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  1. From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    I've received my plush of Freesia recently... and wanted to draw her, but also wanted to draw Dahlia because it's been a while. Plus I was listening to a song which pretty much gave me this idea. So there you have it. Freesia's sleeping... shhh. Or Dahlia will personaly hunt you down. And here is the song I listened to, it's Sleepsong from Secret Garden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPA_0SHw5H8 I love their music so much *^*

    © Dahlia and Freesia are owned by me.

  2. franshpout

    Franshpout's stuff

    It's an album and it contains stuff. Like. Drawings. Mostly drawings. On a more serious note, I'll upload my drawings there. I do a lot of OC drawings and have done little canon characters, but still can do that sometimes.
  3. Wow dude you've gotten a lot better since last time I've seen a drawing from you o.o Way to go!
  4. From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    Because blep. Just felt like it!

    © Ignes Scintilla is owned by me

  5. From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    I just had to do it XD Freesia and Ignes being besties! With shiny background!

    © Freesia and Ignes Scintilla are owned by me.

  6. From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    Was pretty bored and decided that it was finally time for me to change that background of mine on Chrome. Decided to go with these two using their fairy magic proper to their element. Which I had fun doing with all the lighting and shading. And please ask me for permission if you want to use it too, thank you

    © Freesia and Ignes are owned by me.

  7. Thanks! Yeah I've been wanting to try something new there and I'm really in love with the result ^-^
  8. From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    Am working on a new OC again, this time a Fire Fairy. She's the same age as Freesia, so I think you all can see where this'll be going! She's still nameless, that's also her first design, so changes are possible. EDIT: Found a name

    © Ignes Scintilla is owned by me

  9. From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    It's finaly here after being put on the side for so long when all I had to do was the shading... Well now you can enjoy the many faces of Freesia! She likes to do faces, I guess.

    © Freesia is owned by me.

  10. From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    Kyaaaah! I've been playing too much disgaea lately! Recently bought D2 and have gone through it! In it I made an ice mage, of course and I called her Freesia. Thing is, I didn't expect to find sea angels in this game, nor did I think that one would become an important part of my team. I called her Winter due to Freesia being its master when I created her and they became fast partner XD So I thought of drawing this Tried to work mostly with the paint brush tool for the background to try some new things too.

    © Freesia is owned by me.

  11. franshpout

    Album of Requests!

    In this album I'll be putting drawings of requests I receive! For request I will either announce when I want to take some or I might take one of yours if you announce it publicly.
  12. From the album: Album of Requests!

    One of the requests that was on my list. After going through it I decided to try myself at something else than a pony again. Dragons are pretty cool to make o.o Anyway, so this is Craven the dragon! Bellosh101's dragon OC!

    © Craven is property of Bellosh101, art made by me

  13. I don't understand! D: What does that even have to do with anything? XD
  14. From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    Just a quick one of Freesia ^.^

    © Freesia is owned by me

  15. Hey everyone! I'm starting a series of RP that I've been wanting to do for a while now. One more spot is opened if someone's interested! All information can be found here: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/20855-the-wheels-of-feelings-sign-up-and-preparations/#entry534295

    1. Avery


      That's rather interesting, I would like to join on the adventure, though most of my characters don't have a profile yet, and I'm not sure which would one would be in it... Emerald, Lightning, Flare... Not... Entirely sure bout Avery though... Who knows.

    2. franshpout


      Take the time to think about it ^^ I seem to already have my spots filled, though... but if you're still interested, then let me know. Perhaps I still could do something about it.

  16. Usually the effects of this are heart attacks. I didn't know minds could be broken too from cuteness o.o
  17. From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    This picture doesn't make much sense... because Freesia is the right age while Lucky Bell and Dahlia are in their young age. It's actually something I've wanted to done just to kind of complete another piece of art that i've done long ago. I've played with the shading a lot on this one, trying out a new technique... and I'm quite happy with how it came out ^^ The other drawing that I'm talking about is this one: http://www.canterlot.com/gallery/image/5751-flower-fillies/

    © Freesia, Dahlia and Lucky Bell are all owned by me.

  18. You're back!!! It's been foreveeeeer!! And you still do awesome stuff!
  19. I need to come back here... and do more things other than putting drawings! Hmpf... Anyone would be down for a RP, maybeh?

    1. stormchaser1991


      i am i also made a new pony i just don't have a drawing of her yet but i know what i want her to look like

    2. franshpout


      Great! Anything you wanna RP about? I'm feeling adventury XD

    3. stormchaser1991


      no anything fine with me

  20. From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    ''Studying is hard...'' ''This will serve you, I promise. Now let us focus a little.'' Given that Freesia is not the type who likes to study, I thought of a little scene where Seria would help her by teaching her a few things. That fairy loves to teach others, after all. Tried to play with lights and shades in this one... I think I'm improving, but I know I must practice this more and more. Hard, but rewarding ^^

    © Seria Rosa and Freesia are owned by me.

  21. From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    So I have one friend over and my roommate... I decide that I want to draw something. I have absolutely no idea of what to draw, though. Soooooooooooo instead I ask what to draw and want to show something to my friend as well... so I take HIS ideas and use them to show some stuff... but we just had to finish the picture. This happened. My friend and roommate both helped in the making of these... things. It's lovely.

    © These things belong to me and two of my friends.

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