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    Ponies!!!!...model railroading,(U.S) Semis/trucks With lots of CHROME!!! flying rc planes, U.S History, drawing, Games and of course because of my name country music

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  1. So excited =D the Books i ordered to learn to speak German finally shipped, it snowed today, and my favorite football team won =D :P

  2. "Not Sure" GoldDigger said turning around to see a new pony approach the group "I was about to ask the same thing. Where is all the unicorns and pegasus, and why do they look so much different than us" GoldDigger said confused looking about observing the surrounding area.
  3. Graduating school tomorrow =D. Excited but nervous at the same time. Its going to be odd not having to go back to school after summer

    1. ParrySlice


      Dude or Dudeette congrats I have just another 2 more years until I Grad. So good going.

      Oh by the way watch this

    2. ParrySlice


      It's a song about graduating.

  4. (Sure, its been forever since this thread has had a reply )
  5. That moment when you come home from school, and because the neighbors little girl couldn't get in because their door was locked so she came over to our house, and my mom turned MLP on the TV for her to watch and being a brony i was like: "Must.. not.. sit down.. to watch... it myself" all tho i think my mom knows i watch it XD

    1. Shadowbolt0


      I work at a school and right now i'm in the nursery part. I am guilty of putting on Winter Wrap up as the kids are learning about the transition between Winter and Spring atm, and I will admit, part of me loves my job for that.

  6. Thinking of getting back into roleplaying with a "Pirates of the Caribbean" Crossover roleplay in FFA, would anyone be interested? (i will be creating a sign up thread for it)

  7. I really need to get back to Roleplaying, I haven't made a post in what seems forever

  8. feeling quite down, I could use a hug

    1. leapman


      *hug* It's alright lecountry you'll pull through.

  9. just a few more days in school this year than next year will be my senior year in shcool. Man where does the time go ?

    1. Killjoy


      you would think senior year is the best because it the last year, but in reality it has to be the worst year because you will no longer see your friends everyday. Really sucks.

  10. I so want to buy a Princess Luna plush, but Idk if my parents would think i'm weird for buying something like that or questioning if its girly or something

    1. pizzamovies


      Well...not unless you hide it and throw out the receipt...but you have to be open...if they know your a brony than do it...if they don't...try to get it and when they see it explain to them what it is in a dull complex boring way that will make them forget about it....that's what I did with a rainbow dash plush toy ;)

    2. SymphonicFire


      Well i have a giant Xerneas plush that i got from a friend. My mom took one look at it and said "You're not bringing that to Canada are you?"

  11. I could always use a friend to talk to every now and then
  12. *sigh* feeling down lately =/

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Phalos


      Wanna talk about it?

    3. LeCountryBrony


      I think i am fine, I just get to feeling like this every once in awhile, I've got over it

    4. LittleSkyHeart
  13. that moment when you really want to get into a hobby (RC vehicles) But realize you can't afford them =/

  14. That moment when your listening to music late in the evening when your parents are sleeping... and you accidentally pull the headphone jack from your computer, causing the speakers to suddenly play at 100% volume

  15. watched the Season 4 final. my mind = blown

    1. tacobob
    2. MessageinaBottle


      Again, Tacobob speaks the truth.

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