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  1. Once LoC is done, I'm probably going to just hand in my brony card. The fandom just doesn't seem as good as before and I quit watching MLP:FiM after the episode with Derpy speaking. The quality of the show plummeted imo, and I have other things to do than watch ponies. Along with leaving the fandom, I'm also going to be leaving this site, for obvious reasons. The ride was fun while it lasted. Thank you all for bringing me along, but now I must hop off.
  2. That answers a bit, I guess. So Furries enjoy humanized animals? Is it allowed to be up to a certain point, but no more? Some art styles and points of humanization stop being cute and fun, and get to the creepy and ugly side. And what about all the rest of those questions?
  3. What makes a furry? Are all furries real animals or creatures from ancient mythology? Do they ever come up'with their own species? What's so special about their fursona? I'm sorry, I would just like some clearing up on this. I chose to just try being tolerant, and finding a group I feel I belong with. I admit, I almost no longer feel like a brony, and am afraid to watch the latter part of season two - I lost hope at the episode where AJ refused to return home because she lost a competition. So... yeah.
  4. Alright, I'll post a few. First - Me and my little PaPerK pistol (crappy PPK I made from paper and tape. all white) Second - Just plain me. I took these photos with my laptop's webcam. Notice how I kinda resemble my characters? Yeah, their appearances are based off of mine. My character Dice's eyes look the most like mine of all my characters. I would have given my chars half-frame rectangular glasses like mine, too, but I find drawing them (my chars) too hard and the Pony Creator only had full framed. Oh well. ^_^
  5. Lucan


    I don't think Rarity would want blood on her mane... *ta-da-ting!*
  6. Why does this remind me of my old Runescaping days?
  7. Trixie seems to be putting a lot of energy into it, but Twilight doesn't really seem to care. Love it!
  8. Lucan


    @Ginger Mint I disagree. I think the unicorn should be a pegasus. Makes more sense, and it also allows your idea to be true.
  9. Excellent, hope it gets accepted!
  10. Severe pyrophobia (Light a match, throw it into the kitchen sink while screaing so loud the people 2 doors down can hear it, not exaggerating - actually happened before. Got a strange look from my mother... ^_^; ) Magistophobio (Cell phone taken in class, I have a total meltdown and get forced to see the school counselor. Actually happened before) All of my phobias. Not many, but enough to mess with me.
  11. What the... ... why? I'm deeply disturbed by this. That is all.
  12. Shut up and take my money!
  13. This pic creeps me out...
  14. Lucan was the name of my first RP character - no, he wasn't pony related. Usually I use the username 00lucan00 due to habit, but I rarely go through with the name Lucan. The zeros represent nothingness, spaces. 00Lucan00 is basically the same as Lucan and can be read either way (I encourage reading it as "Lucan," but I usually say "Zero-Zero Lucan Zero-Zero," since I normally say the username when telling people irl to add me to their friend's list). I thought about making a Griffon named Lucan on these boards, but I'm unsure. If I make a Lucan character, it won't be for crossover - I am not making any characters for that! Or RPing in any of those RPs, either.
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