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  1. Welcome to Canterlot, have fun!
  2. Now I got a rather short and simple prediction of Season 4's beginning.
  3. MissMane


    A stuff for stuff.
  4. Thank you for telling me your opinion, I am normally used to drawing dogs and I didnt draw ponies in such a long time.
  5. I drew Pinkie Pie. TODAY. So here she is everypony! What is your opinion on it? I wont say its the best, but I say its average. If your wondering why its in such low quality its because I used a horrible camera. And yes, I messed up on the title, I mean drawing.
  6. Almost forgot Trixie, but I think shes more popular than not-so-popular. Also, I like Twist, I hope in Season 4 they go more into her, what does she do......Her family.....etc.
  7. True, it would be kind of dumb if she did though. And I say Apolline is correct, even though they are farther away, split apart into different areas, it wouldn't of ended.
  8. If they were to stop becoming friends, it would possibly be because they must continue in their life, they would probably have to leave for their needs, even if friendship is one of the most important things. Twilight might leave to go to rule a kingdom or support a princess, Rarity would go to Canterlot for selling elegant gowns there, where many ponies would be interested, AJ might leave to a bigger farm or a different town, Rainbow Dash would possibly be too busy with the Wonderbolts to hang with her friends, Fluttershy might go to a different area to meet new animals and such, and Pinkie will remain in Ponyville always brightening ponies days.
  9. Soarin x Pie. Isn't it so Kawaii Desu?
  10. My opposite Destiny would be in sports, dancing, and doing a bunch of math. Yeah, you can kind of think how that would end up. I suck at explaining.
  11. Another Rarity Solo plz. And actually, I would like to see a Trixie Solo! Why Trixie is acting like the Great and Powerful whatever, and actually make Nightmare Rarity a reality (Or maybe Nightmare AJ, oooohhhh~) Just imagine, Luna turning into Nightmare Moon, but she suddenly uses force to kick the whatever that made her into Nightmare Moon go off, and they actually get into Rarity! I KNOW her voice would sound AMAZING and I would be eager to know how they would get Rarity back, and beating the dark thing once and for all! And it would even be more epic if it was actually Sombra himself leading the darkness, that would be a MAJOR plot twist! And if that happens....In that very episode, I would like to actually see a battle, a real one! Come on, this would look beast!
  12. I am Mortal Enemies with Rarity... Of all of the worst things that can happen, this is the worst, possible, thing!
  13. Oh, welcome to Canterlot! Please do enjoy your time here!
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