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  1. Hmmm, yeah, the names need working on. Thanks for the input Oatmeal! Well you could be helpful and improve it so that it would be more interesting! What's wrong with giving each other a little advice?
  2. Okay then Rosewind, tell me why and how to improve my ideas rather than shoot them down shall we?
  3. Okay, so I was thinking about the immensely growing list of pony ask blogs and how some people might need help getting lift and followers. This is true for people who just need the signal boost or people who aren't very well known. So because I was thinking about starting a pony ask blog myself, I want to know if you'd be interested in following, and if you have a pony ask blog too, so that way all us no pony ask blogs can get each other off the ground and start some story telling! My blog ideas Cutlass - runaway thief cutie mark. What happens to the fillies and colts who have talents that people disapprove of? Gambling?Thieving? Telling Tales? Hacking? I want to explore this with a pony ask blog following the adventures of some OCs I came up with, Cutlass, Saibyr and Buckshot. A thief, a hacker and a gambler who lie their way through society as they are looked down by those with 'approved' cutie marks 9th/11th Doctor and Applejack Applejack is my fave pony okay? And I know there are TONS of Doc Whooves blogs, but I still want to start one up too ;_; I love Doctor Who. I have this idea where the Doctor is so used to telling lies throughout his journey that he needs AJ to ground him to the truth sometimes ... and sometimes he rubs off on her and she might become a little more comfortable with lying to help save others
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