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  1. "It's out of my hands now Tavi...I'm sorry." Twilight said with sadness, dipping her head in shame to keep people from seeing the tears in her eyes. She composed herself before speaking again. "Where is Kane?"
  2. Blade grunted in pain but got to his feet, thrusting his blades into the ground to create another crystal shield that blocked the fireballs heading towards him. "Are you going to let him talk to you like that, sweetheart?" Blade asked with a sly smirk before charging at Caeser with another storm of slashes. Slipknot casted a dark fire at Black's ice, destroying it before it came close to them. Silver came through the shadows and began to strike at Slipknot, but he blocked all of her strikes with a sword made from shadows before he kicked her back with great force. "As weak as your little boyfriend was." He taunted her coldly. Autumn blasted Mara back with a powerful spell as she conjured two swords and charged at Mara, parrying with her as she got back to her feet. Kane and Silent were locked with each other, staring into each other's eyes. "Why do you look so familiar?" Kane thought to himself, feeling like he's seen Silent before. Brutus held a hand out and pulled all of the fire into his hand before it could destroy him. "Did it get warmer here or is that just me?" He asked out loud before blasted the ground with the built up fire magic. The blast send Oakly flying back into the depths of the forest. Some miles away, the ground shook causing Venom and Tahlia to trip and fall. Venom looked back toward the sound. "Oakly..."
  3. Yeah, I'm really sorry for abandoning this RP. My life kind of fell apart and it's been hard for me to post. I put me and Trax's other RP's as a priority because those are the ones I'm really into and to be honest, I wasn't really feeling this one. I enjoyed it while it lasted but I guess it didn't really have staying power. Again, I'm really sorry that I bailed on this one. Life's just been insane lately.
  4. "We'll take our best 300, that will leave 200 here. We won't need any more than that if we do this right," Soul said. "It's going to be rough, but we can stop this invasion before it begins." "Well, we know that the reason we're having a problem with the Empire is because one noble is gaining so much political power that he almost rivals Cadence, and that he's making life difficult for us. We also know that the Western Lord declared war on us because of an...'incident' with the Black Legion. I think I know a way to make peace with both of them with one act. It's a little off the wall, but it could work." Twilight took a breath before continuing. "Marriage."
  5. Kane watched in horror as his master was defeated by his former friend. Silverthorn dropped to her knees and wept as Kane shouted in anger and tried to charge at Oakly, but was restrained by sentinels. Soul dropped the white saber and fell to a knee as he looked at Oakly. He had no fight left and lost the will to live. He looked into Oakly's eyes with sorrow before he finally fell to the ground lifeless.
  6. Twilight sighed and looked away from Tavi for a moment. "Tavi...he was there when the love of my life was murdered. You know how jealous he was of Soul..." she stopped herself before she said anything else. "I'm not accusing him of anything, I just...I need to know the truth. He will be given a fair trial." Blade left the others and returned to his room alone. He stared down at his desk with all of his notes about the stones on it. He felt rage inside of him that they were stolen from him. "This isn't over..."
  7. Blade thrust both of his crystal swords into the ground, causing a large crystal shard to emerge from the ground and knock Caeser away. "Not today, little bats." He taunted as he swiftly slashed at Ally before striking Caeser with incredible speed. There was an explosion of black fire and Slipknot stood before Black and Silver. "Bloodmoon...I was too easy on your kind. I should have wiped your filth off the face of the earth long ago." Silverthorn growled and raised her swords. "You're welcome to come try again." Silent and Mara looked at each other before doing backflips knocking Kane and Autumn back before they could release their arrows. "Well aren't you two cute. I'm afraid there's only room for one assassin couple though," Mara said drawing her swords and striking at Autumn as Kane parried a strike from Silent. Venom nodded and took Tahlia's hand, moving away from the sounds of explosions. Brutus saw the mist rolling in. "Oh dear, how will I burn down this forest now?" he said to himself as he began to fire giant blast of flames in random directions in the forest.
  8. "I know." Soul replied quietly. He sighed before quieting the room again. "Make every necessary preparations to head north. Stock up because we'll be gone for a while. Dismissed." He ordered the men in the room as they began to file out. Kane stayed behind with the older men, despite being a common brother he felt most comfortable around them, and he also wanted to hear more of the situation. Twilight entered the throne room with a pitcher of water and approached Celestia. "Here, relax a bit." She said handing it to her before sitting on one of the steps to the throne. "I've been thinking about the situation recently. I may have an idea, but it's a huge risk."
  9. "Now you are truly lost." Soul thought as he blocked Oak's attacks, sensing that Oak was greatly weakened. He was almost completely drained himself. Using both the both and his saber, Soul delivered a powerful strike that knocked Oak to the ground, his lightsabers being knocked away, but the orange bladed one was close enough for Oak to grab it with the force. Soul raised the white saber above his head to finish Oak off, his chest unguarded.
  10. "Take him away." Moonshield ordered as the battlemages lifted Flint off the ground and carried him off to a holding cell. Twilight was nearby and watched Flint as they took him away, the pain in her heart from the whole situation still fresh. She approached the group and pretended to be composed. "It's been a long time, friends. We're relieved to finally see you home. Are any of you seriously injured or anything?"
  11. Suddenly there were explosions around Caeser and Ally as traps detonated and shards of crystal began to fly towards the two siblings, some of them cutting their skins as they grazed by. From the shadows a figure with twin crystal swords charged them, kicked them both in the face and knocking them back. "Were you looking for something?" Blade said glaring at them. Silver nodded as she drew her twin swords. Around her neck was a pendant she had made with a steel shard from one of Azure's weapons that was now fashioned into the shape of a heart. "Let them come." Silent and Mara found the cabin where Tahlia's clone was. "Hurry, lets grab her and get out of here." He said as he stepped forward towards the house. Suddenly there was the sound of bows being drawn behind them as Kane and Autumn stood behind them. "Well hello there." Venom saw that Tahlia was struggling with the beast inside of her. He gripped her hand tighter showing that he was there for her. Suddenly there was an explosion a few yards away from them. "Oh jeez, I blew up the wrong squirrel. How am I supposed to know which squirrel has a demon inside it?" Brutus rambled loudly giving away his location. Venom looked at Oakly. "We have to go. Now."
  12. Once they were close, several battlemages suddenly surrounded the group with their swords drawn and a spell ready in their other hand. Moonshield was standing next to Una and Dossay and stepped forward towards the group. "The others are innocent, do them no harm." He said to protect the others as he walked up to Flint. "Flint Dragneal, by order of the Princesses and Archmage Twilight Sparkle, you are under arrest for tampering with dark magic and for being an accomplice in the murder of Soulscream."
  13. Soul sighed again, but then took on a look of determination. "Oakly...you and I both know I can't let you leave." He said, raising the white saber in front of his face, anticipating Oak's next attack.
  14. Blood stood in the window of a turret on the castle, watching Luna's party depart from the wall. His eyes met Echo's until she was out of sight. "Farewell...my love..." he whispered to himself, the first time he had said those words in years after he shut her out of his heart. "It's alright, Trax." Soul said, diffusing the situation. "I know you all feel that she has abandoned us, but your concern shouldn't be with her, or with the meaningless wars of the south. We are brothers of the Night's Watch, and we have been fighting the real war for thousands of years. And that war has come to our doorstep once again." The room grew quiet as they listened to their Lord Commander. "There is a wildling army forming beyond the wall. Mephistopheles leads them. He was a brother once, and he knows the Wall better than anyone. He could be our undoing." The watchmen in the room whispered amongst themselves as Soul's words. "Which is why we will ride forth beyond the wall, find that traitor and dismantle his army before they have a chance to mobilize." Soul intentionally left out the part about the White Walkers, the wildlings were the more immediate threat and the last thing he needed was a mass exodus of deserters who'd rather face the chopping block than white walkers. Twilight sat in her chambers reading over a scroll before sighing. Tensions in Equestria were rising like never before. Canterlot was already on shaky ground with other kingdoms, even the Crystal Empire who had historically been their greatest ally. "So it's official then, the Black Legion marches on the Western Lands. More violence and war will come." She set the scroll down and rubbed her temples.
  15. Several hours later... The Night's Watch were all seated at tables in the main hall eating breakfast. Soul sat in the middile of the large table at one end of the room with the other officers. Blade was seated to his left, wearing a robe to cover all of his injuries and currently using a cane to walk. Trax was now seated to his right. Slipknot sat on the far end of the table glaring at Trax with anger at Trax rising to such a position so fast. Kane sat amongst the other normal members of the Watch. Soul quickly looked over the room, making sure everybody was present. He took a large gulp of ale before standing. "Brothers!" he called as a hush fell over the room and all eyes turned to him. "As you all know, thanks to the bravery of several of our rangers, First Ranger Gleaming Blade was rescued from the wildlings." The room cheered for Blade's survival as he smiled and nodded to the brothers in the room. "Despite the torture he endured, none of his injuries were fatal, and in time he will be able to return to service. This will of course take time, so I'm naming Drop Shot to serve as First Ranger until Blade recovers." The brothers in the room cheered again for Drop before Soul held a hand up to keep speaking. "Also, some of you may have heard the news, but Killjoy is no longer a member of the Night's Watch, and she is departing from the Wall as we speak. For his part in Blade's rescue, Nameless Trax has been elevated to replace her." One of the men stood up. "Why is she leaving, Lord Commander?" he asked. Soul hesitated before answering. "She was offered a pardon by royal decree by Princess Luna to fight against the Western Lands,,,and she accepted it." A large number of the men in the room stood in anger, outraged that she would abandon them. The words "Traitor," "Coward," and "Weak" were tossed around the room at random. Soul sighed in annoyance, expecting a reaction like this.
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