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  1. I really should just make a new RP, even though Be Brave is a "HOT" thread D:

  2. >our mini vollyball game

    1. Pinstripe


      How do people misspell volleyball?!

    2. DeathTheKid


      It doesn't matter.

  3. Braeburn, put that LGBTQ flag back by Toronto City Hall.
  4. Ahem, Vitrivuvian Man. It's a thing Leonardo da Vinci did.
  5. Shhhhhhhh..... It's too late in the evening for me to differentiate Dragonball characters.
  6. 8001/10 becauae Vegeta. Also, I hope people know what I mean with 8001...
  7. OOC: Sorry for the awfully long break. Back, though. I would like to make some corrections with your character's lore, just to be safe. For starters, Canterlot does not exist anymore. If you read the beginning post, you would learn that Equestrian civilisation has been destroyed, and the "Old Citadels of Celestia" (AKA Canterlot) are little more than just a myth. Also, you did not give a reason as to why your character is a Guardian, anyway(and besides, I highly doubt a kid with a bow and a sword could face off against super-evolved space zombie changelings, sentient machines, and mutant trans-griffons). If you could read up on the first post, and make revisions, you would be good to go! Also, what's up with bows and arrows? They're not going to pierce science fiction-grade alloy armor, lol
  8. The storyteller returns, wiser than before. I'm going to attempt to salvage "Be Brave"

  9. Valentine's Day is overrated, being lonely is so much better. FREEBIRD!

  10. Tracer gave the rookie a short nod, before heading off towards a group of some sort of ancient ruins. "Welcome to Ponyville." he chuckled. "Heard that everything stated here." Tracer sighed, scanning his surroundings. "Alright, there could be some good loot in a few of these buildings." he said. "We should go inside, check things out. Come on, we'll start at that big tree; the one with the structures on it." he pointed to a massive house-tree, which appeared to have a balcony jutting out of the main trunk, one story up. Some kind of library?
  11. [ChaosLord; I'm going to need more backstory, for the better of the RP. And Xan, accepted.]
  12. [One thing; traditional magic has been all but forgotten; all magical abilities are given by the Wanderer, and that brand of space magic has no "light" or "dark" side.]
  13. Whitesky glared venomously at Xan, before turning away from him. "Sheesh..." Tracer muttered, crossing his front legs. "I've never seen 'er that mad." he glanced towards Winter, who was slouched over, hiding her face with her hood. "Uh... hey, what's wrong?" the Hunter asked, his tone a hushed, comforting one; very unlike him. 'This is not how a family acts, this was supposed to be like a family for me.' He heard her say. "Don't think of this little group of ours as a family... more like a pack of wolves, or a kingdom, or something." he sighed. "There's still somepony in charge, even if you can't tell who right now." The convoy of trucks came to a stop by a massive, dead forest. “Here we are.” Captain Stark called out, hopping off the bed of his truck. The other vehicles were quickly unloaded, dozens of ponies clad in armor putting their hooves on the ground. “Rookies; welcome to Point Contact. We’ll be doing a few looks around, see if we can find anything useful. Look for raw materials, like metal, wood, maybe some preserved food. Whatever you find, load it onto your truck. You’ll have plenty of space to sit, unless we find a working starship. Then we’ll have to leave you here.” Several guardians let out a soft chuckle on the last bit. “You know, I heard that they used to call this little corner of the world ‘Ponyville.’ Not sure why.” Tracer muttered to Winter, whom he helped off the truck. “Watch your step; it’s a long way down.”
  14. HI! IF YOU WISH TO JOIN THIS RP, AT LEAST KNOW A BIT ABOUT CARS. YEAH. Welcome to Velocity. Before you begin your racing journey, the Velocity team would like to know who you are, what you're driving, and what's inside it. Please fill out this form: OOC Note: Please don't make the car too outlandish; like a Civic with like... a Bugatti engine. That's too much :l
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