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  1. QuickLime
    Hello and welcome to a very special edition of QuickLimes Guide to Rping!
    Today we're going to talk about a growing issue in the introductions thread!
    Now when you first join the site it is good manners to have your first 3 posts being in the introductions area
    Here is a link to the Introductions Forum
    Now once you are there it is crucial that you read This Thread FIRST as it gives you a very good idea as to what we expect from an introduction! But I'll summarize here for you so you can get the gist of it.
    1: Introduce yourself ! Tell us what you like to be called but DON'T use your real name
    2: Keep personal info out of it, we don't need to know what city you live in, how old you are, ect keep this sort of information private! Some stuff to mention about yourself however are
    1: Your favorite pony
    2:How you became part of the fandom
    3:How you found Canterlot.com
    4: Hobbies you might have
    5: Other shows or interests you might have
    6: Any skills you might have (art, music ect) Though don't brag obnoxiously and seem like you are tooting your own horn
    3: Do NOT use your first post to advertise another site or a game, this is very very rude and the Staff won't appreciate it.
    And the very last thing? Post as YOURSELF.
    You have a whole bunch of Forums dedicated to roleplaying
    FFA (Free for All)
    WOE(Word of Equestria)
    We want to hear about YOU Not your Oc, we don't need to hear about how you are a Pegasus that lives in Cloudsdale, or a Earth Pony from Manehattan
    Just let us get to know you, and we'll learn about your OC later
    This has been the Queen of Ravens signing out
  2. QuickLime
    There are some guidelines to how one should go about requesting something! Art is no different! Art takes a lot of time, effort, drive, and passion to do and a gift of art is a wonderful thing! I am going to give you some rules on how one should properly request art. (Note these are not official site rules, but my own personal ones)
    Get to know the community first! Don't be that one jerk that JUST joined, has 4 posts, and instantly comes to the request area to get free art, be it of your cutie mark or your character; You should spend time to get to know the people around you.
    Be POLITE. Ask nicely in your thread, say please, and if someone fulfills your request THANK THEM! They took time out of their day to make you something for FREE so show some appreciation for that work.
    Be REASONABLE! Don't request a two+ character drawing with a background AND color for free, This takes time and TIME is money. Don't think that just because they are drawing it on a computer it's a quick thing they can bang out in an hour.
    Describe what you want FULLY in your first post, do not request something and then start tackling requests onto your original request.

    Do NOT be greedy! If an artist gives you a gift of art you say thanks, you do NOT instantly ask them for another piece, wait a while, and in fact maybe do something nice for them as a thank you
    Keep in mind the work, effort, and passion that goes into an art piece, think about how you would feel if someone asked you to make something for them, you made it, and then they instantly demanded more without so much as a thanks.
    Remember there is a HUMAN behind the screen doing something kind
    Don't beg, don't be rude, and be grateful
  3. QuickLime
    If it hasn't become painfully obvious, ever since I ceased my work here as RPH I'v gradually lessened and lessened my involvement with the site as a whole, a lot has happened recently and I'm not quite sure where my standings in the fandom are anymore?
    I'v started working, it's a temp job but it's eight hours monday through friday, and I'v been dealing with personal/relationship issues (which resulted in dating someone for 3 days then panicing and breaking it off due to not being ready) and general feelings of insecurity and inadequacy as a whole.
    On Canterlot, I am very well aware of how I come across, I come off as a battle axe, willing to be a blunt force when necessary, I often seem imposing and to some down right unfriendly. This isn't true ofcourse, I'm very friendly! Most people who take the time to know me will quickly discover that I'm a very eager to please sort of friend.
    I'm rather sad I have been finding myself falling out of love with Canterlot, since I don't play a big role here anymore on a staff level, but I want to rekindle my desire to roleplay and interact here and be here on a communal level, true most of my rp ideas still crash and burn because I used to overwhelm myself with rps and ideas, but now I sort of want to start up roleplays and characters and have all that creative fun without a crash!
    The most common pms I get are about characters, so I'm thinking of starting a "Help Desk" of sorts for OC construction, I'v gotten the okay from the staff for this sort of thread and I think I'll be doing it =)
    I also still have Rarity, as well as Fleur, Prism BUrst, Pink Lady ect as cast characters and I need to do right by them
    I'm going to try and give myself a shot in the arm and try to be here more often, and I sincerely apologize for my absence.
  4. QuickLime
    Alright  I just want to  make my stance on the whole "Artists" Debackle, this is not going to single anyone out, and is just more of a response to a growing attitude problem I see on Tumblr, and sometimes even here, and it kinda really needs to stop, and this is for ALLLL forms of Artists, Graphic Artists, web designers, digital artists, if your job is to  make something look beautiful, that requires time, effort and  a lot of practice and talent? It's about that.

    Point blank, when you pay an artist for a request, you are not just buying  a drawing or doodle they threw together,  you are buying their TIME, their effort, and reimbursing them for the wear and tear on their tools. (Even digital art).  It's not just "a silly drawing" It's not something they should just "Do for fun" and they deserve to get paid for.

    Many wonderful artists have given me artwork without charge, and I thank each and every one of them for their  time and effort, however I would NEVER offer to "Show off their work" as "Payment"  because that's stupid, it's like ordering a burger and saying "Oh It's just a burger, I'm not going to pay for it, but I'll tell EVERYONE how GOOD your burger is, if you give me one for free!"

    Point blank, if you beg for free stuff, and then offer to pay in "exposure" especially to someone who makes their daily income OFF COMMISSIONS, then you're a jerk, If you  hire a free-lance web designer and try to pay them  in "exposure" for making your web site, you're a JERK. If you are a business that only offers to give the artist CREDIT for designing your new logo, and no monetary compensation? You're a  /jerk/.

    Artists are doing WORK for you, you PAY people for doing work, don't tell them things like "If you really loved art, you'd do it for the creative process/ self expression/ passion!" Or whatever dumb excuse you want to use that basically boils down to "I want something from you,but I shouldn't have to pay you to do it!"

    If you go "Oh but ANYONE could draw that!"  You're a jerk, you aren't drawing it, and you need someone to be WILLING to draw that for you.

    So the next time you want some art, actually look at the artists prices, (never tell them they are too expensive or not good enough for cash, that makes you a JERK) and  respect them.

    They are hard working, creative people, that deserve monetary recognition for their  effort.

    Respect the artists, LOVE the artists.

  5. QuickLime
    Hello and Welcome to QL'S Guide! I know I already posted earlier today on how to Register your nickname on Canterchat!
    Link to it is here!
    But for now I want to talk to you about how one should act, and roleplay in the new and improved Canterlot IRC
    Irc is a bit different than the old chat, this guide will be broken up into 3 parts
    1: Name Etiquette
    2: Chatting Etiquette
    3: Roleplaying Etiquette
    Name Etiquette
    It should BE obvious but you should NEVER use a username that is not yours, and when you first enter the chat we'd like you to do so with your canterlot username so we know who you are.
    Never use the name of a Moderator, other user, or a RP Character that doesn't belong to you, this is stealing and also incredibly bad manners.
    Another thing to keep in mind is to not constantly spam the room with name changes, this is rude, distracting, and makes it incredibly hard to keep track of everyone, One name change per hour is normally acceptable provided you don't break the above rule of using a name that doesn't belong to you
    Chat Etiquette
    It is polite to try and enter a conversation, the chat is a space for everyone and nobody should dominate the conversation with their personal topic and excluding others from the conversation.
    If the conversation is only for you and a select group of friends feel free to make your own room by typing
    /join whatevernameofroomyouwant
    Otherwise you should try to include everyone in the conversation as nopony likes to feel left out!
    Another point I'd like to bring up is link spam, linking to one or two pictures is fine (marking NSFW content as nsfw if you please) but if all you do is spam pictures you'll probably be asked to stop as it clutters up the window and is kinda annoying.
    Language has changed here, minor swears is fine, like
    "**** I really hated that episode" or "I really love Cheetos **** it!"
    Is fine, but you should never aim a swear or curse at other users, it's not nice, flaming and abuse will not be tolerated in the chat, we want to encourage a friendly, positive atmosphere
    RP Etiquette
    Joining the Canterchat Rp is easy, you type
    /list into the window and it should bring up a list of the rooms
    In Canterchat Rp you need to only play characters you own, don't take on Ocs, or cast characters played by someone else, it's not very nice! This only counts to the public room however Be whoever you want in your own private rooms! However stuff in CanterRp is only canon with a cast character if they decide it is
    Some users like to do "chat style" rp in the rp room and that's fine, but you should always check with all parties involved as some of us (me in particular) prefer paragraph style similar to the boards
    Overall you should remember to be polite, courteous, and considerate of your fellow users, and treat them as you would like to be treated !
    I hope this guide helped and I look forward to chatting with you all!
    Sincerely the Queen of Ravens

  6. QuickLime
    Greetings EveryPony! QuickLime here with a brand new weekly blog series! Once a week I plan to tackle a character, episode, and god forbid a Fanimation for the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"
    It can be any character, any episode and ANY Fan work (Sans art)
    I will have to be honest, no sugar coating, and I have to use purely facts and what not, no headcanons, no flimsy justifications! And the best part? YOU get to tell me what to do!
    Simply post in the comments below what character, episode or Fanwork you'd like me to be "In the Defense Of"
    If someone's commented something that you want to see, simply quote them and go "Me too!" Or something!
    This should be a great series!
    (The Positivism might kill me though)

  7. QuickLime
    I recently read a journal by our very own Scootalux, and I have to admit in a way I agree and disagree with him, but that's nothing new as we tend to have various different opinions:P
    Quite bluntly, people need to stop defending Fan animation like it's pure and perfect simply because it comes out of a place of love, a childs scribbled drawings are out of a place of love, but they need guidance to improve.
    Typically the biggest fault I always find with fan animations/ fan projects is their inability to write a good story, or tell a good story...
    Luna's Lullaby had a story that made no sense,it over glorified Luna's actions even though they were selfish and dangerous.
    Snow Drop's story was terrible because it expected you to pity the blind character, and elevated her to a pure, innocent state, purely because of said blindness...
    Dinkie's Destiny again does a similar mistake, shoving a handicap on a character to make you empathize/feel for them,... (Dinkie's Destiny also has it so that the creator essentially screwed over a voice actress, swapping them out last second without telling them but eh)
    Was the animation on these projects good? You bet your flank! Luna's Lullaby had some BEAUTIFUL animation, and fluid movements, it was gorgeous...
    Snow Drop was absolutely beautiful with it's near show like animation, great voice acting, and beautiful music...
    Dinkie's Destiny had smooth movements, beautiful expressions and nice music.
    The major flaw in all of these is that their STORIES WERE NOT GOOD. And claiming they deserve praise, admiration and nay put on a pedestal for it is not good either.
    The Artists and animators did a good job, the people that put it together did a good job, but the biggest problem with ALL Mlp fan made animations is that their writing is NOT.
    They focus too much on being pretty, on making references, and in general being aesthetically pleasing to the eye....but do any of us watch MLP because it's "Pretty"? Because of it's animation?
    The animation is a very small fragment of a whole piece, your finest animation, your best voice acting, your most dramatic lighting, angles and shading mean absolutely nothing if the very core of your project is lacking.
    The writing, at the end of the day I feel we all came together because we loved what was being said, the messages, the stories, the characters, and how they grow, we're not here because we like the colors right?
    We expect writing to be good for MLP, and honestly I don't think it's asking too much for fan creations to work just as hard on their scripts and storylines as they do on animations.
    This doesn't mean be cruel, this means being constructive, but it also means that if GIVEN criticism meant to help you, not screaming "THIS WAS AN ACT OF LOVE AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT AND YOU'RE JUST A JERK BECAUSE YOU DON'T SEE HOW WONDERFUL THIS REALLY IS!"
    You are hurting the creative process, in order for a garden to be healthy, you need to tend to it, you need to make sure every aspect of it is well taken care of, you can't neglect the roots to make sure the petals are pretty.
    Well I've rambled long enough, lol had to get that off my chest

  8. QuickLime
    Hello everypony! It's been a while hasn't it? As you may or may not know I have officially stepped down from Roleplay Helpstaff for now, I might very well come back someday if allowed, but for now I figure I can now really focus on connecting with the community again! Now I feel I need to remind you that I am NOT Rph and therefore nothing I say is site law! However it is my personal experience, thoughts, and advice! So use as your own discretion!
    As always if you need aid with a character I'll be happy to do so, my love for helping has not diminished with my status and I'm still gonna help as much as I can
    NOW our topic today is a common Canterlot first timer notion! The one where they think that their pony or other species of critter will get discriminated against due to being a certain color, a certain race, or having certain eye colors. This is not true! World of Equestria Roleplay does not function like the real world! Your character is never going to be bullied because they were born with a pure white coat and blood red eyes.
    Your character is not going to be snubbed because they are a gryphon, or even mocked because they are a pegasus that can't fly, or a unicorn that's magic isn't developed yet, this is not how Equestria is! Unlike reality Ponies tend to focus on the inside way more than the outside.
    I feel most people use things like having their character be mocked or ridiculed for their appearance are assuming that ponies are nasty, vengeful, and spiteful little creatures at heart, we have seen this not be true! Despite Gilda's personality the ponies still welcome her, despite being unable to Fly Scootaloo is treated like an equal (Diamond Tiara doesn't count)
    This is Canterlot.com NOT Snowdrop (Ick )
    A character will not be shunned because they are blind, a character will not be disregarded as evil because they have red eyes, a Character will NOT be labeled stupid because they have a lazy eye.
    Remember this when you make an Oc, a disability, or strange appearance is fine (though not mental disabilities, they are against WOE rules) BUT don't make it an obsession for your character, don't make it something you fixate on.
    Your character is more than a appearance or a disability, so show it!
    This is the Queen of Ravens signing out

  9. QuickLime
    (A long time ago I mentioned I wanted to rewrite the story of SnowDrop so it was less pity party-ish and bland so here's my take! I'll upload chapters on ocassion! Without further ado this is SnowDrop Remastered!)
    Chapter One: The Light Fades

    Once Upon a time, a long time ago, long before the Celestial sisters had their altercation, long before The Elements of Harmony found new Bearers, and even longer before they gave those powers back up, so long ago that it is regarded as myth today there was a tiny filly named SnowDrop. SnowDrop was born in Cloudsdale, in one of the cooler sections of the city, the one where snow was made, and how she loved it! Back then snowflakes were thin disks without any designs, but that didn’t matter to her!
    SnowDrop was a Pegasus with a soft blue coat, snappy sapphire eyes, and a white and blue mane that curled around her face, her wings weren’t very strong yet, but she could use them to leap across wide gaps in the clouds and hover a little! Overall she was a hyperactive, and happy child but that all changed during one winter when she was just a little thing.
    SnowDrop had been out in the snow again, a little too long and came home looking sickly, this quickly worried her mother, who all but dragged her to bed! Quickly tucking her in and taking her temperature. SnowDrop had a fever but it wasn’t too much, So her mother figured she was in the clear really, just having gotten a bit of a cold from frollicking in the clouds in this freezing cold weather and drifting snow!
    “Silly Filly” Her mother whispered to her, petting her mane softly, before making sure she was warm, and went to brew her a bit of chamomile tea to help her sleep “Your fever should break by tomorrow, so thankfully you won’t miss any school”
    “Aw Pinfeathers” SnowDrop said with a light pout, she was probably the whole filly in the entire EQUESTRIA NATION! That got sick but didn’t have to miss school! She took her tea with both hooves and sipped it, feeling sleepy, setting the cup down on the nightstand and rubbed her eyes, with a yawn she drifted off to sleep, dreaming of playing in the snow.
    Unfortunately in the night her fever got even worse! Her mother woke to the sound of her little filly crying out for water, because instead of being cold, she was burning hot, and couldn’t seem to cool down, even when a cool cloth was pressed to her face! Her Father quickly put on a scarf, and flew off to find a doctor that was open this late!
    The doctor wasn’t there until the next morning and SnowDrop hadn’t gotten any sleep, she said she felt a pressure in her head, and the room was foggy! And no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get to sleep. These symptoms, as well as the high fever slightly worried the doctor, especially the bit about pressure in her head, it took a little bit of examining, before the doctor informed them he believed that the filly had Mareningitis and there was nothing he really could do but suggest they keep her comfortable and try to bring her fever down.
    “It will pass in a week hopefully..” He assured both parents, and promised to stay in the guest house and keep an eye on the poor filly for now.
    The week was a horrible one for SnowDrop! She didn’t even know how she got sick, though the doctor supposed she got bit by a insect that was carrying it… The days were a blur of burning heat, soothing tea, and the rooms becoming dimmer, and dimmer, the pressure in her head eventually eased, and the fever broke. Two weeks later The Doctor woefully informed the parents that though SnowDrop had made a full recovery, her vision had suffered, and she’d lost her sight...This was a great cause of grief to both parents, and it was so hard for SnowDrop to get used to now living in permanent darkness.
    SnowDrop at first, spent a lot of time just sitting at the window, listening to the snowfall, her other senses making up for her lack of sight, but yet she still sat there, day after day, engulfed in self pity and sorrow….Her parents let her indulge in this behavior for a little while, but her Papa soon got fed up, not because she didn’t deserve to be sad, but because he didn’t want his child feeling like her young life was over!
    “SnowDrop...sweetheart” The stallion said, sitting by her in his own chair, hoof moving to rest gently on her shoulder “I want you to listen to me okay?” SnowDrop sniffed lightly and turned her head towards him, she could hear where he was at, and able to gauge where his face was by where his voice was at.
    “You have every right to be sad, and I am sure it is scary waking up in the dark...but sweetie you can’t just sit here by the window” “But I can’t do anything else! I can’t see where I’m goi-” “None of that! Ofcourse you can do other things! Honey you lost your eyesight, but you still have those sharp little ears, and that even sharper mind! I've not given up on you, and you shouldn’t give up on yourself either, I believe you are still filled with potential, and that potential didn’t go out with your eyes...okay?”
    “....” SnowDrop bit her lip before she glanced at her Daddy and nodded
    “Good, tomorrow we’re having a Teacher from Canterlot come and teach you how to read and write in Braille “
    “What’s that?” She asked, since she didn’t see how she could read anything now… and she had had a hard time beforehoof.
    “It’s a special language for ponies that can’t read and write normally, It’s like secret code” He whispered the last part.

  10. QuickLime
    Greetings everypony and welcome to the second installment of this blog! Today we shall be focusing on Rping in WOE Rp!

    I got accepted! Now what?!

    So you've finally powered through the application process and have broken through the other side! You've been moved to the Rp group and are ready to dive head first into the WOE rp! What fun! WHAT JOY...What now..?
    How does one exactly go about roleplaying here? It's so different and strange! FEAR NOT ! For I shall shine a light on this rather scary and yet exciting new place for you.
    This guide will be broken into three parts! Basic Rping Etiquette ,Starting a Rp and finally Joining a Rp!

    Basic Rping Etiquette!

    Lets start us off with a few rules that come with rping in general, remember as said last blog I am not RPHS so if you take issue/ need clarification feel free to ask them, these are my personal thoughts and opinions!

    Post length : First and foremost post length does matter! However not in the way that you think, there are posts that can go on for pages and say hardly anything at all, and smaller 3-2 paragraph posts that say everything! The balance is making sure that you treat your other rpers with respect and acknowledge them in your posts if they interact with you, and to be able to paint a good picture!
    A GOOD Rp post is 1: To the point and not bogged down with fluff. 2: Not self absorbed and acknowledges the others around you. 3: not just there to seek attention and be the center of focus. 4: EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND READ (This is VERY IMPORTANT!)
    Good Rp example: Rarity sighed as she glanced around her shop that had just been wrecked by her sister and her three crusader friends, a tired sigh passed her lips and she moved a hoof to gently rub at her temple. "Sweetie DEAR could you and your friends play/OUTSIDE!?/" She had lost her temper a little bit at the end, not EVERYPONY was perfectly poised the whole time. "And Applebloom' She caught a glance at the country filly whom was giving her the cute face.. "Be SURE to wipe your hooves next time..." Rarity's boutique now littered with muddy little hoof prints!.
    BAD rp example: -runs into rp an sees fluttershy who is mi gurlfriend- "Hi fluttershy is me bandit! lets hug 4 ever"
    The first one is easy to read, clear, and not self absorbed, it neither god modes, or power plays! The second one is just plain lazy! When you rp with someone you need to be sure to give them your best with EVERY post or simply don't post at all in my opinion.
    Stick with the overall theme of the rp! Don't come barging into someones rp and carry in all of YOUR drama with them, do not try to dominate or be rude, it's not fair to the OP and it's not fair to the others that rp there.
    Post order. Posting order ensures everybody gets a turn, but not all threads have them! If the rp you are in has one? Respect it and follow it, if you don't understand the concept of a Posting order then ask the OP to clarify it for you IN Pm
    Understand what "Private" Means and RESPECT it! If a rp is marked" Private/Invite Only" that means there is a ongoing story that only consists of a few ponies, it is rude to barge in where you arn't wanted or invited . However if the rp is marked "Open!" Then you can join If a rp is marked "Closed" it means it was open at one point but is now so full it needs to be closed to new joiners.

    Do NOT join a rp just to get as much face time with the mane cast as possible! It's disrespectful to both the person playing the character and everypony else! Do not join a thread with Twilight ONLY to shun every pony else and to only have eyes for Twilight! Interact with EVERYPONY it's just common sense!
    We now come to part 2 of our 3 part guide

    How to Create your Own Rp!
    So you've decided you have a great idea in your head and you want to post it and have people join!But just how exactly does one make sure others are interested in their idea?

    Post your idea in the Canterlot OOC to gauge interest in your idea! It's always good to brainstorm! Go to Canterlot Chat to also see if you can rally up some interest in your idea!
    Represent your idea clearly and easy to understand! And make sure you list any rules/guidelines you might have for your rp.
    Establish any rules you want to have upheld in the first post prefferibly in a spoiler box!

    Make your first post interesting and attention grabbing to draw in potential new posters! And a good catchy title for your rp works wonders to boot!
    Overall remember it is your thread! You have the power over the content so long as you remember to follow the Canterlot rules.
    And now we move on to our last and final section!

    Joining an existing Roleplay!

    So you've spotted an open rp you want to join! That's fantastic! Here are a few rules on how to enter yourself into them!

    Be sure to READ everyone elses posts before joining! ESPECIALLY the OP! This way you can seamlessly enter the story without causing a fuss/ messing up an already going on action.
    If the rp says Pm to join and you do so and get told "No" then don't fuss or pout! You thank them for reading your Pm and go about your buisness to find a NEW rp! It is NOT okay to pester someone to let you join!
    Respect the OPs rules and plot! Don't go into a thread with the soul intention of becoming the center of the universe and taking over! That's being a parasite and nopony likes it!
    Post your best and have fun while doing so!

    That should wrap up today's blog post ! Tune in next week when we talk about key components on making an interesting AND unique character in a segment I'd like to call
    "Pimp my OC!"
    And if you need any name ideas/cutie mark ideas be sure to send them in to me via a PM before the blog is posted to gurantee a mention and your question answered on the blog!
    This is QuickLime signing off!
  11. QuickLime
    Hello one and all! Today I am going to talk about a aspect of WOE rp that most probably don't realize is a part of it! Just as much as character development, appearance, and species!
    That would be of course the Roleplay HelpStaff! Both us RPH and the Senior Rph!
    Now I know the frustration of finishing an application and sitting there, waiting, itching to dive nose first into the WOE boards and rp my heart out! It is aggravating to just sit and wait and wait! I fully understand this as I had to deal with that sort of thing as well (Back when I first apped QuickLime it took a MONTH just to get her through!)
    The thing that needs to be realized is that there is more to being RPH than scanning your app, deciding it's good, and stamping it! Bada bish! There is a whole process involved that involves asking for feedback, checking with higher ups, and making sure everything in the application is up to the WOE standard. It's a bit of a process but doing so ensures that we have the most show quality , safe, and fun place for our users to interact and play!
    A lot of us however are more than Rph, we are users as well, we have more we have to do than just sit and work on applications for several solid hours, SteelEagle has a child he's raising, as well as being both AppleBloom and Twilight Sparkle, so he has threads and obligations to meet, Starswirl the Bearded just recently went through a process of moving, and Bellosh has school, not to mention is the player of our very own Derpy Hooves, AND Babs Seed!
    We have Rps, discussions, IRL obligations, work, family ect. Sometimes we just want to come online, not even look at the application forum, and have fun rping in our threads. Other days we roll up our sleeves and crack down to work and blaze through applications with ease!
    The point is that we are HUMAN, we're not superheros, we're not even payed employees! We do what we do because we love this site, we love the users, and because we love the admins and wish to make both of them happy and proud of the website they'v invested a LOT of time and a LOT of money into
    So I understand your frustrations on having to wait on your application being approved, and I understand the desire to dive in! Your feelings are valid! And your concern is heard We're doing the best we can!
    So we'll be doing our best to keep the quality of our game up to par, and do our absolute hardest to make sure the application process flows smoothly, all I ask though is for a little understanding, a little patience, and a little faith
    Thank you for listening! And a big thank you to our Mods that work so hard to keep the forums clean and fun too!
    From the bottoms of my heart and with love
    The Queen of Ravens signing off!

  12. QuickLime
    Celestia has fallen, Eternal night reins now, what will happen to Equestria? Is this poor universe doomed to be consumed by the inky, blackness that is NightMare Moon's magic?
    We'll find out!
    This idea is to help encourage more roleplaying in Free For All and to show off some of it's potential! It's more than a place to frolic with Alicorns, or do yet ANOTHER "Elements of Harmony" Roleplay where new ponies get the elements!
    It's about universe expansion, alternate scenarios! And that is what we have here! Basically this is an alternate universe, Celestia lost, now Equestria is going to have a fight on their hooves! OR alternatively they could slip into the darkness...
    Basically this Rp is all about fun, while I have a few rules in place, this is open to everyone, with all levels of Roleplay experience, there is no required post lenght, there is no level of literacy (However if you could use third person and not use *'s to signify action that would be great!)
    I have a few basic rules then I'll link to the threads so you can join the fun!
    1: No Alicorns, sorry guys, save for the princesses there will be none of those
    2: No relations to the Mane cast, sorry, not something I really want to allow.
    3: Canon to the show races only, Bat Ponies, changelings, ect are all okay!
    4: Don't try to twist the plot to be about your character, this is for everyone!
    5: There is a limit of 2 characters per user !
    And that's it!
    Now below are the two open threads, and the OOC thread!
    In the Ooc thread are some banners and suggestions of characters you might want to play, if you choose to play as one you are welcome to use the banners
    Ooc Thread
    First thread
    Nightmare Moon has taken over and wishes to address her subjects
    Second Thread
    You hear Celestia's voice, begging you to help Equestria.. Do you listen?
    There you have it! I'm pretty excited for this idea!

  13. QuickLime
    So I'm sure you'v seen the RPH around and have thought to yourself..
    "HEY ! I can do that! "
    Well you'd be right! In fact helping other people with their applications is how a lot of the RPH that are in work today have THEIR jobs, I myself started out helping out with applications, with the sheer desire to help this site's users expand their work, and to do the very best that they can.
    However one should be sure to do this job for the right reason, if you get some glee out of tearing someone's application to shreds? This isn't the job for you, if you do it to lord over users and feel superior? Also not the job for you! The reason you should do this is to help other people grow as writers, after all we all are here to roleplay yes? We should encourage others to always do their very best, and encourage them to ever improve!
    BUT if you want to help your fellow users, then you are going to have to follow some guidelines, some rules if you will, to ensure that you don't lead them astray!
    First and foremost, please read the Elements of Honesty, and keep them close to read again if you are unsure of something you want to say, for example, you should NEVER come in and act like you are a Roleplay Helper, a simple disclaimer saying you aren't staff and that anything you say is just your own thoughts that may be corrected by official staff.
    Never use words like "Cant, not allowed, wont" ect, in fact the Elements of Honesty say it best themselves.​

    Don't be usin' absolute statements like can/can't/will/won't.Leave it to the RP Helpers to decide what is okay in an application or not,

    Be polite and respectful to the person you are helping, don't make them feel bad, but DO feel free to offer them suggestions, critiquing an application is far more than saying what is wrong with it, it's suggesting how to fix it, and also praising what is genuinely good about it! Build people up, don't crush them down!
    If a user acts hostile, or unhappy with your help then bow out gracefully and let a staff member handle them, if a staff member comes in to handle an application, bow out and let them handle it (It's their job after all, if they don't do it they get the fungeon )
    Don't argue with a user in their app, even if they disagree, and overall keep in mind that you are there to help, if they don't want your help then that's okay!
    And please please PLEASE above all else, CHECK YOUR FACTS! Don't suggest something because you THINK it's true! Read the site rules, read the rp rules, read the site lore, before correcting something you THINK is wrong but aren't sure of, and in fact if you really aren't sure, don't mention it at all and let a staff member point it out instead!
    We appreciate your efforts to better the site, help with these suggestions/guidelines in place and things should go hunky dory! Read the Elements of Honesty, be kind, be respectful, and be helpful!
    This is QuickLime signing off!

  14. QuickLime
    What metagaming is and why it is harmful to a roleplay for all parties.
    First off you might be confused if you've never heard the term “Metagaming” before! It’s a term that mostly refers to tabletop rpgs but it translates equally for the written style of roleplay as well, it means when a character knows knowledge that is merely thought by another player or in the case of tabletop rpgs being aware of the Dungeon masters plans.
    For example if your character is suddenly very huffy and angry because another pony thought in his head that your character is a giant bunny lover, and you react like your character heard it. That is what megagaming basically is, it’s acting sort of like a mind reader.
    Like in the part of the post that’s not dialog, a character smirks in the knowledge that they have you surrounded by an ambush, and your character suddenly is aware that they are surrounded and proclaims this information without any real method of knowing this information; This is metagaming at it’s finest, and it breaks the story and makes your character come off as “Psychic” Which in a game no no unless ya know your character is actually psychic (not something really allowed in CC or WOE for future reference )

    It not only is doing harm to the other players, but it does harm to you as well, it takes away the opportunity for your character to develop, grow and learn from a experience they know nothing about at all! It takes away the unknown, the surprise, and fun of role playing in the first place, if you can see everything before it’s done and stop the adventure from even starting then what’s the point?
    Remember that this is a collaboration, and it’s not fun to go over your partners head and ruin their plans Think of how you would feel if you had this awesome idea planned and then somebody metagamed so that your plot was instantly bunked and useless?
    Remember to be considerate, and courteous to those that play around you, a good way to stop your character from doing this is to think
    “Is this something I know and my character doesn’t? is there any real reason they would know this knowledge?”
    Also having feelings of uncertainty and being worried about a plan, idea, or other pony is just fine! It’s when you know exactly why you feel this way when they've just said hello and otherwise look perfectly fine that it’s metagaming!
    Remember be fair, talk to your partners you are rping with, and be sure to do things for the enjoyment of everyone, not just yourself!
    Queen of Ravens signing off!

  15. QuickLime
    The recent slew of Godmoding in NMN has really brought this issue to my attention! So tonight folks we are going to talk about Godmoding/OPing and why you shouldn't do it .

    It's /RUDE/! Who do you think you are by deciding someone isn't doing an action you want them to, and then forcing them to do it instead? No, don't do it, not even for the sake of "The story" unless you get PERMISSION.
    Example: "HEY COME HERE!" I called at Fluttershy, and then Fluttershy came over blushing"
    No, if it is not your character you get NO CONTROL over them/period
    It shows you don't know how to rp particularly well, and it's obvious that you are trying to FORCE an event to come along, if you want the story to go a specific way COMMUNICATE THAT with the person you are roleplaying with, don't try to MAKE it happen

    It shows that you have no respect for the person you are rping with and don't think they know how to respond appropriately, show respect for your partner, don't manipulate or control their character without their consent! It's just not okay, and it's a very basic roleplaying rule.
    NOW let's talk about being too Over Powered or "Op" as the term is normally called
    This is when your character suddenly has amazing strength, ability, and magic than they would EVER have outside of this scenario.
    Suddenly becoming a master of magic and combat just because there's a fight is being OP
    Moving to break everyone free is being OP

    Trying to be the biggest, strongest, bravest hero is being OP
    I know what you are thinking
    "But QL I want my character to be super awesome and the hero!"
    IT'S BORING! Have your character use their wits, skills they already have! Don't pull made up horseapples out of your hat and slap it onto them.
    Remember that Roleplaying is a constant exercise in teamwork
    People coming together to tell a story, and it's not fair if you yank the pen out of your friends hand and write their part, or utterly end the story without letting them have any fun!
    Show RESPECT for your rp partner, show respect for yourself
    Communicate, work together, and have fun.
    Sincerely : The Queen of Ravens

  16. QuickLime
    Everyone has a story about how they came into the fandom, everyone has a different idea of what the idea of being a "Brony" means to them, and everyone has their own reasons why MLP is special to them
    This is mine
    I am going to skip the story of how I became a brony, it's a tale for another time! This is to specifically focus on what Brony means to me.
    I hear others going now "But Lime you ARN'T a Brony you are a Pegasis!"
    Nope, I am a BRONY
    To me a Brony is a older viewer of the show, a Brony isn't a fan, they are a little something more, they are part of a community .
    The Brony community is amazing! We take anyone, be it a furry, anime fans, Homestuck fans, all come together and unite over the love of this one little show, this one little gem among a sea of mindless entertainment that floats around us, this one little isolated instance of magic.
    I love this fandom! I love wearing my Rainbow Dash hoodie, and having people come up to me and say that they are also a fan, I love that it is inclusive and it won't push you away no matter what else you like! It is truly a tie that binds us together and that is a wonderful thing! Anything that unites people, brings them together, makes them put aside other differences and coexist together in such a way is truly a wonder!
    To me being a brony is about unity, it's about togetherness, and friends, it's about being creative with your writing, expanding yourself to new people and new ideas! The Show was merely a key to a door, and once you'v opened the door it's hard to ever want to leave!
    The Show was also there for me when I was feeling sad, or lonely, I'd have something bright but not condescendingly cheerful to make my day feel a little bit more uplifted! It gave me something to look forward to! Partially to see the episode, but mostly to discuss things with other bronies! My people!
    The most important treasure I'v gotten from this show are some wonderful friends! StarSwirl is a fantastic friend I never would have met otherwise! He is so smart, and kind, and even when we butt heads I still can look past that and enjoy his friendship because [colour=#0000ff]friends don't have to agree on everything :[/colour])
    Bellosh is a great person, I love talking to them, planning with them, and they overall are a fantastic guy! I didn't like them at first due to kicking my flank at Babs Seed but dang I am glad I got over that or I would seriously have missed out on it! Holding Grudges gets you nowhere and prevents you from seeing the potential!
    Phil and Rosie have been there for me through a lot of turmoil as a RPH! Taking me under their wings, guiding me along my way and teaching me how to be a better person every single day! This job is a constant learning experience, and I feel happy and have a burning desire to do the best possible job I can, because I have such supportive and encouraging teachers.
    I can't really mention what Brony means to me without mentioning Robbi either! Robbi was the first friend I made here, he has been there through EVERYTHING! He's who I go to when I feel Sad,when I feel happy, when I am insecure, and when I am on the highest point of cloud nine! He's seen me fall on my flank and has helped me get back up, he's always encouraging, and supportive, and isn't afraid to smack me when I'm being a brat that needs a good smack!
    Jane and Elder are new in my life but I am already so glad they are there Jane helps me with my creativity and Elder is just a ray of sunshine!
    I honestly could gush about a few other people, Dio and Corsair, ManeStream herself, Jen and FlutterScotch (I'll always miss her)
    I could gush about LoopEnd who's been a great friend! I could gush about Steel Eagle, I could just gush and gush and GUSH about these people because at this point in my life they mean so much to me and I wouldn't have them at all if it wern't for MLP!
    It reaches a point where it's not just about pretty pastel coloured ponies anymore, it becomes something more.. It starts friendships, it encourages creativity, it values expression, it pushes you to try harder! It's a unrelenting force that has you when you fall, but isn't afraid to kick you in the butt to get you back up!
    It's helped people who are depressed feel better, It's helped those who are sick feel better!
    It's Tara Strong comforting a little girl who is slowly fading right in front of her.
    It's A fundraiser to save a real life pony from a life of hardship and being taken care of

    It's connections, it's fellowship
    It's a Magic on earth that is irreplaceable
    And though some of my brony friends hang up their wings and horns, turn in their cutie marks, and go their separate ways from the fandom, I still get to keep them! Because it's not just about the ponies anymore! It's about friendship! It's about support, it's about togetherness, and it's about passion.
    It is so much more than just ponies and magic.
    It's about love.

    I love you guys from the very bottom of my heart, even if the internet is the wall that divides us, MLP is the tie that binds us
    I am truly grateful for all of you

  17. QuickLime
    The Brony fandom is /NOT/ dying unless you want it to die, those who whine, bellyache and bemoan and grieve the 'Loss of the brony fandom" are the ones that want out of it . Once Upon a Time there was a show called My Little Pony Tales This show had it's fan, this show was recreated MANY times and still had fans, A lot of those older fans are fans of FIM.
    Those fans did not stop being fans when their shows ended, they didn't spurn or ignore the new generation (at least not all of them)
    Fandoms don't die once they stop, a series doesn't end after one character finishes their story, and a Community doesn't die just because the show ends.
    The Brony Community is not my first one, but it's very dear to my heart, I have met several wonderful friends here I otherwise never would, I have been more creative, write better, and overall am a better person because of this community, NOT because of the Pastel ponies.
    FIM is the thing that brought us together, we talk about it, we roleplay it, we write fan songs about it, fan fiction about it and we draw it, however if suddenly today FIM ended and was all said and done the ponies would be gone but WE'D still be here! We'd talk to each other we'd continue our rps, and we'd make up our own stories to fill the void.
    A fandom dies when all of the people that care about it forget it even existed, a fandom dies when people stop caring... and a story ends when the last words are on the page and ended with a "The End"
    We've got a season coming up, a Movie in the works, and the Canterot Staff are working diligently to keep the forums alive and active and fun, we are not dying, we are still here, so long as there are still even a hand full of Bronies we'll still be here, this community will keep going forward.
    If you feel that the show ended the day Twilight became an Alicorn then I respect your opinion, however MLP is NOT just about Twilight
    There's Rarity, Rainbow Dash, AppleJack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie still, there are still countless characters that have their own stories (granted ones the fandom will probably have to tell) We are not at the end of the book, we are at the end of the chapter, we are not dead.
    We are not gone.
    We are not over.
    We are still here.
  18. QuickLime
    QuickLime here with my thoughts on a popular Brony Short... You know it, you probably love it! It's the tear jerker animated short by SillyFilly Studios!

    Where do I begin..?-rubs face-
    Alright let's start on a positive note and then work our way from there! Let me start this off by stating this is MY OPINION and I have the right to express my opinion, you do not have to agree and are free to watch it and gather your own thoughts on it! I would however appreciate no long preachy comments about how I am wrong and that this is a great work of art and I am blind for not seeing it for the masterpiece it is.
    Now as said we are starting positive! So let's look at the bright side, and what makes this short stand out.
    Well for one it is BEAUTIFUL to look at! An absolute feast for the eyes and the ears! The voice work and animation are beautiful, rich in detail, and a lot of hard work, sweat, blood and tears went into making this project see completion! The music is also very beautiful! Overall it is a lovely bit of animation and something that obviously tried to emulate the shows appearance to the best of their abilities which is HARD to do.
    The problem is more effort went in to making it LOOK good, and not enough work went into it being a good story
    Spoiler warning by the way
    The Story is about a young blind filly pegasus named Snowdrop whom feels she is useless in the world. A thought clearly backed up by those around her who have NO ISSUE OPENLY INSULTING A BLIND FILLY and calling her /useless/ Even her TEACHER doesn't care or tell the bullies to stop when they whisper things like "But she can't even see" and "'But she's useless" loud enough for her to easily here.
    She was unable to get a partner for a important celebration coming up and lies about it to her teacher saying she wanted her project to be a surprise, and then promptly leaves the school


    during a blizzard


    And the teacher just lets her go!
    My main issue with this story really is the focus and the constant reminder that SNOWDROP is /blind/ she literally has no other personality other than 'Oh I am sad, blind, and adorable, are you shedding tears yet?"
    She goes on about wishes and stars, honestly it didn't make a lot of sense to me, but ended up making the first decorated snow flake, and presents it to the princesses...followed by more mean and nasty snark by the ponies around her while adults do nothing as this handicapped filly is ridiculed.
    She gives a speech about how snow is good, and that it's not useless (Something explained at the very start of the short so why?)
    The worst part is that LUNA is so moved by this that her and the filly are apparently the best of friends after this incident, and that her absence caused Luna to turn into Nightmare Moon, with lines like "She was the only one to truly know my night"
    And Luna still depressed and grieving even a thousand years later...

    There was a lot of potential in this story but the main issue is the worst offense I personally feel you can do when you write a character.
    Making them SYMPATHY BAIT!
    SnowDrop's entire purpose is to manipulate you into feeling sad for this tiny filly, and then crying tears of joy when she gets her cutie mark, and then it skips forward and implies she is gone....It's not fair to us to insult our intelligence like that, it really isn't! Instead of putting the effort into making a deep story they cheated, using common overdone tropes, shoddy character personalities, and just tear jerking moments to get their message across.
    The Message of SnowDrop is that "Even if it looks useless it can still have a purpose"
    A message that is very good, but also explained in the first 5 minutes... SnowDrop feels useless like how the other ponies think WINTER is useless, but the teacher explains right off that Winter is important and is needed for a healthy and happy Equestria..

    But at the end SnowDrop says this exact same message, but instead makes it about how you should be able to wish on snow , instead of focusing on what it already does... It's just fluff!
    Snow Drop in essence is Cotton Candy. It is beautiful to look at, cute and fluffy, sugary sweet..and then utterly void of substance.
    To me the most important thing about MLP is the writing and the stories that the writers tell, the animation, voice talent, and other such things are wonderful add ons, but at the meat of it I watch it because of the stories that it tells me...Snowdrop often gets a pass because it's beautiful visually..
    But it's just not enough..substance is more important than appearance, what good does a perfectly beautiful and elegant meal serve if the food is nothing but inedible plastic?
    What good is a beautiful and ascetically pleasing OC when at their core they are shallow with no real history or purpose?
    In the End Snowdrop is beautiful, it is a beautiful little bit of love that a team put a ton of effort into making looking attractive...however they focused too much on LOOKING like the show, and not hard enough on FEELING like the show.
    And when it boils down to it I'd rather have a poorly animated, one voice actor short that has a very well written story and touching characters, to the most beautiful practically show quality animation and voice acting with a poor story.
    But that's my opinion feel free to have your own After all we are all unique in our own way, and our individual opinions are what shape the world around us, and it would be pretty boring if we all thought, felt, and interpreted things in the same way, we are all varied as the snowflakes that fall in the winter.
    Till next time this is the Queen of Ravens signing off.

  19. QuickLime
    Hello all! Welcome once again to my blog! I apologize for not posting an article for so long but Rph duties do come first nowadays!
    The subject of today's entry is about a trope that I am sure MOST of us have seen (and rolled our eyes at) in the Application Forum! I personally call it a symptom of Special SnowflakeItus (Note to self write blog about SnowFlakes later)
    Yes you know them, you hate them! It's the Tragedy and ANGST characters! Walking a lonely isolated road paved with dead parents, bullying, and generally are "outcasts"
    That's not to say that these traits can't be used in an app! But the problem comes when people use them as a substitute for the real character depth and development.
    (Basically in the eyes of Rosie, Angst and Tragedy are like cake mix, a cheap and unequal substitute for a real homemade from scratch cake)

    So I am going to list the most common angsty, depressing, and tragic tropes that plague the application forum and then talk more about depth and development.

    [colour=#ff0000]MY PARENTS ARE DEAAAADDD![/colour]
    Your Oc is /NOT/ Batman! It's perfectly okay to have a parent that has passed on, but more often than not a pony (or Griffon/Dragon/Seasnake) has it so that their parents were tragically killed in an accident. (Fire/dragon attack/ banishment to the moon) It's overdone, not clever, and honestly it's just plain lazy! Stop doing it srsly I mean it!

    Shush! No you are not Silly Filly! We know for a fact that ponies do not act like this, having your character discarded, rejected, shunned or "Bullied" due to their appearance, talent, or species is not how reality works in Canterlot! You won't be chased out of town for being a unicorn with a single mother , for having strange coloured eyes (considering the variety in ponies eyecolour that's just silly sir) or for being a pegasus that can't quite fly yet!
    I can already hear you now "BUT LIIIME DIAMOND TIARA AND SILVER SPOON ARE BULLIES! THERE ARE BULLIES IN EQUESTRIA!" Yes, yes they are! I will not deny that sometimes ponies are flat out not nice, but two fillies that make fun of a blank flank does NOT justify your character being bullied (and sometimes beat up) just for the sake of making us feel sorry for them! This is lazy writing, and it doesn't make your character appear tragic, misunderstood, or whatever other purple proise you want to use to justify it.

    -Rubs temples with hooves- Ghn this trope is the biggest pain in the FLANK to interact with! "Outcast" characters are normally spurned and rejected, often times for something they have no control of and live like hermits in deep forests, dark caves, or high mountains away from ponies. But Roleplaying is a COLLABORATION! It takes more than one person to rp and when your character is so angst filled that they cannot talk to another character without feeling ungodly angst? Then we have a problem
    No no no no no no! This is not only overdone to death but it's also REALLY REALLY insulting to people who/have/ this disability in real life when you portray a character that is blind as helpless, insecure, and rejected for their lack of sight (-glares bitterly at the Animated Fan Animation known as "SnowDrop". Blind characters are the most common, and it's pretty hard to pull one off well (Starswirl the Bearded does a great job of using blindness correctly in his Zebra Application)
    A character with a disability is MORE than their disability, and it's insulting to make this issue the very center of their character, it doesn't make them deep, interesting, or even decently written, it's just a cop out to tug heartstrings and to gain sympathy.
    Those are the most common overdone traits, and they really need to stop being used! I understand the desire to write a deep, meaningful character that has a piece of your soul, that moves others, and is popular! But Angst and Tragedy really do not make up for Depth and Development!
    Think on it
    Would you rather read an application about a feeble blind pony that struggled with her horrid blindness, bullies, and rejection only to be embraced for her super awesome blindness?
    Or would you rather hear about a Zebra that while she was born blind never let it slow her down and learned to read and understand the world around her, whom is a valuable asset to her tribe, a playful and flirty soul, and compassionate and even a bit of a trickster if it serves her right?
    Characters are more than the sum of their parts, they need real soul injected in them while you write, you need to be able to make a character interesting just as they are! If you spend too much time focusing on the bad in your characters life that we can't even grasp the first thing about them as a pony(or person) then that stuff needs to be taken /out/
    Ask yourself this "Is what I'm writing relevant to this character? Or am I doing it because it sounds cool/angsty?"
    "Is this characters disability a crutch, or a centerpiece focus for their entire life?"
    If the answer is "Yes"
    Go back to the drawing board and start again, because a shallow character with a tragic and dark past is nowhere near the same level as a happy character with maybe hints of sadness but tons of personality that lets us fully grasp who they are
    This has been the Queen of Ravens
    Until next time!

  20. QuickLime
    I am apparently not a unique individual.
    I do not go exclusively to independent coffee shops

    I don't listen souly to music made by independent musicians that work from the bottom and climb to the top

    I don't only watch hand made animated works that were made by one guy on YouTube.

    I will go into a Starbucks, get one of their "girly frappe not coffee at all" drinks and sit on my laptop and enjoy myself.

    I will hear a song on the internet, in the store, whatever and get it on my Ipod despite who the singer is, what the opinion of them is, or if they are "Mainstream" or not.

    I will quite happily watch any copy paste "Disney Garbage" that shows in theaters, and I will be a mindless sheep that watches "mainstream" programming, buy their merchandise and wear it unironically and look like the worlds biggest corporate tool, swallowing any half attempted garbage they churn out.

    I'll go play my uncreative un indie games like Skyrim, and I'll occasionally quote a popular meme (Well I did! but then I took an arrow to the knee!)
    I am apparently the definition of a soulless , creativity lacking, media sheep.

    And I don't care.
    Letting people tell you that if you like a certain thing, enjoy a certain restaurant, or play games, listen to music, and enjoy things that a lot of other people do makes you uncreative, stupid, and a sheep?
    Is just as bad as swallowing everything just because it's popular.

    People are always unique in their own ways, I for one am a writer, a roleplayer, and I am pretty good at what I do, nobody else will think, write, or express themselves the same way I do.
    THAT makes me a individual.

    Not what I drink
    Not what I listen to

    Not what I wear

    and not what I watch.
    I am an individual because I exist, I will listen to what/I/ want,

    Drink what /I/ Want

    Play what /I/ want

    READ what/I/ want

    And it's not your place, job, or call to tell me I am a mindless sheep because I choose to do what I like, instead of what you think I should:)
    So I watch a show that is overhyped garbage that is just boring, produces boring sayings, and I wear their stuff, go to their conventions, or make references to the series that has "a bad reputation"
    So what?
    Ima do my thing, you do yours.


  21. QuickLime
    Do not be obnoxious! We get that you like a specific fandom! That you like to buy the merchandise, hear the music, draw art for it and other such awesomeness! This is GOOD! however do not go around dragging it into every single aspect of your life, don't obnoxiously hum the theme song around a group of friends you know don't care for it, and don't go out of your way to compare every single thing to -fandom-
    DON'T hate on other fandoms! I know you thing -first version of show- is terrible rubbish but keep in mind that THAT show has it's fans too, don't openly insult another fandom, be it HomeStuck or Pokemon, you'd get bent out of shape if they mocked something you deemed important to you so have some curtesy
    Do not make a big deal out of being part of the fandom. It is not a big or important part of you that you feel you need to "Come out" to your friends and family! You can like it, if your family disapproves or your friends don't like it? Then keep it to yourself, don't announce "I AM PART OF FANDOM AND PROUD!" Believe me, the only one that cares? Is you.
    Don't make a big deal about buying merchandise! If you want to buy -new model of toy from fandom- at ToysRUs, don't go all commando as you walk down the asle and purchase it, just go, put it in your cart and walk off, you don't owe anyone an explanation for your purchase.
    Don't constantly cry out that "YOUR FANDOM IS DYING!" No it isn't hush up and lets enjoy it hn?
    Don't blindly follow it, you are allowed to disagree with certain aspects of the show, you are allowed to vary in opinion and enjoy alternate concepts of the fandom.
    Don't bash or yell at people for not pairing the same things you do, it's just rude to yell at people for not thinking like you.
    And finally respect the people you share a fandom with! Remember you are all here because you found something in common and want to enjoy it with other like minded souls. Don't be a giant buttface to each other sparking flame wars and other guff.
    That is your QuickRant for today!
    Queen of Ravens signing off

  22. QuickLime
    Hello one and all to another installment of QuickLimes Guide to Roleplaying and Character Creation! Today I figured I'd talk about something I know a good deal about as I do it nearly every day as part of my job as a RPH and that issss
    -drum roll-
    Application "Critique"!
    Yes that's right, when you go and help someone on their application by making suggestions, pointing out where things are possibly not going to pass, and in general help them get their application looking the best it can before it gets approved! As a Rph it's my job to go through applications and help users along, however other users often do this as well! This can be very helpful to us especially if the info you present is correct and it helps them out! Here are a few personal guidelines you should go by when critiquing an app.
    Note for the RULES of critiquing an application you go here
    [colour=#ff8c00]The Elements of Honesty[/colour]
    This blog post is a more personal take on how I think one should go about it! Alright lets get started

    Give the RPH in charge of the application a chance to read the application! Don't dive right on it the moment you see it and try to do their job for them! If we don't do our job Rosie will punish us severely!
    Make sure to never use absolutes! Never tell a user "You can't do this" or "You shouldn't do that" That's/our/ job to do, and only we have the right to tell them they cannot do something, instead if you notice something in the application you know is going to be an issue help them on another area, a Rph likely has already spotted it and is working on writing up a Critique.
    Make sure you know the rules of WOE and FFA before commenting! The last thing we want is to give a person who's never apped before a misconception of the site and it's rules! Some common mistakes are
    [colour=#0000ff]Alcoholic drinks: We DO allow them, however we do NOT allow addiction, sloshed behavior and drunkenness, these are all a big no[/colour]
    [colour=#0000ff]Weapons: Unless your character absolutely NEEDS them for their job, such as being a Royal Guard ? They aren't really allowed, we don't allow sword carrying ponies, spear carrying ponies, ect[/colour]
    [colour=#0000ff]Military: Unless it's a Guard Pony this should probably be left out of the app, we don't have a good deal of Lore on it anyways.[/colour]
    If you see someone making up lore, it is alright to point out that you don't recall reading that, and that the staff frown upon making lore up for things.
    If a RPH steps in to do the work please stand down so they can do their job, a lot of us have been doing this since we joined so we can handle it
    We appreciate any help our users give us! So DO feel free to Critique apps and to help out If it weren't for that a lot of RPH wouldn't be where they are now! But be sure to be considerate, to be fair, and above all else be HELPFUL Don't nit pick silly details, and keep the goal of helping them pass in mind.
    Thank you so much for reading I look forward to seeing ya'll in the Application forum
    Your Royal Excellency the [colour=#006400]Queen of Ravens [/colour]signing off
    :Rarity: :Rarity:

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