don't be a weapons expert. Being the 'ultimate' character makes it annoying and boring for everypony else. You can't do everything at once, but that's what makes it interesting! It should also be noted that, in all actuality, these creatures are on four legs majority of the time. A lot of times their most used weapon is going to be their hooves. Please keep this in mind in RP. 3. On that note, again: NO GOD-MODING. NO IMPENETRABLE CHARACTERS. NO ALICRONS. 4. No characters with the cure. We may seek it out, you may be a scientist who could help with it, but you can't just have the cure. Sorry. 5. No AMC rip off characters. That said, I'm limiting the amount of crossbow carrying characters. Be unique, guise. 6. No mane cast. I'll consider canon characters, but none even close to mane. The character I'll be playing is Surprise, as in Surprise from the old gen. Pinkie Pie's predecessor. You are welcome to join in on this idea, and play perhaps Firefly/Posey or something, but you certainly don't have to. I'll be playing majority of all NPCs, but while you are more than welcome to play zombies, wounds/deaths must all be plotted out with the victims! Character Profile: [b]Name:[/b] [b]Species:[/b] [b]Description/appearance:[/b] (include any and all injuries.) [b]Weaponry:[/b] [b]Short Bio[/b] Current posting order: Main: 1. knight (meself) Other: If you have a character that is not in the main group, you may get skipped for the first few posts, until the main actually can meet your characters. And if you have a character that is both main and 'other', as I know at least two of you do, try to put them both in your turn. Also be aware that I will be throwing in sort of 'Gamemaster' posts every now and again to keep the story interesting. I'll post them as I see fit, but for Surprise, I'll keep her in order. I may possibly do two in one, if it's my turn. If you ever want to skip your turn, just post the word 'SKIP' so we know that you are paying attention, still! Remember to follow the topic and keep in touch in OOC chat! If we get new players, please be sure to check the list as it will be updated! Minor blood/gore mention is within the PG13 limit, but sexual things are forbidden.
  10. Aspen Aspen wrapped his large tail around his rear leg, feeling nervous as he was addressed by one of the Qillin tour guides, not knowing that he was looking at royalty. He mumbled crossly under his breath at the mention of being late, "I didn't oversleep...my mom and dad were being a pain in the tail..." He turned his eyes forward, nodding when the guide said they would be proceeding, his ears finally raising upright, ready to pay attention, when a soft voice caught his attention. He turned to look down at the filly speaking to him, listening carefully and smiling at the way she said the word Gryphon, and he replied to her in a soft whisper, but with exaggerated beak movement, hoping it helped, "I see. I'll do my best to talk with a wide beak!" He reached into his bag and pulled out a notepad, and quickly scribbled the same thing on paper in case she couldn't understand, adding that he'd be fine with writing to her. He did have a smaller, rounded beak, with his owl-esque appearance, so if he needed to write to communicate, he would be happy to. After a pause, he scribbled an addition, "My name is Aspen. Nice to meet you, Echo." He lifted a claw to shake the other young one's hoof, holding it open expectantly.
  11. So I was creepin' on your profile and saw the 'Climb every mountain' lyrics and now I can't get the song out of my head and I hate you.


    But I don't really.

    But I kind of do.




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  12. Aspen Late. The young gryphon was late, had woke up late--was, in general, late, and at this point, his parents goal to have him 'make friends and learn about new cultures' was such a low priority it made his craw ache. He flapped his wings as he fluttered towards the meeting spot his parents had instructed him to go to. They were here, in Long Guo, despite themselves not actually being chaperones. The two feigned innocence when he had questioned their motives, saying they were here to see the sites, but in reality, it was all too clear taht they were simply being overprotective of their only child, as they had smothered Aspen since they had gotten here... He looked over his shoulder, where his parents waived in the distance. It was a miracle he had gotten them to release him with a block or so to go. He sighed and turned towards the palace in front of him, where the group of young ones was already gathered with the large red stallion who was the actual chaperone, and he fluttered down as quietly as he could at the back of the group, sidling over to Big Macintosh. "M...mister Macintosh...sir...I'm sorry I'm late...sorry my parents are here...sorry, I..." He whispered the words to the stallion softly, nervously, his voice a soft hoot, stuck in the back of his throat, "Um...Sorry." He sidled away from the big horse, ears drooping as the large hatchling tried to make himself appear as small as possible, despite being significantly taller than the other fillies and colts. He saw they were in the presence of two rather regal looking Qillin which must be their tour guides. Having missed the stirring introductory speech, the young gryphon wrapped a claw around the satchel wrapped around his chest nervously, swallowing hard and wishing himself even smaller.
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  14. I didn't realize the last post was so long ago...can I still join? I'd like to with my new character, Aspen:
  15. From the album: Knight Knight's arty tarties

    Mini gif of Aspen for RP use.

    © art and character are by me.

  17. Roleplay Type: WoE and FFA Name: Aspen Sex: Male Age: Juvenile/foal-age Species: Gryphon Eye colour: Yellow Coat: White-grey, with snow-leopard like spotting below the waist, and flecks of the same shade of dark grey/black on his wings. Mane/Tail: Thick and fluffy snow leopard tail. Physique: Nearly as tall as an adult pony, he's about a head taller than pony fillies and foals, despite being the same age. He isn't fat, but he comes from a long line of thick plumage and appears quite 'fluffy'. Residence: His parent's home, just outside of Canterlot in a cottage in the Whitetail Woods. Occupation: Child/No occupation yet. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Large, round eyes like an owl, and a squished beak much like them. Very fluffy legs, unlike most gryphons who do not have plumage below the knee. History: His parents are from a long line of owl-esque gryphons that live in the far north, past the Crystal Empire, which is why they have such thick feathers and fur. His father towers over even larger gryphons, and appears like a snowy owl, where his mother has the appearance similar to a barn owl, and is slightly shorter than her partner. The two of them are crafty types and moved to Equestria to start their family a few years ago. The two of them are master woodworkers, and use the fallen branch and tree litter of the Whitetail Woods to do their craft, and sell to ponies and do custom interior design woodwork. His mother also works with crystal, and makes high quality chandeliers. He was born in Canterlot at the hospital, and will be going to school there. His parents have already taught him to read and he likes to whittle, but doesn't have as serious of an interest in woodwork as his parents would like. He likes to fish with his dad, and loves to read already. He has a bit of a complex over his 'cuteness', because his parents coddle him so much and when he is introduced to their adult friends, he's often mistaken for a girl because of his outwardly 'cute and fluffy' appearance, combined with his large eyes and relative quietness. Character Personality: Shy at first, but outspoken if he gets agitated or embarrassed. Character Summary: A young gryphon who does not have a 'special talent' or single goal yet, because he's just a child. He's often mistaken as a girl because he's rather cutesy (fluffy/wide eyed and quiet), and has a bit of a complex about it.
  18. I'm making a young gryphon character for this specifically, so please include me! I'll be submitting her app tonight lol
  19. Updated with new characters. -11/23/17
  20. Roleplay Type: WoE and FFA Name: Radiant Resonance Sex: Mare Age: Adult Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Sky blue fading to periwinkle blue Coat: White Mane/Tail: Blonde with orange-ish tips. Her mane is most frequently styled in a large bun, or straightened and down. Her tail is usually left in it's naturally wavy state, but again, occasionally straightened. Physique: Thin and tall, model-esque curves and facial appearance. About as tall as Princess Cadance. Residence: Her career requires much travel, but she has an apartment in Manehatten, the upgraded home she purchased for her parents and herself in Canterlot, a resort on her own private island off the coast of the Horseshoe bay, and a vacation home in Los Pegasus. She is likely the wealthiest mare in the modeling world, and the most careful with her funds. Occupation: Model and inventor, though she doesn't do as much of the latter any longer. Cutie Mark: A yellow diamond centered in headphones with a red and blue lightning bolt on either earbud. Unique Traits: She is deaf, and without her headphones she cannot hear, and must use sign-hoof or air-writing via magic for those that do not know sign hoof. History: She was born in Canterlot, and from the moment she was born, she was deaf. Her parents loved her regardless, her beauty shining through to their hearts and the hearts of any doctor or nurse pony that ever met her. From a young age, she was an avid learner and exceptionally curious individual. Throughout her life, she has found a mis-balanced mix of her passions--the girly portion of her, who loved all things fashion and loved to make herself pretty and accessorize; and the ever-brainstorming, seeking, learning 'nerd' portion of her personality. Unfortunately, when you're a deaf mare, the opportunities to go into the field of modeling, as was her dream, are limited by your disability. So, making it through primary school on 'sky writing' with magic or using sign-hoof, she entered into an advanced technical college. It was not even her second year at the school when she had her breakthrough, inventing the headset she now wears on a daily basis. The device fully encases the ears (which can cause them to grow a little bit fuzzy...) and is powered by a combination of a spell and a contraption of her own device that is powered by pulling the black cords (which she modified to look more fashion-forward, of course) which wind the mechanism and keep the sound coming through clear and is kept balanced with the spell. With this invention, too, came her first time in a magazine--first it was 'Magnificent Mares' a magazine about inspiring females, then it was 'SCIENCE PONY', and soon she was all over magazines for how she had overcome adversity, fought for and now achieved her dreams, and then one after another offers came in from companies looking for a spokesmare or looking to have her in their latest play or musical. Before long, she had an agent, was raking in millions of bits from the earnings of her device, which was spread across the globe to help all deaf ponies everywhere. She has since invented many things--toys, mostly--but her main pursuit has entirely switched to her career as a model. She is a kind mare, despite her fame and success, and donates many of her bits, and often a good portion of her free time to charities, orphanages and deaf learning centers. She does occasionally go to events, typically those which are for the benefit of deaf schools and the like, without her headset, so she can support and communicate with those who prefer not to use her device, as there are those who have gone much of their lives without hearing, who do not wish to change, which she respects. Character Personality: She is a kind mare, despite her fame and success, and donates many of her bits, and often a good portion of her free time to charities, orphanages and deaf learning centers. Kind, generous, accepting and patient. She can be a little vain or self-centered, a sort of side-effect of entering the modeling world and her love of fashion. Character Summary: A deaf model who wears headphones that she invented herself to hear. Famous in the inventor and innovator scene, as well as the model scene.

    I'm back. I...was active. For awhile. but...my laptop got fried, to put it simply, and I've been basically only online on my phone for a couple months now. BUT it's repaired and should be running normal again! I'm sorry about any RP's I ended up abandoning. I plan on resuming my normal activity and posting some art soon! :eerie:

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  22. A couple of questions here, as I've been thinking of making a character or two in Neighpon for some time now.... One--how much would you love for the Shogun to have a younger sibling? (or twins) I had this idea rolling around in my noggin' of either a younger sister or a set of twin sisters. Two--are you wanting to keep with royal/high-level lineages when it comes to a potential/future bride? I feel like I would love to make a high class lady, but at the same time...I love the idea of doing a fabulous lady hot spring owner who is romantically inclined towards the Shogun. Maybe it's one sided. Maybe it's a bad apple Shogun. Who knows. Plot. Idk. I had a third question but I forgot so I guess that's it. Still thinking of things and character specifics. But I really am drawn to being a hot spring owner.
  23. "Their leaders? But I thought the gryphons no longer had leaders....I thought Pinkie and Rainbow's visit went so well! I thought....I thought..." The purple alicorn sat down and rubbed the back of her head, worry spreading across her face as she thought of the terrible consequences that the magical artifact--the map--had brought upon them. She had assumed only that the map had pure intentions, that the friendship problem to be solved could lead only to more good in the nation...she never suspected in the very least that it could lead to war! All this ran through her mind in the blink of an eye as Celestia continued, and she perked up at the end of her statement, the intellectual advanced lilac alicorn connecting the dots rather quickly, "A m...marriage..." "Marriage!?" Spike piped up next to her, latching onto her forearm with wide, confused eyes, only now catching on after Twilight had actually said it aloud, "You mean...you'd have to marry a gryphon?!" Spike looked from Twilight to Celestia, and Twilight met Celestia's eyes, her own bit of confusion and shock mirroring Spike's, but she blinked it away, her eyes glossy. She rose back up to her hooves and stood at attention, "If...If that is what is required of me, as the Princess of Friendship, I will--" She choked a bit, and tried to hide a tear that slid down her cheek with a quick wipe of her hoof, "I will do...my part. For the good of all of Equestria." "But...Twilight..." Spike's eyes were wide, and sparkling with potential tears, his expression filled with concern, "You can't..." "I must, Spike. For the good of everypony." She puffed up her chest with a shaky breath, eyes on her fellow princess and mentor, set in determination despite the obvious distress the violet princess felt, "Just tell me what I need to do, and I'll be there, Princess." To show her commitment, she bowed to her elder princess in respect, though she found it hard to rise as the intense reality set in upon her. She would have to marry...and not just...a pony...but a gryphon... She dare not imagine further into the future, for it may bring further tears, so she tried to focus on the task at hoof.
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