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  1. Words cannot fully express how THERE I'm gonna be. First Convention ever! A group of friends and I are gonna dress as the Watchmen, with yours truly as Rorschach. It's gonna be tight!
  2. You simply MUST bring in a cabinet for Missile Command. No retro collection is complete without it. That and Time Crisis. Every arcade ever needs Time Crisis.
  3. Oh, God, this series is hilarious. I just wish it updated a bit more frequently.
  4. ACTA's not trending off SOPA, actually. It's been around for a while, and it's even worse than SOPA and PIPA ever were. Rather than simply allowing the government to censor things it doesn't like, it can fully remove them entirely, regardless of whether it's American based or over seas. Worse than that, it has the potential to start monitoring your internet usage without your consent, allowing them to see your every move. Even worse still, is that this isn't just an American bill; it's an international agreement, that could allow the entire world to put the proverbial black bag over websites and remove them from existence, just because of one little piece of copyrighted media. I can't even begin to go into all the details of ACTA, but know this: if SOPA and PIPA were considered as the final bosses of the internet, this is potentially the final form of that fight. The government is under control by corporations with wallets more vast than their morals. The entertainment industry wants to stop piracy, which is an admiral, but incredibly difficult goal. The problem here is that they're going about it all wrong. A good analogy I've heard on the subject is "nuking an anthill." Sure, you MIGHT stop the problem, but you're going to rise up far worse problems in greater numbers. There are better ways to combat internet piracy, and it's up to people who understand how the internet works to find those methods, not a bunch of old curmudgeons who admit to not having a single clue as to what the whole situation is. Stand up to your government and tell them now that this is everyones internet, and we're not going to let select groups control it in its entirety.
  5. I'm gonna be playing Mass Effect 2 for a looong time. Seems fitting that I got myself an avatar of my favorite character. (Image made by jdlucky41 on DeviantART)

  6. I'm gonna be playing Mass Effect 2 for a looong time. Seems fitting that I got myself an avatar of my favorite character. (Image made by jdlucky41 on DeviantART)

  7. SOPA and PIPA have been withdrawn by congress. It's finally over. We've won.

    1. BaconofChaos


      *phew* That's a load off my mind.

  8. I now have/play a ukulele, and I'm seriously considering playing/singing a cover of Winter Wrap Up for you guys.
  9. Nothing at all. Also, there's no way Candlejack could ever ge
  10. http://askwaluigi.tumblr.com Not pony related but WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.
  11. Music really drives me to do what I do in my life. Listening to fuel my imagination and playing to express my thoughts. It'll be even more fun now that I have a ukulele cB
  12. I wish I could tell you where Total-Tortilla came from. I really do.
  13. One of my biggest career goals at the moment is voice actor for cartoons. I love working with my voice, and I love doing silly impressions and voices in natural conversations. Also, I do a sick Christopher Walken. http://snd.sc/xkGgPJ
  14. I generally only go with the ones that make legitimately good writing. TPBM has graduated high-school.
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