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  1. This DJ is back and still kicking. Lonely as ever, losing faith in love, but still alive. cx Anyways, I know my life ain't interesting but I just thought Sharing is Caring. Still alone, wishing I could meet a brony or pegasister who would be my special somepony. My friends dont understand except one I helped him become one of us. But I want somepony I can curl up on the couch with and watch the show not for me but because like that too. Is that to much to ask for?
  2. I'm sorry everypony but I really wanted to share this. That previous entry's girl broke up with me. Now I'm going to have a lonely Heart's and Hooves' Day. (Go figure) Now I have this really good friend who is also like a brother to me. Well we talked bout me moving in but then he forgot he had made another promise to someone else. I didn't mind that really. Then iadmitted instarted having feelings for him and he shrugs it off by saying a whole lot of ponies fall for him. Read this or don't, I don't really care. It just felt really good sharing this to all of y'all.
  3. I apologize for the late reply, but thank you, it is much appreciated :)

  4. friggin tripped down the bleachers during club pictures >_< wonderful morning (SARCASM)

  5. My Kik is kikibashi99, just send me a message your from Canterlot and we can set up an rp
  6. I'm in love ponies, the flying love pony done stuck my flank with his arrow

    1. Duskfall


      Tread carefully my friend...

    2. ScratchAttack99


      Dusk, I've loved, I've hurt, my heart nothing but dust now, I know from the hardest of truths to always read carefully, in my 17 years of

      Life, I've been through enough heartbreak for 20 generations, but I thank you for trying to look out for me

  7. So them, if you saw my previous post, that girl I was talking bout? She is now the love of my life and my girlfriend, she will be mine forever lol. She clings to me, jokes with me, accepts every little flaw, and heck, she loves me in general so what more to say? Lol! Just giving anyone who give a Scootaloo (ik ik bad pun lol) an update in the life of this little Brony Raver.
  8. Loving the profile pic and the background!

  9. That's the way to think of things Sailu
  10. ScratchAttack99

    So then

    A few good things are new. One, I'm becoming a Raver, Kandi Kid, whatever you call us, and secondly, ties with the first but I got me my first Raver beads!!!! Another good thing is this girl is being a. kandi Kid with me! Best thing is, she's a pegasister....and the love of my life....BUT more on that in my rants so if your curious check there
  11. Lol thx, if ya got a kik too then you can chat with me
  12. Hey, I've been a little backed up but I will try to draw ur oc ASAP, im getting caught up today, MAYBE
  13. Send it in a message or to my email kikibashi99@gmail.com
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