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    Music, art, graphic designing, swimming, MLP of course, and karate.

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  1. SongHeart


    i love the ShiningCadence one.
  2. i never heard of it...... *fake cries* I WANNA *sob* RP WITH *sob* DISCORDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! *fake crying* WAAAAH lol
  3. now that i'm looking at it i should've given Discord and Tia more of an expression and a little more outline on Discord. when i get Luna drawn on there i'll try to fix that.
  4. *sees the word Discord* DO THE DISCORD ONEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! ME LOVES DISCORD! DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!
  5. that. looks. AWESOME! but like i said i don't think you really have to time to get another RP going.
  6. wait, you're already wrapped up in a few RPs and no offence, but you take allot of time to post. i don't know if another one would be a good idea.
  7. ADORABLE OVERLOADDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. dude you stole my title without realizing it lol. my reviews are called "Song Reviews" lol
  9. SongHeart

    Sick day...

    one: sorry you're sick. two: i'm almost glad that you can stay home. three: pie.
  10. i dont think i'm understanding you. is english you're first language?
  11. oh. i thought you meant all people that speak english. i have some "indians" in my family but they do prefer the term Natives or Native Americans
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