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    finding someone like Pinkie in real life and then marry her:), PC games, MUSIC is a huge part of my life seeing as i play guitar, piano, bass, sing/songwrite and drums, of course MLP, anime, etc

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  1. hey all i'm alive 


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    2. Sailu
    3. SteelEagle


      NM. How have you been?

    4. Sailu


      pretty good, pretty bad and now pretty okay again lol 

  2. calling all Starlight Glimmer fans for skype chat to discuss our great overlord Equality horse.

  3. *Nuzzles everyone* hi i missed you all and i'm back

  4. Sailu


    bad, dreamy bad... but it kinda does...look....like....
  5. anyone up for some chat?

  6. whats up all anypony wanna chat

  7. i love my new computer sooooo much and i got it for a stea;

  8. so i am now a RWBY fan i thought the show was utter crap so i avoided it for years but i was wrong ITS AWESOME

    1. Frogmyre


      Huzzah, more RWBY fans. Let me know when you meet Nora Valkyrie!

    2. Sailu


      nora is the insane BOOP master lol

    3. BronyWubz5546


      That was my reaction to MLP but now I guess I really can't judge a book by its cover

  9. testing my skill, i'm trying to lay down guitar tracks over a sick trace song

  10. i kinda feel like crap at the moment..

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    2. Sailu


      just and my high standards, i had my fist real gig and it was complete sh*t thanks to my drummer

    3. stormchaser1991


      these things happen he should practice more often

    4. Sailu
  11. what to do...hmmm

  12. anypony up for chatting i love meeting new friends

  13. my new computer is getting upgraded ram 8-16 gb and a linux dual boot yay

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