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  1. I really should just make a new RP, even though Be Brave is a "HOT" thread D:

  2. >our mini vollyball game

    1. Pinstripe


      How do people misspell volleyball?!

    2. DeathTheKid


      It doesn't matter.

  3. Braeburn, put that LGBTQ flag back by Toronto City Hall.
  4. The storyteller returns, wiser than before. I'm going to attempt to salvage "Be Brave"

  5. Valentine's Day is overrated, being lonely is so much better. FREEBIRD!

  6. wow sendpie noticed me

    1. ping111


      I hope I get to be recievepie one day! P.S. I prefer apple or pot pies.

  7. I'm tempted to write a story about psychic spies.

  8. If you truly want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. Carl Sagan wat

  9. Why do I even bother with this forum anymore :l Regardless, I will stay.

    1. ping111


      -_- Really? You've been here for less than four months, and it's done nothing but get better! If you think it's "looking dead", just wait for the new season to start!

  10. Let's write a mystery story.

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    2. tacobob


      Somebody stole the cupcakes! It must have been a monster!

    3. DreamySunday


      the murderer used bananas pancakes

    4. tacobob


      Somebody put a snake in mah boot!

  11. I'm gonna be roleplaying two characters, upon my little brother's request xD
  12. The year is 2082, Princess Twilight Sparkle has invented a special type of magic, that can be stored and used in magic crystals. Quantum levitation, a magic that defies gravity, and can be used by everypony. This prompted her to start Twilight Systems, or TWI-SYS. This company was bought by Neighponese businessponies, forcing Princess Celestia, in a rapidly developing field of magic, to form the Canterlot Institute of Sience and Antigravity Research, or CISAR. Then, a further split in in TWI-SYS by two arguing employees forced two other companies to be born; Euricom and EI-KON R/D. Further competition between these young companies soon started the QLRC, or Quantum Levitation Racing Championship. Stakes are high, survival chance is low, this is... WipEout QUANTUM WELCOME to the WipEout QUANTUM universe, to participate in the QLRC, you must first register using this character sheet. It is shown below...
  13. "Ya don't seem very likeable, son." Outryder shrugged, getting a grip on one of the unconscious guard ponies. He and 121 exchanged a long stare, before the earth pony spoke up again. "Now, where to?" he asked, his voice strained, due to the sheer weight of the guards. "Quickly, lugging around KO'd ponies covered head to hoof in gear really tires a pony out."
  14. And so begins the long and arduous journey of my obsession to become a Lore Builder. Thanks a lot, Bellosh.
  15. The Northern Pegasus is an offshoot of the Equestrian(Mainland) Pegasus, whose wings, over time, evolved to fly faster, due to co-evolution with the Northern Griffons. This evolution has caused the Northern Pegasus' wings to elongate and sharpen, and their forms to become more petite. With less mass, it is easier for the wings to pick up speed, even at low altitudes. Their maximum velocity can near that of the Sonic Rainboom, albeit this can only be reached in extremely high altitudes(nearing the upper atmosphere), where this kind of flight cannot be maintained for long, or else it is a risk for the pony's life. This extreme speed has created a culture built around being the fastest (Rainbow Dash's idea of heaven?), with constant tournaments, and challenges of speed and endurance. It seems that these pegasi were bred to race. Hey, everypony, and site admins(who I'm aiming this thread at). Pinstripe here, with an idea for a new species for use in Canterlot Chronicles, or WoE. The point of this thread is to see if people like the idea of a falcon-like pegasus, instead of the normal, what I assume to be "eagle-like" pegasus. If you have any ideas for improving this species, please feel free to post! I'm always up for constructive criticism.
  16. Anothe gunshot rang out from the depths of the forest, a heavy brass round, hitting one of the Equestrian soldiers in the side. An earth stallion, dressed in a brown overcoat stepped out of the bush, toting what appeared to be a modified Griffon revolver pistol. "Now look what'chu boys made me done do. You heard the two-leg. Get outta here." The pony stepped up beside 121, nodding slowly at him. "Now, I don't exactly trust ya, but I insist on helpin." he said. "Name's Outryder. Real cowpony. Not like them Apple family flukes." Outryder turned towards the guards, getting up on his hind legs, putting the pistol into both his hooves. He looked like he knew what he was doing. "Come git sum'!"
  17. Why do short post RPs get so much traffic, when it's the polar opposite with long-post RPs @-@

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    2. SunsetSombra


      People will do what people want to do...there's not really a whole lot else to it - if they wanna take shortcuts, that's their problem, nobody elses.

    3. Halide


      Because mashing F5 counts as additional views on the thread, and shortposters usually check their threads several times an hour, as opposed to a few times a week.

    4. Pinstripe


      That right there, Halide is probably the most valid answer xD

  18. Yo, check out my new Sci-Fi Roleplay, No Place I Can Be!

  19. PROLOGUE Equestria, Age of Exodus, Year 1 Princess Celestia sighed, overlooking her once-shining bastion of Canterot. It was ruined, sent astray by the greedy minds of the Digital Revolution, started all those years ago. At first, the Solar Princess was greatly pleased with the invention of the microchip. It would further allow ponies to be happy. Some ways more savory than others. She didn't listen to her younger sister, who predicted, with great accuracy, that this great invention would be turned wicked, used to create strife. She was right. Her peaceful children began waging war on a massive scale, building machines of death using the very same technology used to make them happy. Skirmishes turned into wars, wars into conquests. Conquests into dominion over the planet. Why would they not stop? Greed and corruption has reached their soft hearts, sister. It is too late to save them. The words of her younger sister rang in Celestia's head, and now she could see she was too late. A guard.... no, a soldier, a warrior of her corrupted kingdom approached her, grabbing hold of her foreleg. "Princess, we need to evacuate the castle, now." The deity gave the stallion a strange look, before nodding slowly. "Stay here and defend my keep. I will go alone." It was time to leave, just like Luna did a few nights ago., She watched in deep remorse, as her castle fell, the loud cracks of rifles, and the thunderous applaud of the cannons were drowned out by falling rubble. Her kingdom, her children, turned against each other. But for what? Money? Power? Happiness? Not that, Celestia thought to herself. This is not the right way. Celestia looked at the moon, giving it a slow nod. She still loved her children, and even though they did not seem to deserve it, she would give them a final gift. She would raise the sun herself for the last time. Spreading her wings, the alicorn took off. The gunfire stopped, the conflict stopped. All was tranquil, just like before. Before all the complications of the society she encouraged. If only she could change that. ...Too late... The thought rang in Celestia's head again. It was. I can now only give them this. Something, before I leave. The Princess stopped, taking a look at her surroundings. She could see the planet as a whole. It looked so peaceful, quite the opposite on the surface. It was time. The divine thrum of Celestia's magic emanated from her horn, the soft golden glow illuminating her face. She turned to the dormant sun, before flying off towards it. The ponies, her children watched, as Celestia blessed them with a last sunrise, before disappearing from the mortal plane. She would return. It was a promise. Pinstripe Presents... NO PLACE I CAN BE A semi-crossover of Firefly. Ponyville Sector, Former Independent Space, Age of New Beginnings, Year 502 Outryder groaned, slumping in his chair. He couldn't fly this thing himself. Too hard. Especially the engine-fixing. Heck, he recalled just a few minutes ago, he fixed a coolant leak with some duct tape and a few paperclips. Way to go, cowboy. The stallion thought to himself. I need a gorram crew. Some good folk, ponies I can trust. Maybe six. Outryder mulled the thought over in his head, before nodding. "Yeah. Six." The stallion perked up, tapping a few keys on the navigation console. "New Ponyville, here we come." he said, before pushing on the throttle. The soft hum of the engine came over Outryder, before his ship, Rainbow Dashed sped off into the vast reaches of space. He loved this ship tenderly, like a child to his mother. It had been his home for ages. Yes, a rather cramped, dank little home, but home, nonetheless. Outryder switched on autopilot, before heading off to roam his ship. He stopped at the mess, no, it was a dining room. Bare. Grey walls. They'd look nice if they were yellow. And if I had things to put on them. He thought, before trotting off to his bunk. He was going to get his earth pony self some rest. He was tired. Generosity Falls, New Ponyville, A few days later... "Alright, listen up, gorramit! I need me six able-bodied ponies, who can run a ship. Now, I ain't takin' kids, mommies, daddies, or anypony who wants to get off this here planet. Just six able bodied ponies who can run a ship with me."
  20. I don't need to be RP confirmed! I already have years of experie-- *shot*

  21. The receptionist gave both mares a look, nodding some. "You two can go in now. Off to work, you two."
  22. Learning Klingon at 3 in the morning @-@

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