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  1. Rainbow grinned, making her way over to her wife's side. "Hey there babe!" She nuzzled AJ softly on the cheek and sat down next to her at the picnic table. "So! You ready for some fun?" She had put on some super cool sunglasses and she brought them down, looking over the top with a hint of danger sparkling in her eyes. "I've got something pretty cool planned!" RD was super proud of her idea and the anticipation was killing her just a liiiiittle bit!
  2. AJ reveled in pressure of her love's body pressing into her own. It felt so close, so together. Just what she wanted, for this moment, for as long as it would last. Rarity mentioned Neighpon and AJ's stomach tightened for a beat. She didn't want Rarity's work to whisk her that far away...well she did and didn't. The didn't for selfish reasons a'course. Travelling far and wide was part of Rarity's profession, her success. She would never ask her love to stop any of what she did. However, when the chance to be alone, in their home town, came to be...well those were moments to be savored like apple wine on the tongue. "Hmm, I'm not sure either," She thought over the wine's vintage. "Buuut, when it don't sell that means more stored up in the cellars for night like this," She leaned down and kissed the mare full on the muzzle. She pressed herself close, filling her senses with her paramour and obsession. The wine was already making it easier for the apple mare to just let go. After a while she let up and leaned back a little, taking in a breath of night air. The sun had all but set now, the last rays flashing over the horizon, reflecting off Rarity's gem like eyes. "So, uh," She laughed softly, overcome with emotion, with desire. "Ready to go get the fire started?" She laughed again. "The uh, actual campfire I mean. I've got some treats for us if yer game?"
  3. Pony pony pony pony pony!!!

  4. How's this app coming along? Need more time?
  5. How's this app coming along sugarcube? Need more time?
  6. AJ let out a relaxed breath as Rarity laid out across the blanket, allowing no personal space whatsoever. The farmmare was ever so happy with the notion, allowing herself as much contact as she could with her beautiful paramour. The two of them, being build so very differently, came together with an easy grace. She smiled as Rarity reflected on the wine in her cup. AJ took another sip of her own and glanced over. "This here's from last autumn actually," She lifted her cup and swirled it for a moment before taking another sip. Russett golds, some sweet crisps, and a few good old fashioned smith's in there to give it a mellow blend with just a hint of lift at the end." She recited the phrases that went with the year's vintage. "It's good un'." AJ finished in her simple straight forward manner. The sun dipped lower and AJ leaned in, resting her head on Rarity's shoulder. "Sure am glad you could make it out tonight," She reached up for a quick soft nip to the ear. "Been needin' some time away, the both of us,"
  7. RD was stoked! The mare hustled out of Wonderbolts headquarters after her shift with a bunch of new recruits, making her way directly to the Sweet Apple Acres farmhouse. The whole thing was planned! She had Mac and Abby on child care duty and a whole afternoon/evening for just her and her mare! RD had been working extra hard on her relationship with the most wonderful mare in the whole world and the surprise she had in store was just another step in that direction. She'd stopped by the castle just last night to pick up a very special vial from the Princess. Of course Twilight had warned her of the possible dangers but she knew AJ would be totally fine! RD ducked into the farmhouse, trotting straight to the bathroom to clean up. She was going to be looking and smelling great for this event! She'd warned AJ they would be doing something fun but not fancy so no need to go all out with the grooming. Just the basics, just how AJ liked it! Once she was ready she trotted out to meet AJ and get their afternoon rolling! Rainbow made her way to the front gates of the farm here She'd asked AJ to meet her...
  8. AJ melted at the mere brush of Rarity's muzzle on her forehead. Something about the gesture was kind and also displayed just a hint of dominance. AJ didn't shy away from it, she liked a mare that could be in charge. And of course Rares could! She was a buisness mare in her own right, to the level with, if not moreso than AJ herself. She had her whole family to help with Sweet Aaple Acres. Rares ran her buisness on her own! They snuggled down onto the blanket, poured some wine and prepared to watch the sunset. As both mares fixed their eyes on the firey orb making its slow decent at Celestial bidding, AJ found her eyes drawn to the figure of the mare next to her. Everything about Rarity set AJ's world on fire. Sure she was beautiful in frame and figure but she had brains and a heart as big as tge Appaloosa plains. She'd let on her true heart for the unicorn quite a while ago now but there was so much more happening inside her that she just couldn't put into words. AJ sipped her wine, the feeling of the drink relaxing her muscles little by little. She leaned in closer as the sun turned the sky deep red and orange. "Beautiful, ain't it?"
  9. After a bit more doing the campsite was looking Rarity certified. The farm mare grinned and used her knowhow and skills to bring the stocks and rocks her mare had gathered with her magic into the assembly she had been working on. Soon it was all setup for a roaring fire which she'd light after watching the sunset. AJ's cheeks turned a shade more rosy at the comment about the following morning. She cleared her throat to keep her mind on track and nodded towards the stop she had set up for viewing the sunset. "Mac had things under control at the farm. Well him and Abby's willing to chip in too," she laughed softly and came up next to the unicorn. "Nopony's expectin' to hear from me til later tomorrow." She nuzzled Rarity softly on the neck and nudged her towards the two trees on the hillside up ahead." There were few things that topped the farm on her list but time with Rarity had started topping them all. "Right this way," They made their way to the spot which had been prepared with a soft blanket, a couple pillows, a bottle of apple wine, and two glasses. "I set this part up myself," AJ grinned, proud of herself for hopefully setting things up the way Rares would like.
  10. RD had been a little tongue tied for a bit! There was just so much going on and she kinda wished it could be just her and AJ right then. She knew everpony here loved and supported them and she very much appreciated it but having alone time with her wife would be great too! That time would come, just their little family, but she needed to enjoy the moment! SPLAT! Next thing she knew there was cake in her face which she grinned and shook off and then a kiss from AJ! "Yeah, let's dance!" Their song was playing and RD gracefully swept her wife onto the dance floor. As she lead the dance she whispered in AJ's ear. "I love you AJ, can't wait for us to relax together after this." She nuzzle her, keeping the dance slow to help AJ be comfortable.
  11. Applejack heard Rarity'svoice and spotted the unicorn as she rounded gnarled old apple tree at the edge of the orchard. It was a favorite of hers, leftover from a bygone era of the farm. "Well hi there Rarity!" She trotted up to her love, a huge grin on her face. "I'm so glad yah could meet me here! It's gonna be a really nice night." She came in closer, previous sips of apple wine enboldening her, and nuzzled up briefly before leaving a kiss on Rarity's cheek. AJ hid her blush by turning towards the trail back to the campsite. "Right this way!" She lead the way at a walk, calming herself as she went. So they were at the site. The sun was starting to set as AJ showed Rares where she could set down her bag. "I figure we'll get the fire started and then right over there," She pointed a hoof toward a small part between two apple trees. "Is a perfect view for sunset."
  12. "Tarnarion!" Applejack huffed as a she blew stray strands of forelocks away from her eyes. "I was trying to stay clean!" She smirked and trotted away from the campfire she had just set up. She'd light it later, when the sun went down and her paramour appeared. She had spent all afternoon setting up the perfect place to spend an evening with the lovely Rarity. They had spent lots of time together over the past few months. The last date they had been on had turned into somewhat of a mystery cruisethat had thankfully had a good conclusion! AJ had decided to wear her special broach tonight. The same one that had been lost and then found on their previous adventure. Even the thought of Rarity made AJ's heart beat faster. She felt so good when the unicorn was around. Even though they were so different being together felt so right! AJ had put up an extra large and quite 'fancy tent. There was food to roast over the fire,sweets, and of course ample amounts of apple wine. Everything was ready. She trotted up the orchard road, hoping she'd soon see her beloved...
  13. Howdy and welcome to Canterlot! Glad to have you here with us!
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