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  1. ~tinker~ "I prefer mine with meat only, lets you get that savoring juicy texture." tinker enjoyed the juicy meat in a kebab, she wasn't much of a hippogriff for greens. she turned at the to Gilda's curious response to her bag's tickering and tockering. "huh?, oh i just got some of my clock work in there, nothing special..." It sounded different though, rather complex at that. perhaps tinker was trying to hide something? ((what kind of exams do you got?))
  2. ~Tinker~ Tinker exhaled a bit looking up at the various foods on the menu, not certain of what to eat. "well I'm getting a kebab, a tad spicy, really meaty and a bit juicy sometimes. though there is a lot on the menu, so I'm not sure what I'd recommend." she eyes darted back and fourth across the menus, the menus have kinda that typical Afghan diner menu. kinda like //// and ////. "it would depend on what you fancy wouldn't it Gilda?" she turned her head at her acquaintance (and perhaps even her friend), and smiled a bit. As the noise in the diner is not nearly as loud as that of the streets, the ticking noises from tinkers bag is slightly more noticeable. some being deep and others being slightly lighter. There was also a slight slush noise from time to time, sounding much like a water bottle being pushed around. ((sorry it took me so duck long to reply. have been getting hand ins after hand ins after hand ins and then bam, exams this week....so haven't really gotten around to coming on Canterlot much, sorry ))
  3. -Tinker- They started walking towards the food place, Gilda was quite fast. however judging by how the bullies were acting, they must have been drinking, odd to do such a thing at this time of day though. "you are one of the fastest griffins I've seen so far, but we should go get something to eat" they walk into the food place, it doesn't look all to fancy. but there is a nice smell of meat in the air. -not certain what else to add,- -been busy with more homework and attempting to boast grades, lovarly.-
  4. ~Tinker~ The leader griffin glared at her, his vision completely distorted. displeased he shook his head and turned around walking. "I'm not all fool, I know when i've lost."..."you win this time kid, c'mon guys lets go." the large griffin walks off with the other two, towards where the other two went. leaving Tinker and Gilda to themselves. Tinker grinned at Gilda, being quite impressed. "Wow, you are pretty damn fast aren't you?" she raised both her eyebrows as she went over to Gilda. "though we should get you something to wipe your hands, never know if he was carrying something." She hands Gilda a rag from her bag, it doesn't look sparkly clean, but a food place would probably not serve to someone with blood on her hands; or so tinker had in mind so. ((sorry for being late again, had a big project which limited my internet time severely.))
  5. ~Tinker~ The leader was large and slow, clearly unable to counter her swift strikes. He stumbled backwards some, standing there silently without a twich. "..." Tinker sat, quietly, uncertain as to what to do with the situation. Gilda was quick, agile, she didn't want the big one to get "too" hurt, as that would draw the authorities. on the other hand, she wanted him to suffer a great deal as well. therefor she sat, quietly and watched. The leader shook his head and griped onto a large piece of the side walk "lets see," lifting it up with little hassle "HOW YOU LIKE THIS!!!" and lunged the heavy chunk at gilda. -being about the size of aaaaa laptop bag- ((sorry it took so long, homework has been very thick lately. D|))
  6. ~Tinker~ Was Gilda really going to take on the head griffin? Tinker pondered this for a moment, (well if she be as fast as she claims, he doesn't stand a chance, but he might if he lands a hit...) Tinker cleared her mind a little, and gave the two back griffins a "what are you gawking at" look as they stared back, she was waiting for something to happen, somegriffin to say soemthing. "Two..." Tinker looked over at gilda then back at the other two, and under her breath she quitly whispered to herself, "so shes serious," (well...suppose it has been a while since i saw him get pounded...) The lead griffin grinned some at Gilda's retort, perhaps this tyrant enjoyed fights? "yes, well see what your lil baaaaby claws are gonna do..." he took a single step back reaching his claw out back, getting ready to strike. (this'll be good) He didn't seem to have much wits, but he was twice her height, so its quite easy to tell were most of his childhood was. ((its ok, been busy with homework so didn't notice it too much XD))
  7. ~Tinker~ "Ooooh hooo "Gilda the griffin", such an intimidating name, suits that mess of a hair due quite fine." the pack leader grinned, not knowing much about this Gilda at all, he pretty much had to stick with the cliche stuff until he got some better material "the last thing you are is threatening, what would you do? wack me with your tiny little talons and call for your daddy as you flapped those tiny wings of yours?" his grin turned into a wide smug look as he looked down at Gilda. The other four in the pack were whispering a bunch of stuff about the two female griffons they were picking as targets. when one of the others looked at tinker and retorted "so what if the nerdy abomonation has guts, shes still ugly as a poodoo stick. not to mention fat." Tinker usually ignored this group, they were nothing but a bunch of lowlife drop outs with too much time on their hands, but seeing as Gilda was getting involved she decided to help out somehow, and leaned towards gilda and whispered, "his mum ditched his father, he failed at dating cause he...lacked certain qualities...also he failed most classes cause hes a cluts, oh and he's also poor." and what better way to help, then to give some ammo? she stood back straight and raised an eye brow at the one that called her fat. "well atleast im not as fat and ugly as you, i mean really, do you like eat fried stuff every meal?" "what the hay do you know half br-" before the fat griffin could respond, the hippogriff with some nice hips quickly responded,"you really think that we can't see the friggin fry stains all over your neck, nor that sack of a stomach you have?" " well at least I'm still a griffin!!" "and what a discrace you are to them indeed. im sure your parents loooove you." "sh-shut up! you don't know anything you lame twat!!" "ooohooo are we falling to naime calling now? can't take the heat?" "b-buck you!! im going to get something to eat" where as the fat one walks off rather quickly, and tinker, not pleased with the feller peeks up and hollers "YUP!! JUST EAT AWAY YOUR FAT!! BRILLIANT IDEA!!!" tinker obviously hated being called fat, but she seemed to know how to handle them, and the other three background griffins seemed rather shocked by her response and the chubby griffins defeat, as if she hadn't argued back before. one of them ran over to the large one that had just left, whilst the two remaining background griffins glared at Tinker. ((ooc:tip of roleplaying my friend tuaght me, if it gets boring, start a conflict of sorts. cause conflicts are always interesting.))
  8. ~Tinker~ -sorry if its hard to read, color contrast is a pain in the flank- As they approached the diner tinker spots a group of griffins walking towards then, and she gets a agitated look on her face, and murmured; "Lovely, just the group of flank holes i was hoping to run into" The group of griffins stopped in front of them, blocking them from getting past. "well well, if it isn't half breed freak. decided to come visit talonpolis again did you abomination" tinker attempted to ignored the bullies and walk past them, but the one on the farthest side pushed her back "oh no your not going anywhere finker," said one of the others "you don't belong in talonpolis." - tinker sighed, obviously not in the mood, she stood there glaring at them with a rather disappointed and agitated look. then grinned as she responded, "and what bring you to this end of town duck face, ran out of bits again did you?" a few of the other griffins snickered, but the "leader" appeared to be rather agitated. "At least we don't look like some frankincolt like you," there were a few ooooh 's in the back ground " and who's this griffin beside you, some looser that you found on the streets?" this group of griffins was obviously immature, if not outright foolish. -ooc: i tried to spice things up a lil,-
  9. I've hit another inner stalemate point, meaning i might not be on too much.

  10. ~Tinker~ Tinker gave gilda a subtle smile, as she looked ahead on the pathway. "I'm sure you would, now we gotta go right around this corner." they approach a intersection and tinker makes a right turn, following the path in that direction. " its just a few buildings away, not much more." ((no problem phil, I'm having difficulties myself. so don't let it get to ya.take yer time ^^))
  11. ~Tinker~ Tinker knew how something like this felt, she was of course a natural clock maker and smith. However had she not gone to the clockwork academy she would probably not have reached her current skill. "Fast with style huh? well its no doubt why your taking part in the upcoming show!... we all got a foundation of sorts, but this flight academy sounds like it's pretty cool, and did you some good."
  12. ~one-wing~ "tis an epic tale, size wise. and here isn't the best place to tell because of all the noi-" he was interupted as a old stallion came out of the muffin shop. "OI! HERES YE MUFFINS!!" the old stallion threw two bags of muffins, one to one-wing and another to fly-by. as the old stallion went back to his busy store, one-wing looked into his bag as his face turned to a rather evil, insane looking grin. with a slightly obsessive voice he said; "quadruple chocolet muffin~" smiling, pleased. one-wing put the muffin bag into his back pack, and coughs a little trying to get his mouth unwatery. "well, the story is rather long, but if dusty wishes to tell the story then it wouldn't hurt, but i might say somethings to it." (would be an interesting view to see how they felt of the tale.) ((ooc: sorry it took a bit, but dusty. the story ain't fin-screw it you started this topic in the rp, i assume you have a plan XD .... also bronies fo life etts yo turn.)) ((ooc-edit-: sorry lost track, damn homework taint helpin one bit.))
  13. ~Tinker~ "flight school huh?" no doubt there were such places, but she was surprised to meet someone who had actually gone to one. "so what do they teach at one of those schools? if you don't mind me asking.." she didn't know anything about this type of school, not that it was all to important either. however its nice to know different things.
  14. ~Tinker~ Tinker shrugged, not knowing the griffins tastes did make it a iffy choice on were to go, but she wasn't trying all to hard to impress the griffin, but it wouldn't be all to swell if the food was poo either. "Iye, supposedly." she looked up, seeing a group of young griffins play a game of tag in the airspace above the houses, then looked back at Gilda. "so did you go to school here in talonpolis?"
  15. ~Tinker~ she could see the griffin didn't feel all too joyful with the topic, wasn't going to bother her with it more then Gilda wanted. Tinker looked down the street and back at Gilda "At the next turn to the right its a few buildings away, the place makes good stuff at a average price. They also got a good rep. and custom orders aren't extra charge."
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