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  1. Figment really should have been used to Snively's lack of any tact whatsoever, but his continuous aggressive words continued to irritated him. He was still most likely just making this worse! Not...that he could blame Snively entirely. This pony had made several verbal jabs at him--unnecessarily, in his mind. It wasn't as if they needed any help being turned against each other...which Figment couldn't help but feel a bit bad for. Surely, Queen Chrysalis wouldn't approve of all this squabbling...even considering how unreasonable Snively was behaving. Of course, his tone reversed almost completely when he made his offer to the pegasus that involved him going free. Witnessing him bumble around with lies and bluffs and threats this way was...frustrating. Snively was decent at talking, but he wasn't focusing on any one thing--his conniving was too obvious. He could have done good, otherwise! At least, Figment thought so. He liked to think he was an expert on this sort of thing. However...what was done was done, and this pony wasn't going to let Snively go, it seemed. His thoughts raced for a moment. Figment was running out of ways to salvage this, though. He was confident he could survive being captured, but...he had no idea how Snively might react to being given no other choice--aside from 'negatively'. Frowning in concern for what might happen, he spoke up again. "Well...I don't think I have to tell you that my friend here isn't going to like this arrangement. I doubt either of us are going to change his mind, either...", he said, now considerably less nervous towards Veracity; maybe even slightly 'chummy'. If she was indeed being sincere in her warmness towards him, he intended to exploit that as fully as possible. His survival might depend on it... And then they began talking about his plan, which he did not really appreciate. He made a sulky expression at Veracity. "Well, it would ruin the effect if you all knew about it. It was 'working out' just fine so far. A few ponies here and there just might feel a bit tired, is all...", he explained, hoping this tiny bit of truth might gain him some good faith. As she went on explaining the details of what would be done with him, he seemed...resigned to it, at least. "If you all really are fair...I'll be surprised. And someone is going to have to be fed on. If you don't want me to expire, anyhow." Figment bet that he could last until he either escaped, or arrived at home...but, he'd rather not wait so long. Figment gave an odd look when she pulled a crystal out and smashed it. He was still unfamiliar with the majority of pony magic...but, judging from the situation, he figured it must have been some sort of signal. Or something. The prospect of backup made him feel a bit anxious again, but there wasn't anything to be done about it. He pondered on her offer to answer some questions...but wasn't really sure what to ask. "Is any of that going to involve blowing my cover even further..?", he asked flatly. He could cook up another identity, but...he was used to Honey Smiles--it'd be like stripping an entire second nature from him. It would certainly be inconvenient He then glanced back to Snively. "Sir, I don't have the energy to follow any attack order, or even cover your retreat...so, you're going to have to choose something here eventually. I'd suggest coming though this with me...but...maybe your faster than I think...", he said, not-so-subtly hinting that he should probably run away soon if that's what he had in mind. This seemed like a strong pegasus, though--she was probably faster than the both of them. Then again, Snively seemed like he might just be slimy enough to slip away from her.
  2. Kay. Anything else need tweaking?
  3. Right... My brain wasn't realizing that at the time for some reason. > > I think I fixed it though. ;l
  4. Name: Pepper Gender: Female Age: Young teenager Species: Dragon Eye colour: Yellow Character colour: Light gray Mane/Tail/Other: She has freckle-like splotches of black and grayish markings on her face and a few other places, and black spines. Physique: She's a bit awkward and gangly, and has lost a lot of her 'cuteness' from when she was a baby dragon, and is roughly the size of an above-average sized pony standing upright. She also has a bit of an overbite coupled with large front teeth. Residence: She travels the land, in search of excitement or adventure. Or gems. (but sometimes returns to her boss' tower to keep the place from collecting too much dust) Occupation: Adventurer! And gem hunter. Novice magical trinket dabbler. Hobo. Unique Traits: She carries a small, battered and junky sword she found with her...but it's mostly for dully whacking things with. She doesn't really have the stomach to actually stab anything. She has a rudimentary understanding and skill when it comes to common magic trinkets and spellbooks and whatnot, and knows enough to use them. Also, she can breathe fire, of course, and has the strength that comes with being a dragon. Though, she's still getting used to the latter. History: Pepper doesn't have a very 'storied' history(which she hopes to change). She was hatched by a wizard unicorn--not for any test or anything, but just because they wanted a dragon to research. And a helper around their tower... She was named Pepper for her markings, and after she was grown a bit, started her life as an assistant without much incident. As years went by, she couldn't help but become interesting in just what was in all of the books and whatnot she often fetched or returned. With her unicorn caretaker's approval, she began to learn the basics of magic and the world, though what really seemed to interest her were the more speculative books, and fiction. It was the few adventure and fiction book, along with myths and tales, that most likely had the greatest effect on her personality. Except maybe the ones where the villain was a dragon... Even though she was content enough to stay in the tower, only going out for the occasional supply run, she often daydreamed about witnessing an adventure or going on a quest for real. From the bestiaries and history books, it sounded like even crazier and more exciting things were possible in reality. She never expected she'd get a chance to ever experience it, though, seeing as her boss didn't get out much... Her somewhat mundane life went on, until one experiment in particular that her wizard friend was attempting. Something with teleportation, or a portal, or something--she really wasn't sure then, and remembers even less about it now. All she knows, is that something went wrong, and her unicorn friend just...poofed away. Along with the book and notes they were using to do it. So she had no lead on how to help or where they might have ended up. After a great deal of panicking an running around in circles, Pepper eventually came across a note, telling her that if their latest experiment went awry, then she was free to go, because they likely wouldn't be returning for a very long time. Though, they would appreciate it if the tower was in order whenever they got back. At first, with her entire job and purpose in life now shattered, Pepper merely stayed at the tower, sadly dusting the shelves and reordering books and whatnot. It didn't take long to consider doing as the note said and going off on her own. However, it was boring and lonely by herself there... So, soon enough, she packed some essentials, and wandered out into the world. Luckily, the experiment before the last had involved allowing her to grow into a 'teenage' dragon, so she had the strength and size to afford blundering into a bit of trouble--many creatures that might attack a pony avoided her entirely, making her learning process at the beginning of her outside life a lot less painful. After orienting herself a bit, she decided to use this chance as a chance to try and live out some of her fantasies, and go on some adventures herself--as the hero, even--unearthing forgotten knowledge and rescuing people, and having fun ,too. And maybe finding some gems to snack on... Maybe, even find out where her boss and fiend ended up along the way. Seemed as good a way to go about it than any other. It sounded fun, at least. Character Summary: Pepper basically wants to live her life like some kind of storybook hero--even though she's the dragon. Which, she is still rapidly learning, is not so easy in the world outside the tower she grew up in. Despite this, though, she tries her best and does a half-decent job sometimes, and remains as enthusiastic and excitable as ever. Even pushing aside her often ridiculous and naive(and often grating) behavior, she is still a very happy and kind dragon, willing to help out with even mundane tasks when she has the time(possibly due to her time as an assistant), and can even display some legitimate bravery and strength when it really matters. Another trait that's likely left over from her assistant job, is her desire to learn about magic and things in general, and despite her energetic tendencies, enjoys reading through books. Though, if they're very technical, she's likely to just skim through them...which usually results in botched magic use or something later on. She's also clumsy in other ways--and awkward--, not yet used to her own size and strength, often bumping her head or spines on doorways or shaking someone's hand or hoof too tightly. Even though she's usually positive, she does have moments where she mopes about certain things, especially when she fails at something, since she always tries so hard. Or, sometimes when she realizes just how gut-wrenching and dangerous adventuring and fighting can actually be, and feels like a wimp. She also gets lonely sometimes, what with her aimless questing around the land, and even gets homesick occasionally along with missing her caretaker and boss. Pepper also has a very pronounced weakness for gemstones... She'll sometimes even go so far as to ask for the jewelry that someone might be wearing if her cravings get the best of her, which leaves her feeling ashamed afterwards. For the most part, she doesn't really want a hoard or anything, though--she's only interesting in eating them.
  5. Though Figment was well aware he was likely pushing Snively's buttons, he was caught a bit off-guard by just how volatile of a reaction he got, blinking in surprise when his head was grabbed. His sad words at the pegasus hadn't been entirely insincere, but he was trying desperately to appeal to this pony's sympathetic side...something this bureaucrat couldn't seem to understand. Figment wasn't about to spell it all out for him and ruin the effect, either. As far as he was concerned, Snively was no longer in his 'loop'--his attempts at getting him to cooperate just made things worse and worse. From this point on, Figment's plans were his own. "Your loose lips, if you get captured, aren't my fault." He gave Snively a look before grumbling quietly. "You should have just played along with me..." He squirmed his way out of Snively's grasp. "I don't think that order is tactically sound. Out here...I know better." He figured there was no saving himself from any smearing or slandering on Snively's part by now, so he might as well do whatever to save both their hides, no matter how much it rattled his cage. With that, he turned back to the pegasus, seeing that his plea for some sympathy worked. Almost...too well. For a very brief moment, he eyed her suspiciously. Surely, she was playing at something, trying to manipulate him--that was his job! He'd never had a pony try and use it against him. Well, at least she knew how to play the game, unlike Snively. He still couldn't help but appear unmoved by her commentary on his 'ally', however, instead putting a mental hoof to his face. "Don't take anything he says too seriously..." The last thing Figment would like if for Snively's blustering to be interpreted as an act of war or...something. He was still learning how this city operated. Obviously, considering this pegasus' strange new attitude towards him--if it was the truth. "Well of course your kind is caring...and full of love. It's why we can't just leave you all be. But...it's not me they're friendly with. If any of them ever knew what I was, they'd hate me." Despite this pegasus' apparent acceptance of him, he just couldn't seem to believe any pony--or non changeling, for that matter, could ever tolerate him or the rest of his kind. It was such a foreign concept to him. Surely...this was just all some ruse to get him to... Well, he wasn't sure what. But she was up to something that wasn't entirely in his best interest, he was positive of that..! Whatever the case, at least she was claiming that the offer to end this quietly was still there, though he knew Snively would never go along with it. At least in it's current form. He decided to just keep listening quietly to her every word for now, though, trying to look pitiful and bewildered enough that she might notice and feel more sorry for him. Upon seeing her offer a hoof to him, there was some very genuine hesitation and wariness. Would she just grab him and pin him to the ground the moment he reached out? Or some other attack? It didn't really matter in the end--he was at her mercy. It was better than following Snively's thoughtless order, at any rate. "...I don't have much choice. But...could you only take me in? And let my friend go..?", he finally replied, cautiously extending his own hood for the shake, almost on the verge of trembling again. "...And I'm Figment."
  6. Figment's patience with Snively was finally beginning to wear extremely thin, though he wondered if it was possibly too late. He wasn't even being subtle about throwing him under the carriage! He didn't think he'd ever meet another changeling who could be so cruel...and selfish--a quality that no member of the hive should have, in his idealistic mind. "'We'? 'Us'? Really...sir?" He hissed, almost disregarding the pegasus for the moment. If he was going to get beat to a pulp, he at least wanted to give him a piece of his mind. "...Because I think you mean me only, while you retreat, right? You don't have the right to throw any hivemate's life away like that... You're just...a deserter. And...disloyal!" Figment's wings jittered and buzzed quietly in irritation. "I'm nothing like you, though! I'll protect you no matter what, because that's what a member of the Hive does, even if you don't deserve it. I don't think you know that, though. I hope you'll at least remember it after this..." Figment had serious doubts that anything he said would get through to Snively by this point. And this pegasus certainly couldn't appreciate how the Hive operated. He wasn't really sure who he might've been speaking at. Maybe the pony's habit of giving speeches had just been contagious. Or, maybe it was just the vain hope that Snively would feel some kind of remorse or regret if he became a casualty here, largely due to his actions. He finally glanced back at the pony, seeing that she'd now lost her temper, thanks to his fellow changeling... "And you...pony. I never 'rebuked' anything. I just asked for one detail...which you didn't answer. How can I trust you..? I've never heard of a pony making such an offer regarding a changeling...you all seem to hate or fear us... But, I don't hate any of you. I have no malice towards anyone unless they threaten the Hive..." At this point, he'd decided to just cut Snively out of his statements, only speaking for himself. Though Figment would still defend him in a physical altercation, there was no bailing out of what he'd gotten himself into. He actually hoped Snively made a run for it, so he'd stop riling this pony. As she went on, and on, he couldn't even bear to respond to her raving. It certainly sounded like there was no stopping her now...unless, she was just trying to intimidate them. She didn't have her sword drawn, after all... Either way, he couldn't possibly win a fight with her. He might not even have the energy to cover Snively's likely retreat. He still had his silver tongue, though. As long as he had something, he wouldn't just give up. Figment somehow managed to regain some composure, gently lifting one end of his scarf, eying it as if in thought. "Earth pony...charcoal coat...average build. A factory worker, in this district. Low income, lives alone in a small apartment." He spoke, like he was reading through notes. "Doesn't appear to have contact with family, or many acquaintances, despite friendly nature. Lonely." He then looked back to the pegasus. "He likes me, though. He likes my company. He's happy to have someone to talk to. I told him I'd be back...you know." He made sure to keep out any details that would possibly allow her to go inform this pony or console him, in case his new friend ended up never coming back. This all might have been too late, though, as he saw the look in the pony's eyes; she seemed...almost deranged, and she had a certain imposing presence to her again. He'd never seen a pony behave this way... If she was attempting to unnerve him, it was working. He began visibly trembling, from fear, or nervousness, or anger...he wasn't even sure--his mind was racing too fast, and he could feel his little changeling heart beating away like crazy. His somewhat cool tone an demeanor rapidly began to fall to pieces as he continued, his voice shaking and his sentences slightly disjointed. "And...because of you...he's going to be left alone in the cold, waiting, minus a scarf...right? All the ponies who I've ever made friends with or helped...they'll never see me again...because this situation is too far gone, and you're going to run me through...isn't that right?" And, faced with the thought of death, he snapped a bit. "Then, come on already! Yes, beat up on the changeling that's got nothing left! Go brag about it, even. I can't even fight back..." ...Which wasn't entirely true; hardly anything he says while talking to ponies ever was. He felt like he had one good spell bolt left in him...though he wasn't sure how to use it just yet. Figment simply stood his ground, bracing himself for whatever might happen to him.
  7. Honey blinked in surprise. It was a good thing he actually did know how to survive in the wilderness, or else he might've worried about her pointing out any holes in his possible future stories... "I guess you know what it's like, then! Except...I dunno if I'm looking for a place to belong to. Hm...nope, probably not. Mostly I couldn't afford to...but I'm fine just traveling around and helping with stuff for stuff in return sometimes!" He paused for a moment, glancing around curiously at the town. "Anyways..! Where were we going first? I don't even know where to start."
  8. "It's not so bad!", he responded with a sickening amount of optimism. "I don't have enough bits for a house anyways. But, I have a tent, and I can take that anywhere..!" Honey nodded at the wandering bit. "I'm used to it by now! It was kinda hard at first...but once I found out how to get my own food, I was okay. I was by myself for a long time, though. Except for animals sometimes... Uhm. The ones that don't try and eat ponies, anyways. But...yeah! I think I'd feel weird staying in one place. Unless I really liked it." Normally he would've been a bit more subtle with the sad stories, but this pony seemed to be accepting it all just fine...
  9. Figment felt a great sense of relief as his act appeared to have the desired effect on the pegasus, causing her to hesitate for a moment. Not that what he'd said was untrue, necessarily--really, there weren't many creatures in the world that would tolerate changelings. However...that plan was blown to pieces when Snively began to literally threaten war upon Stalliongrad, in what might have been an effective bluff; against a more soft-minded pony. This one obviously wasn't. 'Nononono! Shut up, you squeaky ingrate!', he thought frantically. He watched in borderline horror like he was witnessing a train-wreck as the other changeling squawked on and on, digging a hole even he couldn't get them out of now. Sure enough, the pegasus became riled. Snively might as well have thrown a box on TNT into the fire. Though Figment slowly backed away as the imposing pegasus approached them, his nerves were getting stuck upon as well. He weathered her entire collection of threats and...words regarding his Queen. If he was in fighting condition, he would have blasted her for speaking that way about her! He almost hoped Snively would, if he wasn't so convinced he'd just mess it up. Despite his huge disadvantage, and fear, he spoke up defensively. "...Don't talk about Queen Chrysalis that way..! You don't know her. She does care about all of us. Even the weakest hive workers...we're all a family." Though Figment was upset, he seemed less angry and more like he was merely correcting this ignorant pony. Though, he'd make no comment on whether or not the Hive could actually take Stalliongrad in a fight. "But...she can't babysit us all. Drones outside the Hive know we might not come back...", he added a bit gravely, glancing to Snively briefly...as if to check his reaction and truly how loyal he was. Figment was very much tempted to just leave him to his own devices and give up on trying to cover his blundering. But...even if Snively hated him, and might as well have been a saboteur, he was still part of the Hive. A part he didn't see eye to eye with very often, but still... Figment took a moment to to compose himself, taking a breath and letting out a small sigh. "Just...calm down. Don't be so hard on him. He's just scared. We both have good reason to be.", he said, eying her with more and more suspicion as she kept on talking. He knew they were pretty much at her mercy, but what kind of awful arrangement was that?! He frowned at her 'offer', thought tried to look more wary and concerned for their survival than displeased. "Interrogation is the 'easy' way...huh? And...who, exactly, is going to give us any sort of affection?" Snively certainly didn't need any love right away...but he did. The interrogation part really didn't concern him much. He'd just give false information. However...he was worried at how Snively would handle it, unless he'd actually listen to his coaching attempts. There was only so much he could do on his end to protect the other changeling in this situation. This was assuming he didn't just start panicking and attack or something...
  10. Honey perked up, raising his hooves as if to stop her before she started feeling sad. "Oh, nono! I don't miss anything! It's, uhm... Well, it might sound kind of silly...I, er...forget...", he said, sounding a bit awkward near the end. He paused for a moment, wondering how to put it--or, more accurately, making sure he had his story straight. "I left a really long time ago, when I was real little. Well...I didn't leave on purpose. I was exploring some and...got lost. And...that's it! Here I am now..!", he said bluntly and vaguely, apparently not letting his situation get him down. Or maybe she'd figure he was just used to it. "So...I hardly even remember enough to miss it! Or know where it is."
  11. Figment had to use a great deal of his willpower to refrain from planting a hoof firmly to his face at Snively's immediate cowering. He''d be hoping that he would have at least some bite to go along with his bark. Or...screech. His mind began to race with possible ways out of this mess. His thinking was interrupted, though, by Snively's nasally threats from close behind him. Well...at least he was doing something, though it was a bit late. As he expected, the pegasus wasn't intimidated in the least. "You know, bluffing works better if you don't cower immediately prior to it...", he grumbled quietly at the other changeling. So, getting the officer to leave didn't seem to be an option. He didn't have much faith in Snively's fighting ability, either. Or his own, for that matter...but, he'd at least be able to shoot her with a spell or something if he had a bit more energy. If only she'd busted in a moment earlier... Thinking on 'if's wouldn't help, though. He wouldn't survive a month in prison. However...he wondered how easy it would be to just disguise himself and slip away while doing 'community service'. Risky, but better than the alternative, if they couldn't escape or fight their way out. Or...maybe neither. He let his expression soften considerably. "Please just let us leave...we were only here because there's no other place for us to be, well...us. We're just trying to survive, y'know..." It wasn't often that Figment put on an act as himself, but he was just as good as when undercover. Hopefully Snively would play along..and not mess it up. "A month in jail would kill us! I don't think we'd get much love cleaning up trash or whatever either... I'm sorry, okay? Can't you let let us off with a warning? We'll find someplace else..."
  12. Honey observed as she turned and delivered the package the remaining few steps of the way, his obnoxiously cheery expression disappearing the moment she wasn't looking--taking mental notes of the place she apparently frequented. He immediately snapped back to 'normal' when she turned back around. "Oh. Well, I'm not from there. It sounds like a neat place, though! I should go there someday." And then she asked a question that he could use to possibly cause some sympathy towards him... "Uhm...yeah! I guess..! But, I haven't been back in a long time...", he said, his smile dampening...only for a moment, though. "Okay, Dusk! Ponies usually just call me Honey."
  13. The pegasus blinked in surprise, glancing to the shop she mentioned. Well...that was convenient. She even worked there, it seemed. "Oh..! Now I feel silly... Here ya go!", he beamed, holding the package out for her. Though, he had not been expecting her offer, and tilting his head a bit. He hardly even spoke an entire sentence to her yet. Not that he was complaining... "Eheh...is it that obvious I'm not from around here..? But...sure! Thanks, uhm...Dusk Flower." This was ideal...not only would he get to scout out the town, but he might have already found a pony to be friends with. "Oh! And I'm Honey Smiles!"
  14. "I dunno... You ponies aren't so bad at mine stuff. Complain a lot, though. Rather just dig it myself usually...", he grumbled in response, as if oblivious to how much of an unpleasant subject it might be for them. It wasn't any big deal in his mind. A little mining never hurt no one. Usually. Well, now that his business was over, he finally took the time to acknowledge the rest of the group again. Still talking about goofy pony things like 'baths'. Jumping into some water once in a while seemed to work just fine to him... However, there was a certain word that kept catching his attention. 'Archaeologist' or something. It took his brain a few moments to recall, but when he did, he suddenly seemed to become a bit more interested, especially in the clumsy one that'd bumped into him. "...Hrm. Thassa fancy word for 'digger', yeh? But, not for gems. For...", he paused reaching in another one of his pockets, holding out what seemed like some kind of old stone pony-shaped statuette. Though...it'd obviously not been handled with any sort of care. "This kinda stuff? I do that sometimes..." He suddenly narrowed an eye and grinned a bit with his jagged maw. Selling things was much more appealing than buying, to him. "You pay anything for 'um?" It seemed like a lucky day for trading.
  15. Figment gave Snively an entirely unimpressed look at his reaction to displaying any sort of backbone. He had hoped the other changeling would understand what he was saying--that they should work together harmoniously rather than with all of this...negativity. It seemed it went way over his head, though, and now Figment figured he would surely be reported in a bad light. It was worth a try, though. Maybe it'd make Snively think twice before bullying another drone. He was oblivious to just how paranoid and vindictive the other changeling was, in reality...or he might've regretted it a bit. And then came one of his less favorite parts. He was happy to give the changelings back home something to feed on, but the process itself wasn't exactly pleasant. He often wondered if this is what ponies felt whenever he fed off of them... Not that it mattered--their discomfort was irrelevant to the Hive's survival. As the love he'd gathered was transferred, Figment's entire body drooped very slightly, looking progressively more, well, drained. When it was done, he shook his head lightly, and sat down. Fortunately, he was left with at least something he could work with. He'd just have to go back to the pony he'd got the scarf from... Before he could respond further, one of the most unpleasant series of sounds and commotion he could imagine occurred all at once. He hadn't even fully recovered from being drained yet, and her just stared in shock at the pegasus who'd literally burst in. He...must've been followed. Or something. Snively would likely never let him hear the end if this... But that wasn't important now. Thoughts raced through his somewhat groggy mind, trying to think of a way out. At least she'd been polite enough to not just cut them both down... Figment hopped between the smaller changeling and the pegasus, attempting to seem like he was still at full strength, hissing and glowing his horn threateningly. He might have not been overly fond of Snively, but he'd wouldn't let any harm come to him. "You're outnumbered..! Leave and forget you saw anything, and you won't get hurt." He very much doubted she was going to just leave, though. He hoped Snively at least knew how to cast some kind of combat magic...or something. Figment wasn't the best fighter even in ideal conditions, and this was certainly not ideal. He might not have much of a choice, though... Especially if Snively simply bailed on him. At least only one of them would get pummeled...or run through, in that case, though...
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