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  1. Oh lord. Maybe... just maybe I should get active on this site again.... Maybe.

  2. >Comes back from writing a long paper >Doesn't have to use a cipher Thanks or curing me! I love you guys! Honestly, to move to the topic these are such great episodes. I remember that these are what helped make the show go from 'quite good' to a 'make time to watch'. And getting off topic once more, Dessa edits = awesome edits.
  3. (Have fun with this one fillies and gentlecolts.) Xfmm, uijt tffnt gvo! Njof jt fbtz. Mfu't tff ipx mpoh ju ublft tpnfqpoz up hvftt.
  4. These record spin ponies are pretty much the best thing ever. I am mad jealous.
  5. YAY! Another one has joined us! Welcome to Canterlot, Stonetribe!
  6. What if we chipped in towards our own ponysonas? I know I'd like to see me as a pony toy. I wouldn't mind chipping in towards a cause that would create that, even if it wouldn't be in my possession. Just an idea. I'm one among a crowd so others may have differing opinions obviously.
  7. Are any of those from works NOT done by TYPE-MOON (excluding the Gundam)? I can't make many out, but those that I can... Let's just say I'm noticing a trend.
  8. True. I guess we'll have to wait and see. That would be... fantastical... Monster's English dub is owned by MANGA Entertainment though and they had a big chunk of investment in AniMonday. I'm not sure how good of a position they are in to negotiate with TimeWarner Broadcasting. I'd love to see the show again, I just don't want the people who took to the time to localize a great show to be shafted. Since Lupin III was already broadcast that is far more likely, and also would be amazing!
  9. Ponysonas. I get the feeling they have an armada... Indeed. I've returned once more. Glad to be back.
  10. Honestly, it seems they're just slapping a desired label on the same old product (Adult Swim Saturday Night). I'm not complaining, I love me my Steve Blum (T.O.M.), but all the same...
  11. That sounds amazing. Almost as grand as vectors à la Elfen Lied.
  12. Excellent! Glad to hear school is going well for someone!
  13. Ooo! I dabble in table top so I may be interested in this if I have the time to dedicate. Humble? How powerful is the true situation then?!
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